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Found 2 results

  1. So, Phiona still has "The Hero We Deserve" ability which gives her to Attack Action targeting model with Press Release Upgrade, but the Nellie don't have anymore this mechanic in her crew. What's your ideas for changing it? I think remove is not necessary, but we need to give her something instead? We should stick to 'cause she always has that kind of ability. My idea is to change it for something like this "The Hero We Deserve: When this model target enemy model with Distracted Condition it receives to damage flip", I think it's kind of cool ability especially when Nellie's Crew took this Condition as their mechanic. We can replace it with something different like "Shocking! Isn't It?: Models damaged by this model Attack Actions gains Stunned and Distracted +1. I more like the more idea with to damage flip but getting very good heavy hitter with ability to stay in combat on her own (being Nellie's personal bodyguard must means something I suppose) and beating opponents to dust when they wanna take her on solo. What's your ideas for this change? Waiting for feedback!
  2. I have a question about Phiona Gage’s ability, “It’s Me You’re Fighting” It’s Me You’re Fighting: Once per tern after an enemy model engaged with this model fails a Wp duel outside this models activation this model may make a melee attack action against it after resolving the current action. In a game, my opponent and I found different ways of interpreting how the ability reads and I would love your opinions. Here’s an example that illustrates the conflicting interpretation. An enemy model, let’s say a Punk Zombie, is 6” away from Phiona. Nellie Cochrane activates and targets the Punk Zombie with Propaganda and successfully attacks and coincidentally pushes the Punk Zombie 5” towards Phiona. The enemy PZ is now within Phiona’s engagement, can she use her “It’s Me You’re Fighting:” ability? The conflict is whether “an enemy model engaged with this model” is determined at the point of: 1. Immediately when it fails the Wp duel 2. After resolving the current action. YES: Because the requirements are, Engagement, WP Duel Fail, Outside activation, if all three are met “After resolving the current action” then it’s legal. NO: Because the enemy model wasn’t engaged during the point of the failed duel, which then means the timing doesn’t allow for the ability to resolve. Thought?
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