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Found 9 results

  1. So I'm new to the game, and I'm stuck between three masters. I really like the Resurrectionists, the Neverborn, and the Arcanists. Specifically, I really like Sandeep, Reva, Molly and Euripedes. Right now, I love the Elemenatals of Sandeep. The thought of being able to summon little ice, fire, and metal monsters is super cool, and I like the Indian aesthetic of Banasuva and the rest of his crew a lot. I like the theme of Reva (Necromancer Nun is awesome) and whereas normal Molly is cool, if they ever release the Brine and Bones box again, I would love the undead pirate theme is just AMAZING, and of course ice trolls are just super cool with Euripedes. I guess I was looking at buying one of those boxes to start the game, but I was wondering how I would go about expanding each box and what the pros, cons, and investment on each would be as well as how competitively viable each master is? I have heard Sandeep is a little more expensive due to his summoning mechanic, but beyond that, I don't know much. Any help is really appreciated!
  2. Hi all! I recently picked up Serena Bowman and had a rules question regarding her 'Always comes back around' ability. It states 'if this model is killed or sacrificed, at the end of the turn, summon Serena Bowman' How does this interact with conditions that deal damage at the end of the turn. Eg. Serena dies of burning. Does she A. Summon back immediately B. come back at the end of the NEXT turn Or the unlikely C. Not come back.
  3. Hi all, I don't know if this has been asked or changed already but I am quite new. Why does the hodgepodge effigy have a gun but no ranged attack? Does the gun fire the mist?
  4. Hi all, I don't know if this has been asked or changed already but I am quite new. Why does the hodgepodge effigy have a gun but no ranged attack? Does the gun fire the mist?
  5. I enjoy helping others learn new tricks when painting, and love learning new tricks from others. Often, on a forum, you'll see fantastic painting blogs, where the artists will happily answer questions about their work, or threads where people ask how to do certain things; how do I make a balanced model, how do I paint/highlight green... how do I scratch-build an entire character! I figured it could be helpful to have a single thread meant as an ask/advise thread. Feel free to ask questions of veteran painters here, and hopefully enough veteran painters will peek in every now and again that we can help others either ourselves, or direct others to various tutorials we've found helpful in the past. And of course, no condescension: Any question, no matter how straightforward it may seem, is worth the asking!
  6. Hello all. I've been messing around with Malifaux since it released but only just started getting serious about it. We have a pretty decent grasp on the general rules but we have a few questions about specific ability situations. If an ability does not specify it's duration does it last until the end of the game? For example: Cassandra's ability "Southern Charm" merely says that all attacks and Damage flips against her receive [-]. Does this last until the end of the activation, turn, or game? If a mannequin is linked to Colette and she does one of her model swaps with another performer the Mannequin pushes to be in base contact at the end of her activation. Does it push directly into contact with her ignoring other models and terrain? Or can it merely be picked up and placed into base contact anywhere on her base? A model is engaged and must go through the disengage process if it is within melee range of an enemy model or is it only if they are in base to base? I think that is everything we are wondering about at the moment. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello folks, I have moved to the black hole of gaming (Durango, CO) and I want to pick a game I will really enjoy painting and I can take to a con or 2 or to the nearest City to play... So I have decided that Malifaux is my game. I have a few questions: 1. Does everything work together from a faction (I know that some will work better than others but in general)? 2. Do I need both books or can I just get the newer 1? 3. How many models does the Battlefoam bag hold? 4. Can I cross faction with any models? 5. How expensive is it to play an average game? 6. How big is the average game? 7. How hard is it to learn the rules? I have played other games before, dice based. I want to order something this week so I can paint and not be bored stiff over the next week. Any info would be great. Thanks and will see you around on these forums! RTGamer
  8. Well, Malifaux is inspiring to me. I've actually never written fanfiction or for a pre-prepared world before deciding to do something for Malifaux just the other day. But writing for something already established is a unique challenge. It's perhaps not so bad when not a lot has yet been established in cannon, but wondering what liberties are allowable (and won't piss off fans) is certainly a question in a writer's mind when tackling something with a fanbase. Thing is, I'm actually interested in tackling this challenge. I'm almost completely new to the game, but already find myself involved and invested. Still- I feel that I'd like to probe a bit before continuing: what do the fans think? Should I pursue a viewpoint involving original characters in the Malifaux setting with occasional known characters popping in, or should I stick with what's established regarding characters and liberties?
  9. I've been checking the minis for a while and thinking into jumping into it for Christmas but the GF twisted my arm (it only took a little pressure) and convinced this was the game I wanted... So I'm going with the Cult of December for me and she wanted an all woman band that was not undead... since I need to shop everything at the same time I was wondering if this is legal (playable we will see later, she wants the pretty minis first): Viktorias (both) Taelor Misaki Rusty Alice Knowing if this is equivalent to the Cult of December starter will be awesome too. Do the minis come with cards? what about if they are part of some old stock from the online store I'm ordering? Thanks, Andres
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