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Found 4 results

  1. The Kaeris upgrade with grab and drop attack states if successful you place the enemy within 5" and Kaeris within 2" of the enemy. Is the measuring from this done top down or does it take into account height? In other words can you use grab and drop to drop your target on a building which is say height 5? Big rulebook states a place is not movement. But is this legal? measuring top down you could place Kaeris 2" from the enemy but if you don't take account vertical height you could break engagement by putting the model on a tall building. Allowed or not? Cheers!
  2. Zipp's 'Up We Go!' attack action reads: Place the target anywhere within 5" of its current position, not in terrain. My understanding of the word 'place' is that you ignore intervening terrain and models. Is this correct? More importantly, can this attack be used to 'place' the target model on top of a building or is that considered 'in terrain'? Is the 5" range of this effect measured strictly from a bird's eye view or would any change in height be included in the 5" range? In my imagination, Zipp is just grabbing somebody, jetting up into the sky and either dropping the poor sap or speeding back to the ground to suplex them into the dirt. But I'm not sure if that accurately depicts how the action functions within the context of the rules. In any event, my goal would be to dump the target on top of a building, or a stash marker, or some other piece of terrain and then force them to sit there or take falling damage to get back into the fight.
  3. I can't imagine this hasn't been answered somewhere, but sadly my search abilities are not up to the challenge. Fuhatsu's Braced Ability states that "This model is immune to movement and push effects that are not caused by this model taking a walk action." So my question s whether Lilith's Tangle Shadows -- and "place" effects in general -- are movement effects? From the big rule book, page 42: "Any time a model is moving across the table it is called movement." Which sadly doesn't clarify for me whether a "place" is "moving across the table" or not, since all the other aspects of "moving across the table" (like moving around other objects) aren't relevant to a place, which in some ways seems obviously "movement" -- the model gets moved -- and in some ways obviously not a movement -- the model doesn't move so much as disappear and reappear. And just so it's all here, Lilith's Tangle Shadows: Select a friendly model within 6" of this model and place it into base contact with the target model. If the friendly model can be placed, then place the target model in base contact with this one. I did notice in one the 10T threads someone mentioned having their Fuhatsu Tangled by Lilith, but that doesn't seem definitive. Thanks in advance.
  4. I would guess that all of this has come up before, but I cannot find it (I do not see eye to eye with the search function on this forum..). Please reference me to a thread if you know one, so we're not just re-discussing the use of the wheel. First off is the Jackalope. His Multiply rule states that if he was previously removed from play he can be placed into base contact with a beast before it is removed and gain slow. Now, does this allow him to activate in the same turn, the same as summon does? or is it dependant on if he activated in this turn already or not (if he dies and returns in the same turn)? Second is terrain and spell effects (and I know I've read threads about this with Rasputina but can't remember seeing a definite answere). Waldgeists can target a forest within 2" and Place it completely within 5". Does this allow him to place it on top of a model, counter and/or objective marker? or even on top of other terrain (say a water feature for example) Same question with things like AvatarSonnia and her Pyre Markers. She must place them 1" away from any model, but then she can use (1) Pyre Command to Place a marker 2" in any direction. Can she move them on top of models, counters and/or objective markers? And other terrain?
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