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Found 2 results

  1. 1) Doppelganger copy's Reconnect spell from the voodoo Doll. 2) Doppelganger casts Reconnect. Reconnect says: Target model is now affected by Conduit. Do I need to have the Doppelganger, have the Ability Conduit for the Voodoo doll or would the Target model be affected by Conduit because the Voodoo doll has it? Question 2: The Doppelganger's Ability, Mimic says: "This lasts until the End Closing Phase" The Voodoo doll's Ability Conduit says: "The nominated model suffers Poison 2 at the end of the Closing Phase" Would the target model suffers Poison 2?
  2. I'm a quite new player, so some rules haven't quite gelled in my brain yet. So, Hoffman's Override Edict has a Rst: Wp in the cost, right? Is there a resist duel each time I cast it, even on friendly models? I've looked through the new Rules Manual minibook, but I can't find any mention of it... I know that I can use Maintain Machines on things to make them conveniently forget their Immune to Influence part, so they CAN take the Wp duel, just want to be sure if I'd have to take it (And potentially cheat in a low card) in the first place. Cheers!
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