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Found 4 results

  1. So my girlfriend has a box of Guild Riflemen on their way to give her Lucius boxed set some kick, and I'm a bit concerned about them. Dashel and Lucius will make it easy for her to get six Focused shots a turn, and the Move It! trigger on Issue Command will help keep important models in sight of the riflemen. I'm especially worried about Stand and Shoot; one rifleman is just a nuisance and Viktoria of Blood can heal the two wounds easy, but two riflemen is half of a Viktoria's wounds! I can't Soul Stone the damage away forever, and I'm paying a lot for those prevention flips. Dragon's Bite seems like it would help out here, since it's a place effect and not a charge, as would hugging terrain and waiting for an opening when they haven't Focused. Any other tips on taking them out?
  2. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere and often, but I'm still pretty new to Malifaux, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I've graduated from the basic Lucius set (still lining up the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony) and I'm looking to make a few additions. I'm pretty certain that riflemen & austringers are must haves, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know. I would also like to add a mimic (I'm taking this slowly, a few models at a time): which would be a better choice - Mr. Graves, a doppelganger, or beckoners? I also have the starter set, which works nicely with Lucius as it comes with both Guild & Neverborn models all with mercenary attributes. This allows Lucius (AKA "The Heir to Prince's Wardrobe") to have access to fast scheme runners, enforcers, and ranged attacks. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everybody, i'm looking for a Painted lot of a Lady Justice Crew (Lady Justice, The Judge + 3 Death Marshals - Avatar is not compulsory) + 3 Witchling Stalkers and 3 Guild Riflemen. I value all sorts of paint jobs, but I'm definitely looking for a clearance price. Looking forward to your offers
  4. Yosh

    McCabe Mayhem

    Hi fellow players, i'm heading to a tournament at the weekend and i was thinking on my army lists. I usually play Outcast crews but now i want to suprise my local peeps with something new: Guild. Especially talking McCabe. So i was digging trough the new book and felt in love with the Riflemen and Wastrels. This is the list i came up: Guild Crew - 35 - Scrap Lucas McCabe -- 5 Pool + Relic: Glowing Sabre [2ss] + Relic: Strangemetal Shirt [3ss] Drill Sergeant [3ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Witchling Stalker [4ss] So, the basic idea is boost the Riflemen into godlike level with the Drill sergeant lurking nearby them (:+fateflip on attack flips) and with using McCabe's Braying of the Hounds spell which lowers the all enemy models Df via a pulse. So i gave McCabe a shirt, so he wont die quickly. Hopefully. Well the rest of the crew is another sweet stuff: Wastrels has trigger which makes their damage into godlike level (you can see the pattern now...) but it makes them paralized too, so i've included a Witchling stalker to get rid of those pesky side effects. And again, their attack flips are paired, the lowered Df helps them to hit... And ofc. companioning is just a cherry in the top of the icecream. Any thoughts? Worths a shot? Yosh PS: proxy is allowed.
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