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Found 8 results

  1. Do Freikorps ignore ALL damage from or attacks, even the initial damage from the attack? For example, Sonnia's Flameburst does 2/3/5. Does that mean that if she is attacking someone with a Freikorps suit it can only cause damage if it's Weak? Or moderate would cause 3 damage and place two , which couldn't cause damage to any other model also with a freikorps suit?
  2. General rules about aura/pulse say: "A model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LOS". But I noticed that there are some situations where some auras seems not responding to los rules. Let's make two examples: 1- Mei Feng's "Vent Steam": "Until the beginning of this model's next Activation, all Sh and Ca Attack Actions taken against models within a4 suffer [-]". Now, usually, auras and pulses affect models within range. But Vent Steam don't say models within 4" get a condition/ability/other. So models inside the Vent Steam aura are nit affected from the ability. Models affected are those that are trying to target someone inside the aura, and usually they will be outside the aura itself. So, by raw, are the targetting models that should have los to point of origin, that'sis different from how I always seen play it around. The fact that attacking models needs to see Mei Feng to get the malus make very simple to avoid suffering the effect making this ability almost completely unuseful. This is in my opinion clearly against the intended effect... 2- Anna Lovelace's "Gravity Well": "Enemy models may not end placement effects within a8 unless that effect was generated by a bury effect, summon effect, or a model in this Crew." I think the clear intent of this ability is to block all place effects within 8". Particularly against masters like Lilith. Simple. But how it works about los? If you consider the los of the placed model after the placing, the ability doesn't work. In fact, it's enough to make a place just behind a model with HT2 or higher to avoid the effect. Not counting the fact that seems very unfriendly to consider the los from that point since the placed model is not there until the place is done, but the effect should prevent the place effect... If you consider the los of the placing model before the place took effect, the ability doesn't work again. In fact, it's very easy to screen the los with some trick (another model, an illusory forest, etc). Overmore, also in this case, the aura should affect a model outside the aura itself, that is not how the rules are written. So, the best way to play it seems simply ignoring los. But the rules are written in a way that don't consider a situation without los evaluation.... IMVVHO, it's wrong the basic general rule about los in all pulses/auras. It would be enough to specify for each single aura/pulse if you need los or not. Another rule that creates confusion is the specification that a model of 30mm base can block los between two same based models. And the further specification that is teorically possible but is very difficult to do in pratical means only more debate and uncertainty. It would be much better if the rule would be "a model cannot screen another model with same base size"... But now the point is, how is legal to play Anna Lovelace in tournament?
  3. So in the Small Rule Book Pg. 58-60 it reads: The Rules also say that the Aura has the same Ht as the model, I assume this is in regards to LoS and blocking terrain restrictions but otherwise "radiates out in all directions" So unlike Range and LoS, Auras and Pulses are measured in the 3rd dimension much like Vantage Points are, am I correct? A tricky side-note, if a piece of terrain like a bridge or balcony wasn't specified as having the 'Blocking' trait it wouldn't block LoS beneath the model and the Aura or Pulse would radiate through the floor the model was standing on and bellow correct?
  4. The Vulture has this Tactical action (1) Eyes and Ears: (Ca:4 / TN:12 / Rg:12): Until start of this model´s next Activation, target friendly Master may use this model to draw LoS and range for any Ca Actions it takes The upgrade Manical Laugh reads: (0) Muwahahaha (Ca 6 / TN: 13 / Rg: 8 ): Summon one mindless Zombie into base contact with each Corpse Marker in range, then discard all Corpse Markers in range. Mindless Zombies may not count as Corpse Markers for this Action If Vulture has managed to cast Eyes and Ears, and if Nicodem then cast Muwahahaha. 1. Do the count as LoS? 2. Can I make Mindless Zomies arround both the Vulture and Nicodem at the same time? I guess Manical laughter also can get confusing here, but that is an not a
  5. This came up in a game a few days ago. My opponent hit an incorporeal model with a blast form a SH action and stated it takes full damage, I countered with the fact that it is from an SH action. Incorporeal reduces all damage this model suffers from an SH and MI action by half, so he relented. Later he had a model, Steam Arachnid, trigger overheat off of it MI action which causes all models with in 2 to suffer 2 damage after resolving. Once again, he clamed it ignore incorporeal as it is not MI damage. Note overheat is not a separate action. Reading the cards I believe that overheat and triggers similar to it as well as blasts are still part of their parent actions and would be half by incorporeal if the parent action is. What does everyone else think?
  6. Do auras, and by extension pulses, go down from a models base? I ask because I tend to put Dreamer on elevated terrain and use his Safe in My Bed trigger to pass damage to nightmares that are below him. From what I read it looks like I'm a cheating bastard and it can't be done because auras and pulses do not extend down from a model's base. I've posted the rules from the book about the height of auras and pulses. If I've missed something, please point me to a page. An Aura is centered on a model and radiates out in all directions from the edge of the model’s base and moves with that model as it moves. By default, all objects within the Aura’s area, including the model it is centered on, are affected by the Aura until they are no longer within it or the effect ends. However, some effects will note that only certain models are affected. An Aura has the same Ht as the model it comes from unless specified otherwise. A Pulse without a Ht listed is Ht 5.
  7. If there is a better place for this, please move it. I've been told they are trying to find a way to get our symbols back, but until they do, I came up with a stopgap measure. Use ratty's symbol font, convert the symbols into jpgs, and then put them out here on the forum. This would have been much less of a pain in the ass if the forums would have let me load them directly. More in the second post, because it had to many images for the forum apparently. Somebody fix that, please. I think you can just copy paste.
  8. Seismic punch states that you push a model up to three inches directly away from this model. But the spell is listed as a three inch aura. After reading this it seems like it should be a pulse. I'm wondering how this ability actually functions does it: A. Push all models within 3 inches away 3 inches B. Push all models within 3 inches up to 3 inches away (I realize the spell does not say that "up to") C. Act as an aura that stays up and pushes any models I approach to the edge of the aura. (If this is the case how do Df flips interact with auras?)
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