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Found 3 results

  1. You are faced with guild austringer, he is 20 yards from you and you have heard how deadly the raptor he is accompanied can be. He sends the majestic bird at you and now you only have 9 turns before it gets you..... wait what? So... In the Fate master's almanac (page 137) Austringer's raptor has some peculiar stats with Walk 1 and Charge 4. Meanwhile the Raptor from Into the steam (page 225) has Walk 6 and Charge 7. Do austringers feed their birds too much or has there been an mistake? This also has ruined the image I have of the Austringers in Malifaux, instead of raptor taking off and striking from the sky, I now see them walking to enemy at leisurely pace like a pigeon would.
  2. So, after having played tons of games against them, my Guild friend the other day found out that Raptor's Attack Action got no (ranged) icon unless it is Focused. We are still playing them likeit is still a Proyectile Attack all the time, as we cannot truly believe they can freely shoot into engagements without risk of hitting friendlies as long as it fires within 12" and not Focusing. Not only that, without the ranged icon, The Austringer can even shoot his Raptor while engaged himself! If Raptor is not a Proyectile Attack, then it does not even need its ignore cover rule as well, and by being able to shoot it even while engaged, Austringer does not really need his (1) Quick Retreat Action. We can only believe the ranged icon magically dissapeared on the printer, and noone has ever noticed it since then, because Raptor has always been borderline broken on a minion of its cost, but ignoring all the Proyectile Attack restrictions would be just too much. So tell me, is Raptor just somehow missing its Ranged icon, so it should be Errataed, or does it really work that way?
  3. Here are my YouTube videos showcasing three Malifaux models that I just finished. I have the Jackalope and a pair of Malifaux Raptors. Here are a few pictures: I am hoping to use these as part of a Marcus crew. We will see how that goes as I start playing games. Best wishes to all you Malifaux gamers.