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Found 1 result

  1. The Lawyer is really a good model. No really, I swear, I have faith in this. I mean, he doesn’t do any damage, but he can control models to a high degree. So I’ve been thinking of ways to further justify his existence, and I came up with one that really stands out. Censure is nice if you can censure a meleer’s walk and strike, then the opposing model is all but useless, unless the opponent wants to drop his control hand, which you are also okay with. Against a caster, well, two cards isn’t a small amount either, which they almost always would be willing to lose. Defense can keep your friendlies alive, certainly. Cross examination can be good, but there are soooo many models out there that are immune to morale duels, and the cost is high unless you are casting as Myranda in Shikome form. Closing Argument almost never happens, at least in my play, because if the Lawyer ever gets into melee, he’s dead. What I’ve been thinking is that where his real strength lies is in combating those nasty tricksters that control the metagame, such as Levi or Hamelin, in his spell, Prosecute. I’m brainstorming ways that Prosecute can win you the game or at least give you a defined advantage, and there are more powerful ways out there than I had initially thought. Have you guys found any good use for this power? Scenario 1: You are playing Levi, and prosecute all of his Waifs. He now no longer has a way to get back into play. At range 12, you should be able to get a couple of them, and with Myranda in Shikome form, she can fly up and toss these out like candy (as can the Lawyer when he gets a frigging move-on). With Marcus, you may want to Howl first to bring their WP down to (ONLY… good god) 6 or send in the Night Terrors and/or use your Night Falls Trigger to give them -2 WP as well. With a Guild master… dunno, don’t play Guild. Once the Waifs are the bad guys, Levi loses his most powerful tool asset, and his lifelines. Scenario 2: You are playing Hamelin, and cast it on his The Stolen, to much the same effects as above. Except this is better since The Stolen only has a WP of 4. A Howl never hurts though . Scenario 3: You are playing the Dreamer, and cast it on a bunch of his larger nightmares, such as Coppellius, Leelu/Liltu, or daydreams. The Dreamer can now no longer bury them, and the Daydreams can’t bury/unbury anyone using magical extension. The opponent has now lost a large chunk of his mobility. Against Copp, a friendly nightmare can now no longer make a healing flip. Against Leelu/Liltu, the obvious thought is that they can’t get healed at the same time, activate simultaneously, and they take 3 Wds at the Resolve Effects Step for not having a friendly counterpart in play. Scenario 4: You are playing Raspy, and don’t want to have Ice Mirrored spells on you anymore. Simple fix. Any other thoughts? These are the first ones that come to mind.
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