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Found 21 results

  1. I have two questions. 1. Can I use "Battle Tempo" or "on the Move" to get out of the enemy engagement range, so that I dont have to use the "Disengage" Action? I would say yes since they are not a "Walk" nor a "Charge" Action. Am I correct? 2. Can move through a model's base with "on the Move"? As long as my model do not stand on this base at the ond of this 3" movement it should be possible, right? Here are the affected Rules: Battle Tempo: During the Start Phase, this model may Push up to 2" in any Direction. On the Move: At the start of this model's Activation, it may move up to 3", ignoring other models. Sorry if this Question is somehow stupid. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi Does anyone know where I could get them? Cheers, Amlash
  3. just wondering if people have a preference between the two? Does it depend on you opponent, scheme/strat, or which master you're running? I have Misaki, Viks and von Schill. They have the same walk and defence. Ronin has one extra wound and hard to kill, Frei has Armor +1. I would think the Hard to Kill is, on average, the better option, given a number of models could take off 5-7 wounds in one hit. Freikorpsmann has an extra charge. Disguised....to be honest I haven't seen it be anything more than slightly annoying to an opponent. Maybe it would be really handy in a fully melee based crew, but easy enough to shoot them instead. Stand Ground (don't discard when taking defensive) gives Ronin's an advantage in holding territory/markers (the positive defensive flip is like DF7). So the Ronin is more defensive. Frei has the Freikorps suit ignoring blast and aura damage - so against a blasty master, I figure you'd take Frei just for that. Unimpeded...severe terrain isn't a big enough issue in many games I play to really think about it. On the back....Frei has Sh 5 v Sh4, an extra 2" range, but a lower damage track (1/2/5 vs 2/3/4). However there's a crit strike but no built-in suit (can ditch a card for a suit with a 0AP), but I think the pistol is better. Sh 4 so low.....not often worth taking the shot (which I guess means you're more likely to use the AP for defending whereas the Frei will attack more) Melee..ronin 5 v Frei a respectable 6, but 2/3/5 damage for ronin v 1/3/4 for Frei. Again, I think Frei has better stats, and a crit strike or defensive boost trigger. Flurry....nice and all, but at Ml5 there's a distinct chance that none of those will hit, or maybe I'll hit one with moderate damage. The extra SS of the Ronin seems to make me like the Frei more....what do people think? I don't know if it's just because I've mainly played Ronin against 10T who seem to have positive flips on everything, but my Ronins normally can't seem to hit anything, and often may not last long enough to get to where they need to be to drop scheme markers....or they hold something in the middle and die quickly anyway. If I'm playing von Schill then the 'psuedo-hard to kill' aura, along with 'I pay better', definintely makes the Freikorps a better option.....but it also means I need to run the Frei up the middle with von Schill, meaning they'll be more exposed. So even with vS on the table, they might still be better running up the side of the table, like I would with my Ronin. What do people think about the 2? I don't have any other scheme runners in outcasts at the moment (well, I have a single desperate merc). I have Johann and convict gunslinger, but not really scheme runners. How do people use these models, and what do people think about comparing the two or how to use them? I usually find myself, even when playing Viks, turning to the Frei just to save the SS or two.... Maybe I'm just using Ronin wrong? Maybe Freikorps can be a scheme runner that can attack scheme runners, but Ronin are just scheme runners that should soak up a could of AP to kill? But if so, that still makes Frei look better to me as they're scoring VP while trying to deny VP. But given they can't reliably kill, perhaps having the Ronin just push forward and not bother with combat is a better move...
  4. Hello, darlings! Having started up my Perdita-crew not long ago, It'll be a little (stressing 'little') while until I return to paint the laser-farting unatics and mustachio-clad mercenaries of the Outcasts, so I figured I'd put my latest work up for public amusement, amazement and/or derision. I really liked painting these miniatures, since they were a good excuse to go absolutely bonkers with the color-schemes. I was a bit disappointed with how the girl in red turned out, but it can't be helped now. I also noticed that Yellow was just as hard to paint as I remembered, but I'm pretty happy with the result - especially contrasting her dark skin. The bases are made from those wooden stir-sticks you get with your coffee. I've shamelessly stolen scores of these from the University cafeteria. Luckily, they haven't gotten wise yet. I mostly used Citadel (ugh!) paints for these, but used Model Colors for the brighter red. I am considering switching away from Citadel colors, since the cans have a tendency to dry up on me. Do you guys have any suggestions? I hope you'll like what I've done. If you want to see more, I can link some other threads if you're interested. As usual, I'm always interested to hear any tips you might have! Otherwise, feel free to stroke my ego with insincere flattery - it'll get you everywhere. Tchüss /Werner
  5. David Blank


    From the album: Malidave Models

    Did this one to look like Psylock from X-Men
  6. Hello, reader. These past two days I've recieved my first Malifaux figures. I've been reading about the game for months and some people at the game club have started playing the game already but only now have I been able to start myself. I've been wargaming for about five years, starting with WH40k but never actually progressing past building and converting figures and vehicles (Orks, what else!). I never really enjoyed the game nor painting for the scale, but quickly moved on to Flames of War, a 15mm WWII game where I've painted a handful of armies (and am enjoying the game a whole lot). Tomorrow will be my first game of Malifaux so I've been rushing to get my figures cleaned up and mounted. Being that I can hardly never build anything straight out of the box without adding, reshaping or kitbashing stuff I brought out the green stuff to fix some things I didn't like about these sculpts as well as adding a poncho flapping in the wind for the Convict Gunslinger. I chose the Alternative Viktorias sculpts, partly because they are great looking but also because the starter box was not very appealing to me. You will notice I added some greenstuff because I didn't care much for some of the fan service. The separated boobs on Bounty Hunter Viktoria looked silly to me so I bridged them together. Swordmistress Viktoria rubbed me the wrong way even more with the very low pants that looked like they would fall off if she started running and whirlwinding, and the vest appearing open without a bra seemed to defy physics so much that I bridged it together as well. I think these sculpts are awesome otherwise, and now I'm very very pleased with them. The Ronin with the revolver had a rather bad looking sword which I understand is a common issue with this sculpt. I managed to trim and shape it into a decent looking japanese sword and I'm liking this figure a lot. The Ronin who is about to draw her blade had a way too big cleavage for me. I added some more clothes to cover it up and make her look more ready to actually fight without her boobs falling out of her loose fitting clothes. The Convict Gunslinger was my biggest undertaking. I've never sculpted anything this substantial before and I don't know how it is going to work out in the end. I wanted to sculpt the poncho much like Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollars trilogy, slung over the shoulder. After four failed attempts I decided to just have him wear it plain and boring. By accident I bent the lower front half of the poncho and it looked like it was dancing in the wind. I quickly adjusted the back, shoulder and neck parts of the poncho to get that windy look. I'm probably going to paint it up with yellows, oranges and dirty whites to get that bandito thing going. I'm already imagining the Gunslinger having a thing for the Ronin with the dreads. She will of course never acknowledge his verbal advances. A man can dream.. In the future I really can see the male Desperate Mercenary going on a job with these wild warrior women going "You women are maniacs. I'm outahere!" by turn three. We will see later in this thread how an inevitable expansion of my collection of mercenaries will plan out. Looking forward to painting these figures up and will be posting more as that happens!
  7. So I got most of these models months and months ago and I've finally finished some of them (enough for a 25 or 30ss game). There are a lot of pictures in the gallery that the photo will link to and I've got a forum log on DakkaDakka where I put up pics as I work. Hope you enjoy the 'Viktorias' Vicous Vixens' crew (name pending) oh, I am just getting settled in in Hermitage UK so if anyone sees this, I hope to get these girls out to the Newbury nights for the Newbury and Reading Wargames club if anyone plays Malifaux out here.
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