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Found 2 results

  1. A doubt arose during a game when using Ruthless (Mr. Graves), well more than anything, a need to clarify rules: What abilities are considered part of Manipulative abilities?
  2. Just a random silly question for you guys. Lets say I have Ryle hanging out 3.5" from a The Hanged. Ryle Decides to charge The Hanged, does he make a terrifying check? We all know Ryle would not make a terrifying check if he was 4.5" away. Relevant rules: Ruthless: This model is Immune to Wp duels during its Activation. Unrelenting Terror: Enemy models in a4 which did not Charge this model during the current Activation lose all Immunities to Horror Duels, including Immunity gained by passing a Horror Duel. Terrifying (All) 13: Enemy models must pass a TN 13 Horror Duel if they end a Walk Action within this model’s engagement range or target this model with an Action. Edit: It's been pointed out to me that Ryle has Breach Psychosis not Ruthless. This doesn't change the question in any way just wanted to clarify.
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