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Found 7 results

  1. In our club we've just ran our first tournament and had some LoS issues. after discussion (actually, after tournament) we've found that rules said nothing in regards "from which point terrain height should be measured when drawing LoS". Looks like rules assumed measuring height of terrain on start of the game. And nothing in rules said about "relative" height of different terrain piece (except case when 2 models standing on terrain of equal height, but this rule looks bizzare too) For our local meta we've decided to measure terrain height from point where lower model is standing. Here is why: 1) It's a popular case from forums: By RAW - G1 and G2 cannot see each other. But if we measure terrain height from point where lower model is standing we are fixing these two Gamins 2) Another popular case: By RAW - G1 and G2 doesn't see each other again. Since "If the acting model and the target model are both on vantage point terrain with the same Height, LoS is drawn normally." And normally - Ht2 terrain blocking LoS between Ht1 and Ht1 models. But, if we are measuring terrain Height from point where Lower model is standing - there is actually no terrain between these 2 models 3) Not popular, but possible situation. Blue square on this image is a "river", on bottom of which models can stand, 2" deep: By RAW - in Malifaux there are no such deep rivers. Ht cannot be "below 0". And there are 2 possible conclusions, both of them are actually bad/contr-intuitive: 1) Ignore such terrain feature either by banning tables with rivers/holes/etc. on it, or let models stand on top of this terrain (put something inside of this "hole", make a "bridges"), or not allow model to be pushed/moved inside. 2) Measure terrain from bottom of this "river", effectively making all terrain around river Vantage Points, 2ht (which is... bizzare, no one can shoot) If we are measuring terrain height from point where lower terain stands - this river have Ht0. Which is perfect. 4) It's a new scenario, that I haven't found anywhere on forums/faq/etc. By RAW Rasputina can't see Snowstorm (and vice versa), because all LoS from base to base are passing through Blocking terrain. (Snowstorm is HT3 model, so they can always ignore terrain lower than HT3, and when measuring LoS for Vantage point - it's equal or lower, but HT4 is higher, hence HT4 terrain cannot be ignored) But if we measure terrain Height from point where SnowStorm standing - elevation of Rasputina became Ht2 - and Ht2 will be ignored (it will be Hard Cover anyway) So, basically there are two questions: 1) Is my RAW is correct, and by RAW all heights are broken if both acting model and target stand on Vantage Point / Elevation 2) Is our "home rule" actually a homerule, and if yes - does it make sense to you?
  2. What are your thoughts on the merit of Tuco vs. the Scion of Black Blood? With the price roughly the same, I'm finding myself leaning toward SoBB as the 'blasts' on the ram can't be saved by Freikorps armor, condition removal and stronger melee? From the shadows is good... But does it make up the difference?
  3. Hi, so I played Zoraida, with Silurids, Waldgeist, Bad JuJu and a Nurse. My opponent took a guild gang led by Sonnia. As you can probably tell by my title I faced a lot of range. I don't think the scenery helped - it was quite open - however my question is still: What advice would you give to help combat a ranged gang using Zoraida? Thanks for your time and input.
  4. I'm Dirial, and welcome to Malifaux! If you are reading this, chances are you are a beginning Malifaux player. You have probably picked up a Crew Box because you liked the look of. Someone in your play group did the same thing. You started your first match and you were utterly destroyed by turn 2. And now you worry about the game's balance and/or if you picked a sub-par crew. Alternatively, you are an experienced player with a few matches under your belt. And now this greenhorn marches in, with his new unpainted crew no one in your group plays. And that greenhorn blasted you from the table and you doubt your sanity or something. Alternatively, you are a veteran player coming in here to give your nod of approval or hark on me. If so, feel free to correct me or chime in with more advice. This is a small guide on how to deal with ranged crews. Since similar questions were asked repeatedly in the forums, I thought collecting the answers in one place might make for a useful resource for new players. Normally, these questions are about a single Master that gives people grieve. Often, it's Perdita Ortega. Also often, it's Rasputina. Sometimes, it's other Masters, too. And almost always, the problems would have been similar if one of the other ranged Masters would have been on the other side of the table. So, I'll first talk about ranged crews in general, and then about some specific Masters. This is not a guide on how to beat ranged crews handily. I give in to the wishful thinking that the game is perfectly balanced and that winning doesn't come down to ranged or not ranged but gaining victory points. This guide should turn the game into a tactically challenging experience for both players. So, first, some short things about me, so that you can evaluate my pointers. Earthside, my name is Florian and I'm a psychologist from central Germany. (I'm no native speaker, obviously, so if some error disturbs your reading experience, please PM me and I will correct it.) I played Warhammer in my youth and I'm an avid Hordes player. I started Malifaux just when the beta for 2nd Edition started. I don't have that much gaming experience since our group is small and spread out, but I make it my pleasure to read as much as possible. In that regard, I thank all the more experienced players and forum users whose ideas I have shamelessly copied and pasted. Also, I play Guild, so if you have problems with ranged crews you will usually find me on the trouble making side of the table. Now, what to do if you get riddled with lead in an absolutely unfun way: Step 1: Be a good sport about it. This is my inner psychologist talking but especially if your opponent is learning the game, he doesn't want to hear how overpowered his crew is and that his victories are tainted by insufferable cheese. Furthermore, don't rant at him for bringing such a crew in the first place. Hurt feelings don't help anyone. Instead, talk about it and ask him for his opinion. Most people don't like winning too easily any more than losing that way. Now, if you ask yourself „What is the condescending git talking about? Who would do such a thing?“, you didn't need this first step. Which is an admirable trait. Step 2: Check your terrain. If you come from other games like Warhammer or Warmachine, chances are you are used to way too little terrain. Read the following articles by Ratty and Mister Shine: How much terrain do I need What terrain do I need and why This is the most important step for bringing your games up to balance. Too much terrain and the ranged crew will be at a disadvantage, to little and it's the other way around. Step 3: Now that the terrain is properly placed you should have a good look at it. Watch for fire corridors. For sniper positions. Regard the table from all sides so you aren't surprised by some window you didn't see. Most ranged crews will let you deploy your models first, either for From the Shadows, or just to see where you will go. Choose the side that will grant good cover or where the ranged crew will have to move before the get good lines of sight. In short, know your battle field and don't walk into a shooting range. Step 4: Be prepared to lose stuff. Ranged crews do their damage before the melee starts. It's only natural. Often, your opponent will play a mind game where he tries to kill an important model Turn 1 so you are too scared to come for him. If this brings him another turn of shooting it's worth the investment. Don't fall into this trap. Keeping your distance will not keep you safe. Clinging to your models will make you vulnerable to this psychological warfare. Many ranged models are severely hampered if they are in melee. Double walking into melee can be worth it even if you can't attack. It will keep the shooters busy and your other models can come out of cover to line up charges. Be prepared to lose that tar pit model, as well. Step 5: Identify lynchpin models and take them out. In short, know your enemy. Read his cards. If you get beaten, call for a rematch. In most crews, some models are keeping the crew together. The have an important bonus or guard the sniper or can get others out of melee. These have to die. The faster the better. Step 6: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. If you know the opponent will shoot (if he declared Gremlins or Guild, and probably Outcasts, as well, or if you know him and he just prefers shooting) bring some anti-shooting tech. Many factions have some models who can generate cover or block line of sight. The latter thing is generally best, but cover or similar abilities seriously hamper the damage potential of shooters. Step 7: Okay, now comes the obligatory, but ultimately best advice: Play your Strategy and Schemes. Malifaux is a game about victory conditions. Theoretically, you should choose your crew for the victory conditions and the faction of your opponent. This is skewed normally for beginners, as they only have one or two crews and normally know what their opponent has, as well. But the game is not won by killing the most models or the enemy Master. It's won by keeping your goals and the goals of the opponent in mind all time. Deny your opponent his victory points while playing for yours. If the opponent has to come to your half of the table, wait for them to do so, for example. It will save you walking into the gun line. I hope some of these pointers can help you on your way to the tactically challenging game you deserve. For their (unknowing) contributions to this first part and the second below, I'd like to thank all veteran forumites who give advice to new players, and especially dgraz, Fetid Strumpet, Mister Shine and Ratty. Now, I will get into some of the crews the play the ranged game with some more specific advice. Since I haven't played that many of these, I would greatly appreciate someone chiming in. I will gladly edit such advice into my post later.
  5. A Debate Recently came up in a game I was playing. Basically my Question is can cassandra be targeted by spells that are not ranged? I think not because it says ranged strikes AND spell attacks but any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm mainly asking this question in reference to Cassie's Celebrity ability. Since on the card it says she can only be targeted by ranged strikes and spells I think it means that if shes going to be targeted by a spell it has to be ranged. As opposed to if it said or in which case any spell attack be it mele or otherwise would be fine. Does anyone know wyrd's ruling on this? Please help and much appreciated.
  7. I found it interesting to view some of the Malifaux boards tweeted from Adepticon. What jumped out at me was that a couple of the tweeted boards had a lot of terrain. I mean A LOT of terrain. Which makes me wonder: has the terrain pendulum swung too far in the other direction and against ranged crews? One of the constant mantras on this forum, specifically to combat ranged crews like Perdita, is to make sure there is plenty of cover on the board. I agree with this. There should be enough terrain to make a neutral play field. I realize I am not there to see the boards in person, but it appeared from the photos that some had so much terrain that crews like Perdita would be completely hosed. If the opponent has half a dozen different avenues to get within a few inches of a ranged crew without ever being in LOS, it tends to be unbalanced in the other direction. So I guess my point is, should the advice be changed to, "Make sure you have enough terrain...but not TOO much."?
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