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Found 10 results

  1. This is a Malifaux M3E fixed faction event to be played over three 120 minute rounds. The event will use Bag-O-Tools to keep track of everything and submit the scores for the UK ranking, so if you do not have an account it will help us if you could create one before the event. We do have limited space for this event in the shop and can only squeeze in 14 players so it’s important to book early to avoid disappointment. You can phone the shop to pay by Credit or Debit card or payments can be sent via Paypal. Event Fee: £15 on the door (advance booked tickets £11) Booking in time is 9:15am to 9:55am, with the first round scheduled to start at 10am. For further information on this event see our rules pack: (will add it soon). You can also keep up to date with this event on our Facebook: Mourning Bells 50ss Tournament The Venue: Impact UK/Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Rd, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN The Swag We have a bunch of tokens and alt models in our prize pack along with our traditional Pot Noodle for last place and an epic trophy for first place (more info will be posted on our event page on Facebook). Tournament Schedule Registration - 9:15am to 9:55am Round One - 10am to 12pm Break for Dinner - 12pm to 12:50pm Round Two - 1pm to 3pm Round Three - 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  2. Welsh GT 2018 – 7TH & 8tH April 2018 50SS fixed faction, ranked event following gaining grounds 2018, 2-day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes, held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. The Welsh GT was the smallest but also one of the friendliest UK GT’s this year, we want to change this in 2018 and with your help try to make this the largest UK GT but keep that welcoming friendly feel. Firestorm is one of the largest dedicated gaming centers in the UK, with on site café, bar, well stocked game store. It also has plenty of dedicated gaming space with room to spread out and grow the event. Payment (£35) including lunch both days. Tickets available from Firestorm games https://www.thebattlefields.co.uk/events-at-the-battlefields/malifaux-welsh-gt-2018 Event located at: South West Gaming Centre (Fire Storm Games), Trade Street, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF10 5DT Confirmed Attendees 1. Richard Walters 2. Liam Coupland 3. Adam Perry 4. Brian Schoner 5. Bert Diamond 6. Bert Diamond + 1 7. Bert Diamond + 2 8. Bert Diamond + 3 9. Alex Ferron 10. Bert Diamond + 4 11. William Jacob-Crankshaw 12. Henchman Lee 13. Connor Truby 14. Joel Henry 15. Mike Marshall 16. Matt Spooner 17. Ben Sime 18. George Hollingdale 19. Chris Draper 20. Nick Featherstone 21. A J Barr 22. Tobias Dracup 23. David Brown 24. Tim Brown 25. Jamie Varney 26. Steve Johnston 27. Matt Lewin 28. Michael Asquith 29. James Henley 30. Richard Brandweiner 31. Keron Tucker 32. Lucas Rozanski 33. Waiting for Firestorm to confirm 34. Mark Elwood
  3. Doctor Dave


    A 50SS gaining grounds tournament held at Bag of Holding in Bournemouth. This will be a 16 player, 3 round, ranked, gaining grounds tournament with prizes based on number of participants and including a wyrd 16 player prize pack as support For further details please see the stores web page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1474717115931411/ Any questions, give me a yell
  4. Justplay games will have us back to go again. This will be a 3 round 50ss Gaining Grounds event. It will be held at Just Play games in Liverpool city centre. There will at minimum be a trophy for the winner, and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as something for best loser, and a trophy for the player voted best opponent (tiebreaker will be whoever finishes higher). There will be a raffle on the day of a usual Wyrd prize pack (mystery boxes) based on the number of attendees Painted crews are not required though there is a trophy for best painted crew (50ss from the faction you are playing on the day). Tickets available for £12.50 in advance from here ( https://justplaygames.uk/products/merseyfaux-2-21-01-17 to follow) Facebook event group is here ( www.facebook.com/events/311064436028768 ) Entrants 1. Ben Harris - paid 2. Paul Williamson - paid 3. Cai Bird - paid 4. Radek Bry - paid 5. Steve Montagu-Cairns - paid 6. Dave Allen - paid 7. Greg Piskosz - paid 8. Samuel Wilson - paid 9. Carl Lee - paid 10. Peter Dawes - paid 11. Jai Hampson - paid 12. Matthew Jones - paid 13. Richard Preston - paid 14. Zed Strong - paid 15. Mark Shepherd - paid 16. Gordon Barlow - paid 17. Gemma Stevenson - paid 18. Paul Butler - paid 19. Emma Newham - paid 20. Alyx Drake - paid 21. Graham Bursnell - paid 22. Joel Henry - paid 23. Jonathon Rancans - paid 24. Dave Laing - paid
  5. Following on from the success of May-Lifaux, we are holding another Malifaux Tournament, this time at Bag of Holding This will be a 50SS Fixed Faction, 4 round ranked tournament, Limited to 26 players (Unless they build me more tables) I have learned from the feedback I have received from the last event, and hopefully we will have sorted the terrain issue. Nevertheless, if players wanted to bring a table of terrain with them, we are negotiating with the store to see if we can get some sort of incentive organised. In the meantime, tickets are £10 available from the link below. Registration is from 9.30, with the first game scheduled for 10. Any questions, please let me know. Dave Tournament Pack https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mfT3zGtOatV2JIa0o0aW9UQTA/view?usp=sharing Ticket Link http://www.bagofholding.co.uk/event/malifaux-gaining-grounds-2017/?instance_id=6806
  6. --- UPDATE 6/16/2015 --- FAQ added below, please ask more questions if you have them ------------------------------- --- UPDATE 4/22/2015 --- Overall Schedule Document (Can also see how the Malifaux events line up with other CC events here) GG NoVA Qualifier Rules Packet - Note we are following GG pretty strong here, so make sure your stuff is painted and you review the proxy/conversion rules in GG and this rules packet ------------------------------- ******** FAQ: ********* How do I register for events? If you were a kick starter backer you should have received your access email, check your spam. If you did not back the kickstarter, no worries, go ahead and buy an all weekend badge (or single day badge) so you can register for the event(s) you're interested in. Once you've done that you will get access to register for specific events. Event registration is OPEN for all to see here Where can I buy a badge? http://captaincon.com/?product=captaincon-2015-1-day-badge How do pairings work for the team GG on Sunday (I mean Team A is playing Team B...how are players A1, A2, A3 paired against B1, B2, B3) ? See this video for how Sunday's GG Team Event pairing process will work Pairings for teams on Sunday will be chosen based on standard TP/VP/Diff scores totaled for each team. So all of A1, A2, A3 will be totaled and that team will be matched against their best B1, B2, B3 counterpart. It is the team's captain however who decides who in Team A they want to matchup first with whoever Team B's captain chose for the first matchup. This continues until each team member is matched up. The only information shared between teams is the list of masters factions they have available to their team. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATE ON PAIRINGS An example, Team A has Ophelia, NB Lynch, and TT McCabe. Team B has Sonnia, Daw, and Raspy. Team A chooses player A1 (and Ophelia) in secret, and Team B chooses player B3 (and Daw) in secret. Those players are to play (table assignments are done separate). Team A secretly chooses A3 (and NB Lynch), while Team B secretly chooses B2 (and Sonnia). Finally, A2 (with TT McCabe) and B1 (with Raspy) are matched since they are the remaining players/masters. Will paint scores factor into either event? If so...how is that done? Painting scores will not be factored in for either event. If you want to enter for painting awards there is the Draconic Painting Awards going on that may be worth entering. The only requirement is that on Saturdays NoVA qualifier models must be painted. Also, not that teams competing who prove to a TO during a round they used a fully painted army get extra points for team scoring over the entire weekend. How much time is allotted for play, crew/scheme selection, and the pairings process? For Saturday see the Rules Packet above. For Sunday I need to solidify it but rounds will be quicker due to time frame. I've allocated 60min lunch break for Sunday though as well. Sunday is 3 rounds also not 4 so will be quicker. Typically its 2hours a round and 15min setup/crew selection Also, the wording is a little unclear as to what cannot be duplicated in the team event....do you mean masters can't be duplicated or factions can't be (with the exception of duel faction)? What I mean by duplications is that no team can have a master duplicated on Sunday, but you can have masters from different factions on the same team. So you can play gremlins Somer and someone else on your team can play Lady J in guild. You could also have something like Lady J, Sonnia, and Lucas McCabe (as either TT or Guild). Another example that is totally legal is you could run TT McCabe, Guild McCabe, and Ophelia. So yes you can have same master as long as playing from one of the different duel factions it legally can be played with. Sundays team event registration page only lets me sign up a team, is this correct? Currently (as of 6/16/2015), that is the restriction for that registration page. I am working with the CaptainCon web team to get that changed. However, on Sunday if you are not part of a team you WILL be put on a team of three! Links to event page information on CaptainCon site: All-Weekend Team Event Info Friday Enforcer (Ignore the 'dice roll at high noon', that's clearly a PP left over from the web team ) Friday Henchman Hardcore Saturday NoVA Qualifier (Rules Packet is HERE and is the FINAL WORD) Sunday Team GG (I will get a final rules packet up for this soon, sorry been busy but its standard GG with the pairings I mentioned above) ************************ That's right ladies and gentlemen. Planning is underway for CaptainCon 2015. After the huge success and large turnout last year, we're looking to expand of course! The fine fellas over at New England Privateers are already planning, the hotel was reserved back in July so 2015 is locked in. Looks like we even may get MORE space. With that said, I want to put the call out to the community as I know there is a strong Malifaux presence in the New England, New York, and rest of the East Coast area. What do YOU want to see different from last year. Right now my initial plans are as follows (this will be updated as we move forward): ***NEW*** Hardcore Event (going to tighten up the rounds and make it faster to play) ***NEW*** Doubles format (stay tuned) 2x Gaining Grounds events (that's right everyone, going to run a late night Gaining Grounds As always we'll have our amazing tables, and MAYBE even some new ones. So please, chime in here, PM me, or send me a message on Twitter (@PFalcon83). What do you want to see! As always the CaptainCon site also has info and their Facebook.
  7. Pre-registration REQUIRED: PURCHASE here: $24.32 via EventBrite (EARLY BIRD UNTIL APRIL 7th), then ~$3 price increase Date: May 2nd, 2015 Time: 9am (Cards Flip 9:30) Format: 50ss Fixed faction Gaining Grounds 2015 Address: 500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101 NOTE: Food will be catered as part of your registration fee (If you have dietary restrictions please let me know) PRE-REGISTER HERE Tournament Organizer (TO) will be myself, any questions should be asked here or day of event. NOTE: The most important thing about this event is that it requires that we sell all 32 tickets before the event in order to fund the downpayment of the venue. If we do not reach the number of players necessary, we will have the event at a different venue. With that said, this is going to be a great event where we get to socialize for a longer amount of time, and is meant to not only be a tourney but a way for all New England Malifaux players to get together. So share, share share share this event with your local area and come have a great time and meet new and old friends!!! ------------ FINAL STANDINGS, BLOG, and PHOTOS -------------- Final Standings and Blog Post Link -------------UPDATE 04/22/2015-------------- Rules Packet, stayed tuned for 1st round pairings. Some things to note: There is no painting requirement, but there is a painting competition and a raffle. If you play with fully painted crews you'll get more raffle tickets! ----++++++UPDATE 04/16/2015++++++---- Attendee list as of date in this update (will update as more come in). If you want to share the faction you plan to play feel free (trolls allowed ) Last Name First Name Wyrd Name # Tickets Afghahi Arash 1 Almeida Manuel mjungledog 1 Bogert Corbin Hagisman 1 Carr Edward 1 cassidy matthew 1 Cenkus Alan 1 Chambers John 3 Clapp Drew 2 Dalzell Fred 1 Feinman Alexander AFEINMAN 1 Gagne Jeremy 1 McCreary Jonah Jonasty 1 Michaud Marc MICHAUD 1 Nelson Ian Drool_Bucket 1 Perry Matthew ZOMBIE1701 1 Sirokman Gregory 1 Sloan Brad 1 Smith Micheal Truaskew 1 Talbot Adam 1 Weakland Andrew Guy In Suit 1 Yohe James ROLLRAIDERZ 1 TOTAL 24 22 ------++++++++UPDATE+++++++------- Deposit placed for Milly's Tavern, this event IS happening regardless of number of players Pricing for tickets for EARLY Bird still available see here for more info Strategies and Schemes have been announced: Round 1 - Interference, Flank Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Cursed Object, Assassinate, Protect Territory) Round 2 - Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Take Prisoner, Spring the Trap, Bodyguard, Assassinate) Round 3 - Guard the Stash, Close Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Entourage, Outflank, Bodyguard, Protect Territory) (IF NECESSARY) Round 4 - Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Vendetta, Power Ritual) 1st round pairings pre-announced 7 days prior to the event with all pre-reg players There will be a painting competition, please have a minimum of 3 models completely painted for this event to display. They must be models you used the day of the event and they must be Wyrd models. You can include more than 3 models in the painting competition just note that for painting you will be rated based on model composition as well as painting quality and color choices Proxies are allowed for models not released or hard to find. Basically this is a fun event, so if you can't get your hands on a model cause it is in metal and no longer able to find (i.e. looking at you Widow Weaver) and you have a proxy that is representative it is ok. Also if it is a model that has not yet been released obviously an acceptable representative proxy is allowed too. However, you MUST show it to the TO before the event.
  8. From the album: Live Free or Die Cheating 2015

    These are the standings from Live Free or Die Cheating 2015. If there is any error please let me know
  9. EVENT DEBRIEF CLICK HERE FOR 2015 EVENT CLICK HERE Pre-registration: $10 (paypal [AT] thehelblings.com) (ENDs 11:59PM 5/9/2014) Registration: $15 Date: May 10th, 2014 Time: 11am, registration 10am - 11am Format: 50ss Fixed faction Gaining Grounds 2014 Address: 123 Nashua Rd Londonderry, NH 03053 NOTE: Food will be provided as part of your registration fee (If you have dietary restrictions or don't want pizza let me know during (pre- or dayof-)registration and you can deduct $5 from fee; FYI there is only a 30min lunch break) The first ranked Malifaux Event in New England will take place on May 10th, 2014 at The Game Castle, Londonderry, NH. We will be taking very little breaks in between so we finish at a reasonable time. In order to facilitate this, a portion of your registration will go towards a pizza order which will be ready between round 1 and round 2. Tournament Organizer (TO) will be myself, any questions should be asked here or day of event. We will be using the Gaining Grounds document with a few modifications: Painting requirement is to have models assembled and on bases (you may earn brownie points for a fully painted crew) No Avatars Proxies allowed as long as approved DURING registration (not at start of a round) 1st, 2nd place prizes (3rd place if enough attendees) Results will be entered into MalifauxRankings.com Prizes: Limited Edition "Impossible to find" Malifools Adepticon Deck Store Credit Wyrd goodies Swag: Every attendee will get a special 'item' for attending Raffle Reminder of Strategies for May (players should confirm with latest version of Gaining Grounds found in the Download area on Wyrd website): Round 1 - Reconnoiter (Flank Deployment) Round 2 - Stake a Claim (Standard Deployment) Round 3 - Reckoning (Corner Deployment) Schemes will be randomly chosen day-of before registration closes. Pre-registered: Manny A. - MJUNGLEDOG Matt P. - ZOMBIE1701 Alex F. - AFEINMAN Marc M. - MICHAUD Matt L. - SilasCordell Ian N. - Drool_Bucket
  10. It's that time of year again. I am posting this on behalf of the venue hosting, the gaming group, DorkaMorka, in Watertown, MA. This will be the 2nd annual Mali-fest, 50ss 3 Round Gaining Grounds tournament. Come close out the year end with the last 2014 GG event in the area. NOTICE: 21+ only as this is in a Eagles Hall and has a bar, there is NO way around this Admission: Free with unwrapped toy donated during registration Registration: Pre-register in this thread or on the DorkaMorka site link here (both will be checked, no need to post on both), this will GREATLY help us plan table space! When: Dec. 13 2014, 11am Reg, 11:30am Cards Flip No painting requirements, but strongly encouraged! One Note....parking is best in the CVS behind or in the parking area behind the venue. Give yourself 15minutes extra to accommodate for finding a parking spot. So see you there. Any questions post here or in DorkaMorka post and as always feel free to PM me! For your enjoyment here are photos from last year. http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/Jonasty1031/slideshow/Mali-Fest%202013
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