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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure this has been brought up, but I am unable to locate where.. Has there been any thought, plan, or attempt to inlude a shifting loyalties portion to the masters and henchmen on pullmyfinger? A lot of players in my group are finding it difficult to get a crew together considering we have to start with henchmen, (I'm aware there is an option to start with masters). Thank you for your time!
  2. So has anybody else noticed this message on the pullmyfinger website? Wikispaces is no longer supporting Free Wiki's that are not focused on K-12 & Higher Education. This wiki does not meet the classification and is going to be deleted in under 30 days unless it becomes paid for! This is not a drill, this wiki has less then 30 days left! Unless people want to step up and fund this wiki, this is the end everyone! Is this legit? Or just a prank? If so what can we do to help?
  3. This thread is a spin-off of "Let's populate the M2E PullMyFinger Wiki" (and of the Neverborn one). All tracking of non-Master Guild models will be done here. Some have already been done, but a lot still need to be. Just post below which models you'd like to work on and I'll add you to the list. Post again when you're done and I'll report back to Hateful Darkblack in the other thread so you get the credit you deserve! Totems Enslaved Nephilim - (Done: Dirial) Governor's Proxy - (Light) Luna - (Done: Vaiuri) Mechanical Attendant - (Empty) Purifying Flame - (Created) The Scribe - (Empty) Scales of Justice (Done: Dirial) Henchmen Francisco Ortega - (Done: Dirial) The Judge - (Done: Dirial) Samael Hopkins - (Done: Dirial) Capain Dashel - (Good: MinimumPhase) Ryle - (Good) Sidir Alchibal - (Done: Vaiuri) Enforcers Abuela Ortega - (Good, CLAIMED: bacms) Nino Ortega - (Done: Dirial) Papa Loco - (Done: Dirial) Santiago Ortega - (Done: Dirial) Executioner - (Done: Dirial) Exorcist - (Empty) Guild Sergeant - (Empty) Pale Rider - (Light, CLAIMED: Bacms) Peacekeeper - (Done: Bacms) The Lone Marshal - (Done: Dirial) Witchling Handler - (Done: TJUK) Minions Brutal Effigy - (Done: Entrepeninja) Death Marshal - (Done: Dirial) Guardian - (Good) Guild Austringer - (Done: MinimumPhase) Guild Guard - (Light) Guild Hound - (Created) Guild Lawyer - (Created) Guild Pathfinder - (Created) Guild Rifleman - (Done: MinimumPhase) Hunter - (Good) Pistolero De Latigo - (Done: bacms) Warden - (Done: MinimumPhase) Wastrel - (Created, CLAIMED: Vaiuri) Witchling Stalker - (Done: Vaiuri) Watcher - (Good) Peons Clockwork Trap (Empty) Current ratio (Done / not Done): 21/40 (52,5 %)
  4. More iniative to the PullMyFinger wiki! Specifically, the Ressurectionists. Henchmen Madame Sybelle - Finished! Mortimer - Light Sebastian - Light (Needs reformmatting to PullMyFinger standards) The Valedictorian - Claimed (Razhem) Philip and the Nurse - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Datsue Ba - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Toshiro the Daimyo - Finished! (Razhem) Totems Copycat Killer - Finished! Zombie Chihuahua - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Vulture - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Graveyard Spirit - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Necrotic Machine - Finished! (Fancy_Hat) Lost Love - Claimed! (PraetorDragoon) Soul porter - Finished! (Razhem) Enforcers Bete Noire - Finished! Chiaki the Niece - Finished! (Razhem) Dead Rider - Finished! (Clement) Ikiryo - Claimed (PraetorDragoon) Jaakuna Ubume - Almost Done (Hateful Darkblack) Needs looking at for resser perspective Rafkin - Finished! (Clement) Rogue Necromancy - Finished (Hateful Darkblack) Izamu the Armor - Finished! (Razhem) Yin the Penangalan - Finished! (Razhem) Minions Ashigaru - Finished! (MalifauxVE) Canine Remains - Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Carrion Effigy- Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Crooligan - Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Dead Doxy - Finished! (Razhem) The Drowned - Finished! (Hateful Darkblack) Flesh Construct - Finished! Guild Autopsy Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Gaki - Finished! (PraetorDragoon) The Hanged Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Necropunk - Finished! (Hateful Darkblack) Night Terror - Finished! (hateful Darkblack) Nurse - Finished! (Hateful Darkblack) Onryo - Finished! (PraetorDragoon) Punk Zombie - Finished (Razhem) Shikome - Finished (Da Git) Student of Sinew - Finished (Razhem) Student of Steel - Finished (Razhem) Student of Viscara - Finished (Razhem) Peons Sheishin - Finished! (PreatorDragoon) Mindless Zombie - Finished! (hateful Darkblack) As of 24/7/2014, we have content for all the resseructionists! Apple Pie for all those who helped!
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT! PullMyFinger Malifaux Tactica Wiki is Live! http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ Lalochezia, Rathnard, and myself(Karn987) have begun a project to create a Malifaux Tactica Wiki to help centralize all of the amazing Tactica's and information out on the forums right now. The site will have: Detailed Tactica articles on every Master, Henchmen, Totem, and Minion in the game! Model Errata as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rules Clarifications as per Rules Marshal's Rulings. Rising Power Card Changes. New Player Introduction Articles. Other Helpful Articles concerning Malifaux and gaming. Fan Art. As you can imagine the scope of this project is enormous to say the least. There is still a lot of work to be done and many articles that need to be written and Master's that need attention. But we are announcing the site now in hopes that many of you in the community will want to pick up a pen and help us finish this! Many parts of it will require ongoing updates as long as Malifaux lives and breaths, especially the Errata and Clarification sections which will need constant updating. So we urge you to go and take a look and if you think you can/want to contribute, register on the wiki with your name there matching your forum name here if you have a forum account here. We won't refuse any help. Please read the Helping Out section before you register though. Read it Here: http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Helping+Out As this wiki grows, it will become more and more of a community effort. But before we released it, there were several amazing individuals who worked really hard to get this stuff up for you guys to browse through and build off of. They truly deserve some applause as they have not only contributed on Master/Crew articles but in many other places on the site and to the spirit of this project. Without these hardworking people, the Wikia would not be even half as complete as it is. So I am honored to extend our thanks to them. I also want to thank everyone who has put time into this project by writing articles, proof reading, contributing art, etc. Thank you everyone! We still have a lot of work to do so keep up the hard work!
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