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Found 5 results

  1. Anna's Lovelace's gravity well says: Enemy models may not be Placed within 6 unless they are Placed by an effect generated by friendly models. is this only referring to the Place from movement effect and abilities such as Leap and Flight or does it also effect models that are placed from summoning, unburying and replace. for example: can Sandeep Summon a wind gamin within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can a Soulstone Miner Unbury within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can the Corphy duet be Replaced by 2 Corphy within 6 of Anna Lovelace? the 3 examples all describe models being placed (with a lower case p) in the description of their mechanics, is this different from a Place (with an upper case P) mentioned in Gravity well. Thanks for the help.
  2. To give a bit more visibility to this question (so it has more chances to be covered in the next FAQ because right now it is buried under a Henchman leader discussion), I'm going to post this here: There is an uncovered niche case in the rules about replacements: 2 models, one activated and the the oter not-activated, which outside of their activations, take an action to be replaced by 1 new model. The original idea was using Vasilisa's Pulling the String to make a coryphee duet dance together after activating the duet and spliting it (hence having 1 activated and 1 inactivated); if this gave an unactivated coryphee, said coryphee would gain the ability to dance apart and together again. The original discussion is here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/146876-hinamatsu-is-she-a-worthy-leader/#comments The rules discussion starts at this post (click on the arrow in the upper right corner to go directly to that part):
  3. Gunfighter says this model may treat any projectile action as having a range of melee 1". If you were in engagement with another model would this action be a melee attack or a projectile attack or both. And how would that work. Been using the advanced building rules it's say in the advance building rules that place affects cannot be used to move into and out of buildings. Would summon, flight, replace and unbury not be able to place a model into the building as they would all use a placement effect to move a existing model or a new model into the building.
  4. Been trying to fully understand how replacing works, in the book it states that "The replacing models(s) continues the activation using any general AP the replaced model(s) had remaining" As an example if I had 4 steampunk abominations, the first one activates and for its first action does 'Concentrated Deformation' which sacrifices the abominations and replaces them with the desolation engine. How many general ap would it get? 1 or 7?
  5. When an avatar manifests, it Replaces the master. Replace (RM pg.38) requires base contact and room for the replacing model. Does this mean that if there is no room for the avatar in base contact, manifest can not occur? If so, what about the Automatic Manifest?
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