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Found 2 results

  1. Murse8166

    Can I learn a new skill?

    So I went up a tier after my last adventure. My guy has ZERO social skills and it hurt..Alot...I have 1xp can I learn a new skill? If so how?. Thanks in advance
  2. I apologize in advance for the very long forum post, I tried to condense it but there is a lot to this post needed to explain my point. I played a Through the Breach campaign with 4 other player over the course of about 6 months. I generally like the game. I like the card system, this works well instead of dice, I like the idea of fates and I enjoy the world. However, once the characters began leveling, the scaling became an increasing problem. This seems like a major design flaw in the game. RPGs are generally based around two fundamental rewards for the player characters. One is leveling the characters so they increase in power, the second is being able to hand out increasingly cooler and better loot as the character get stronger. Both of these are in the game but both have big problems from my perspective. The first is with increasing powers of characters. One issue is that fated characters, per the book, are extremely strong out of the gate. More so for the combat classes than others. I just ran the Sixteen Tons adventure as a campaign starter. In this seesion three first level characters took out 8 minions and an enforcer without resting and it was about right. But if characters are that strong to begin with, then what is the point of peon level monsters. In our previous games, a third level mercenary that we had did enough damage that they could drop a henchman in 1 round. Should I start throw in Masters at level 4? So with a level 5 group, how strong should an opposing group be? In most other RPG systems there are tables in the gamemaster guides for this. The guidance in the book is not really guidance – it basically says, just throw some monsters at the group and see how strong they are, then adjust. The problem with this approach is that players come to each game with new talents. So how much stronger are they now? The old test no longer applies. So you spend the game testing again – but when you are done, the session is over and now they are even stronger. The encounter balance really needs to be thought out more. Right now the system drops all the heavy lifting onto the fatemaster. It makes it difficult to run the encounters in a balanced way. I’m sure there is a lot of thought put into the balance in the miniatures game. Why not here? The second issue is the economy. A guild script is about $20 (per the Sixteen Tons book). The 25 starting script, basically gives a character whatever weapon they want, maybe 2. If you limit script, the players get angry. If you don’t limit it they become powerful early and have nowhere for you to take them as they progress. You basically have to start dropping artifact items to give them something better. There is no building or progression of loot. The loot is what makes a RPG fun for many players. The overpowered mercenary that I mentioned above had the most power rifle in the Fated Almanac from the outset. With this character's talents, even though the rifle is single shot with a long reload, the character could instantly reload it with a speed loading and specialized skill talent combo. This player started complaining (justifiably) that better guns were not dropping, but there weren’t better guns to go to. The player already had basically the strongest one in the Fated Almanac and had it at the outset. I could make up an artifact gun but the character was already overpowered. There should be some progression of wealth. A level 5, what wealth should a character have? At level 12? If you have someone join a game late how much should they start with? Then comes the issue of soulstones being out of reach of most character’s wealth but needed for magic classes and especially for tinkerers. Yet if you drop this the characters have so much money, they could retire. So I have some house rule solutions that I am using as a workaround for economy aspect of the game and help give some structure to leveling. These home rules are as follows (I would like your comments): Because the society in TtB is controlled by the heavy hand of the Guild's tyranny, weapons and martial equipment are heavily controlled by the Guild and anyone who has a lot of weapons is a potential threat to their power. Other factions, while not agreeing with the guild, generally go along with this because they have their own suppliers and keeping weapons away from the common people keeps them strong as well. So for the average Fated, armor is 5x the book value, weapons are 10x, and modifications are 20x the price (because people cannot openly practice weapon making without trouble from the Guild). Mundane gear and ammo pricing is unchanged. I allow classes that would start with a rifle etc. to start with a legacy firearm (they come through the breach poor). I haven’t quite figured out how best to deal with skill kit pricing or starting pneumatic limbs for say a drudge. For the weapons, this does a few things for the game dynamic. First, people actually use the legacy weapons. Second, it makes it meaningful to get a hold of decent weapon, and even more meaningful to have that weapon fully modded and awesome for them to find an artifact. In other words, it gives a progression to the gear and lets it progress with the character and allows the players to take jobs for good script without them owning everything they need at 3rd level. Last it lets the Fatemaster make more use of the lower level monsters early on because it is a fair challenge for the Fated with reduced gear. I do not have a good solution for balancing encounters. It doesn’t seem the Fatemaster's book's advice works. I generally have to consider my characters good at combat even from the start. If anyone has a points system or good advice on this, it would be nice to have a formula or table based on the character level and monster level to balance this. What is a normal encounter for each level and the number of players? What is an Epic encounter?