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Found 14 results

  1. Are strategy markers impassable for all strategies or only for Turf War where is it specifically stated? If strategy markers are hight 0, cant models wall over them even if they are impassable? Even if the markers cant be walked over, can a model be placed on top of them such as via flight? Objects can't be dropped or placed overlapping impassable terrain, but can they be placed on strategy markers because they arent terrain?
  2. If a model with Mv 4 is closer than 4 inches from a scrap marker and uses Magnetism to push towards a marker, does the model stop in b2b or does it overlap the marker? If the model were 0, 1, or 2 inches away, would it push the full 4 inches and overshoot the marker?
  3. So I was reading up on the Augmented keyword and found something strange on Joss, specifically the crow trigger on his Arc Axe. "c Electroshock: Discard a Power Token. Models within p2 gain Stunned and Injured +1." (highlight added by me) Is there something inherently stopping pulses from hitting yourself that I've missed, or does this stun himself too? If so, is it intended? While we're here, since it says pulse, am I correct in understanding that the one being hit will not get stunned and injured itself?
  4. Willie's explosive demise says, "The model drops no markers when killed." Creative Salvage states, "Models killed by this model drop a scrap marker in addition to any other markers dropped." Does creative salvage still drop a scrap marker when a target with explosivev demise is killed? It drops a scrap marker in addition to its zero other dropped markers?
  5. Does Misaki's always get reduced movement depending on number of activated friendly models, regardless of if she unburied using her From Shadow ability or not?
  6. Hi, Are Stratagem cards unique or could you have multiple of the same name as long as you have the tokens to buy them? Thanks Brian
  7. Hi, I've played a couple of games with Youko, both against Nekima. The first game, Youko definitely had the upper hand, controlling the board and giving out Distracted like it was going out of fashion. However the second game, I got absolutely trounced, Distracted didn't get handed out once. The only key difference that I could see was the way that I played her, with the first game I had her playing aggressively, with no upgrades and the second was more conservative. using 3 minion upgrades Any Suggestions on possible ways to run her? I do have a Question about the timing on her Bonus action though. With the Tomes trigger, Do you see the Control hand before or after you've picked a suit? The timing in the rules says Pay costs in italics, but that's before you've declared your triggers, so you don't know that you've got to pay that cost.... if you get what I mean? Thanks Brian
  8. How does Black Blood work when a model pushes through it? I guess the real question is at what step does the Black Blood take effect? So for example Mccabe starts 2" away from a model with Black Blood, runs through the model damaging it, and ends his action 2" away from the model. Black Blood definitely triggers, but does Mccabe take any damage from it?
  9. The vent steam ability is an aura which states, "models within range have Concealment." If I am reading this correctly, this is different from terrain with the concealment trait in that you must be inside the 3" aura (and the hazardous terrain) to benefit from it. So if a model's LoS went through the aura, but the model it targeted was not within the aura, it would not benefit from concealment.
  10. Both piglets and War Pigs have a stipulation in their Gore/Tusks attack that this attack must declare a trigger if able. Their Tome Trigger "Grab On" is replicated in full as follows: The first sentence is very straightforward, there are tons of triggers like it. "If you deal damage, you also apply slow." And, conversely, "If you don't deal damage, nothing extra happens." However, the second sentence is proving problematic for the Rules Lawyer in me. It does not state when it occurs. One could assume this means it shares the first sentences "After Damaging" condition meaning that if you miss with the attack, you do not end your activation. The additional "After damaging" was probably cut to save space on the card. However, I'm not a huge fan of assumptions, especially when there's an alternative more literal reading. "After Damaging, Deal slow." And then a separate "End this model's Activation." If space was a concern, simply replacing the . with an And would have sufficed. The only other model I'm aware of with a similar trigger is Gracie, who on a crow has a trigger reading Which really is no help at all in this circumstance, as it specifies the timing. So, to summarize: If I activate a piglet, and spend their first AP on an attack action, which flips a tome and misses, do I get a 2nd AP? (And theoretical 0 action) Or, in a more interesting scenario, if a Piglet attacks a master attempting to apply slow, and the master uses a Soulstone to prevent all damage (And thus, the "after damaging" stipulation is not met and no slow is applied), does the piglet's activation end?
  11. I am confused by his monk of many styles. I just bought him from mm and he is on his way so I have been reading the rules. His 0 action monk of many styles allows him to take a shenlong restricted upgrade from another model? How does this work as no model can take that upgrade except shenlong?
  12. Does Blight's Spiraling Oblivion go away at end of turn, stay until the model is killed, or countdown as poison does?
  13. Hi, all. Just ran my group through character creation this week, and some questions came up that I couldn't find answers to. If they turn out to be in the books, please forgive me. I haven't finished reading them cover to cover yet. 1. Skills have an "associated aspect" that, according to the Fated Almanac "is used to determine which skills the character may assign skill values too [sic]" Does this mean that if the associated aspect is "0" or less, a player can't take ranks in that skill? 2. Two of the general talents, Critical Strike and Hobbling Attack, have the requirement "Specialized skill with Chosen skill." What exactly does this mean? If the answers do happen to be in the book and I missed them, a page reference would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!
  14. If a model has the Incorporeal rule it ignores terrain and other models whilst moving, doesnt this mean they can end their movement within terrain or another model?
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