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Found 16 results

  1. "Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena que tu cuerpo es pa` dale alegria y cosa buena..." That song put many people around the world to dance, back in the happy 90s! so they were good times to remember! This is my entry to Iron Painter 2016, Arcanist Performer; Macarena in Pink Cheers to all from Venezuela, where the macarena dancer was from! :D
  2. Hey guys, so i just got the Collette crew and I've been reading over the cards and reading pullmyfinger.com and I came across this line reading about the performers Sirens call..."there's the subtle difference between the push vs take a walk action"...when comparing it to lure. So i grabbed my Performer card and checked it says "push target it's wk towards the performer" mean while belles say "move its walk" so what I'm checking is a Belle has better range and a stupid high cast but the target has to take a walk action and in turn is slowed or stopped depending on the terrain but a performer as a smaller range a lower cast but gets to push models though passable and difficult terrain right? thanks for any help in advance
  3. Charnel

    Performer - Front

    When I ordered my Black Friday models, I actually decided to paint the Performer last of all the models in that shipment. Then I heard about Frozen Moment, and decided that I'd try and paint her like Elsa from Frozen. May not be 100% convincing as her, but hey, I think she looks good. And FYI, the model was sculpted with her eyes closed.
  4. Kalkris

    Thin Lizzy

    From the album: Dark Carnival - Kalkris

    Thin Lizzy (Performer)

    © Wyrd Miniatures

  5. Kalkris


    From the album: Dark Carnival - Kalkris

    Mercury (Performer)

    © Wyrd Miniatures

  6. From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    her dress looked leafy to me, so I decided she would make a good Poison Ivy.
  7. Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and I wanted to display my minis and hopefully get some tips and tricks. I'm working on my Colette crew and definitely appreciate any feedback or comments! These girls are on magnets (which is why the little circle she's standing on sticks out a bit) so I can move them from the smaller bases to the larger one. This is the first miniature I've ever been able to finish and seal, and it's the first base I've ever made (greenstuffing planks is madness). The pictures bring out little things I'm noticing that bug me now, but at arms distance really couldn't see while painting. As the title suggests I'm going a Moulin Rouge theme, so painting Colette will be the largest project since blacks/whites are hardest for me at this point. I hope you enjoy! Update 6/29: Coryphee Number 2! The two pictured together: Performer and Mannequin! (More pictures starting page 3)
  8. Here they are, in all their glory: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/03/girls-and-their-dolls.html They've been a labor of love, and have helped me practice some techniques I haven't used in a dog's age. All paints are Vallejo, with Citadel washes used sparingly. The stars of the Show are next, but in the meantime comments and critique is appreciated!
  9. Hello again! Rather than clutter up the board with a series of new threads, I've decided to compile all my posts from now on in this one. This is Suzanne, a Performer in Collette's troupe of illusionists: You can see more pics and some painting notes here, as well as follow my progress as I finish these beautiful little sculptures. http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/deadwood-dedications.html
  10. Encouraged by everyone's kind words, I've gone ahead and done a second Showgirl ahead of schedule. Here she is: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/meet-trixie.html I'm not really satisfied with her dress, but other parts of her fell nicely into place, and anyway sometimes you just gotta move on
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