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Found 17 results

  1. Deployment Standard deployment strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Detonate charges Dig their Graves Power Ritual Deliver a message Vendetta Crew Tara Blake Karina Aionus 10ss Mad Dog Bracket 10ss The Nothing Beast 9ss Scion of the Void 6ss Talos 8ss 7ss in cache Schemes selected: Vendetta: Scion against Carlos. Deliver a message: Colette Thoughts about my crew selection I picked Tara for testing purposes and because I dislike my life. I picked Aionus even though I don't think he's worth the price to try a combo with the Nothing beast, Mad Dog to counter the Coryphee and kill some fools for reckoning. The rest of the crew is for testing purposes and the stones are there so I can summon reliably each turn and have some over for defence. The schemes were picked because I thought they would go well with reckoning and because I know I can hit Colette when she's buried. I also now realise that Tara has very few low cost models, so picking Vendetta almost proved to to bite me in the ass. Crew Colette Du Bois w/Magical Training +2ss Mechanical Dove x3 Cassandra Felton 8ss Carlos Vasquez 8ss Coryphee Duet 12ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training +2ss Showgirl 5ss Mannequin 4ss 4ss in cache Deliver a message: Tara Detonate Charges Thoughts on my crew selection. I’m still not sure about what to get and how, I’m not very experienced with Malifaux per sé. However since I’m going to a tournament next weekend for the open beta I wanted to play test some of the models which I owned. I know that the Coryphee Duet, on top of being my favourite model visually, is very strong so that felt like a no brainer. Showgirl with magical training also felt like a no-brainer. I wanted to try Carlos out, but I had bad feelings about him. He did practically nothing this game. Turn 1 Tara stones for Cards. Dropping a 1 and a 4 for a 13 of crows and a 11 of Rams. Colette starts as the attacker and deploys a coryphee, Carlos and doves in the middle. Tara wins initiative but Colette goes first, and Tara generates 3 pass tokens. The doves fly forward while the Nothing beast hunkers down in a forest and focuses twice. Mad Dog Bracket goes clay hunting and charges a dove, killing a dove. We ruled that it was him who dropped the marker and not the dove and therefore we placed a scheme marker before the body was cold. The scion buries the Nothing beast and then walks forward Colette presto changos the scion for a Coryphee which Tara then charges, hits, but the duet succeeds on the wp test. It hits Tara back, missing once and then hitting again for weak before splitting. Aionus whacks the Nothing Beast to give it fast and then moves. The Duet reforms and then walks and charges Aionus, triggering execute and smacking for 4 damage. Karina tries to something but is worthless. Carlos attacks the Scion and the scion takes 1 damage and then disappears. Carlos moves forward and places a Pyre marker under Mad Dog. Tara activates again, gives the Coryphee fast, misses the one attack. Showgirl walks and then continues moving with a mannequin in tow. The void hunters spawns on the Coryphee, gives it fast with a red joker, attacks once and misses. Attacks a second time with 2 + flips. Gets a 12 and then the coryphee cheats with an 11. Cassandra walks forward and then drags the mannequin with her. The last showgirl moves forward and then tries to lure talos, failing her terrifying test. Scion and Mad dog burns Turn 2 Colette uses a soulstone for cards. So does Tara. Colette cheats initiative and Tara gains 1 pass token. The Duet activates with fast, takes 1 damage. Delivers a message to Tara and scores 1vp. Then attacks the Void hunter, flipping an 11 vs. 2. Dealing 3 damage after a cheat and incorporeal. Attacking again, cheating both the attack and the damage flip. I forgot the void hunter has terrifying and is killed on the second attack. It then splits, the left one activated. Mad Dog Bracket, mad, activates and eat the scheme marker, walks and charges, hitting a severe on the first attack, dealing 4 and 3 damage to the single coryphees. The second attack dealing weak damage, killing one. The last coryphee, scared, runs away, dropping the scheme marker and taking the mannequin with it once. Talos activates and charges Cassandra, she flips a black joker and Talos cheats a mask for the trigger. On a neutral flip he hits Severe. Cassandra stones for 2. Damage. Talos hits again, but flips a black Joker for damage. Cassandra walks back and forth and drops a scheme marker on next to talos. Tara activates and removes a scheme marker and then gives Cassandra fast. Colette then activates, moves within 8 of carlos and Cassandra and tries to presto chango them. Spends a soulstone but flips a one, failing. Then tries again but fails. Then uses her bonus action to move a Showgirl 3". Ainous activates and charges the poor mannequin, missing once but killing second. Transferring fast to Tara. And then fasting a coryphee (Which we realised had activated, but Tara delayed a scheme by one AP so it's fine). The mannequin who lived activates and tries to heal Cassandra, and cheats for a total of 1 heal, then places a scheme marker. The Nothing beast activates, unburies and attacks Cassandra, but the mannequin intervenes. Taking 2 damage. The second attack misses and the last attack and last focus kills it with a weak. A showgirl activates and really want to seduce the Nothing beast, and wins the Wp duel with a 13 flip, but fails seduction. Seduces again succeeds the terrifying with another 13, and win the seduce, giving the Beast distracted. Tara activates again, and strikes Cassandra twice killing her. Then summoning a Wretch by stoning and cheating. Carlos activates, fails a pyre marker, walks and tries to breath fire and fails again. The aforementioned Wretch activates and move forward from the Coryphee, removing a marker in the process. THe second showgirl moves up and tries to Lure Aionus and succeeds. The scion activates, targets vazquez and manage to remove is his fast from his by attacking through the wretch and focuses, taking to damage. ANother dove moves. Mad Dog and Scion takes 1 point of Damage from burning. Turn 3 Tara stones for card. Colette goes first. Carlos breathes fires on the Wretch twice, misses once and then deals 2-1 damage on the second attack and applies 2 burning. Then he runs away. Aionus activates, smacks Nothing Beast for fast. He then kills the Coryphee and gives it slow, which then transfers to the replacing mannequin. A showgirl runs away and drops a scheme marker. The nothing beast chases after Carlos, misses and he jumps away. I then make the mistake of attacking Colette. Never ever attack Colette. Never worth it. Colette jumps up next to Tara gives distracted to everyone, whacks the wretch dead with her sword trick dealing 4-1, tosses Talos 8 inches, presto changes herself for the dying Mannequin and drops a scheme for scoring 'Detonate the Charges Later' and smacks Talos for another distracted and stunned. Talos is now at distracted 4. Tara activates, kills the mannequin, moves up and assists the Talos, dropping 2 distracted. A showgirl activates and tries to seduce Tara twice, fails both twice. Talos activates, delivers a message to Colette and then focuses because it's not worth attacking Collette. A Dove activates and flies next to Aionus, attacks him for 1 damage and explodes (Why is it attack 4?). Karina activates after that and heals the Scion 3 points of damage after lucky flips and cheating. She still hasn't moved a single time. The second dove moves between Tara and Anions and is annoying. The scion activates and Removes burning from Carlos, dealing 2 damage to him and then destroys the bird. Vendetta is revealed and scored. She drops down to 2hp (again). Tara activates again, moves up through difficult terrain, gives a showgirl fast and then summons a void hunter after cheating a 13 tome. The newly born piece of Void activates, pops up next to the Showgirl with fast, reapplies fast again and begins smacking her, hitting the first attack and then flipping the Red Joker for damage, killing her. Somewhere here, the Mannequin and mad dog activated. They accomplished nothing or changed anything so I'm omitting them. We decided to end it here 4-3 to Tara because the coming two turns would literally be the benny hill theme played in Slow motion. What I, the Tara player could have done better If I ignore the fact that you shouldn't play Tara into a killy strategy when Parker exists and is in the same faction. But I need to remember terrifying and incorporeal. Use my SS more and triggered Fade Away on Colette instead of Carlos. I also shouldn’t have attacked Colette ever. MVP Mad Dog Bracket for just being a fun and exciting model. Also for blowing up the split Coryphee duet (and actually feeling like he’s worth his stones). Tara players thoughts on Tara When Mad Dog shooting and missing 2 times is more exciting than activating Aionus or Talos, then something is wrong with the core crew. And I think that is that they feel very lacklustre. Aionus is not worth the 10ss you pay for him, he doesn’t do a lot. The Talos was a distraction carnifex this game, but I have never gotten value out of him since his stats are low and he’s very vulnerable to all forms of control. Tara still only has 1 action besides summoning, which in itself is a very binary thing “Can I summon a void hunter, yes or no?” but I will talk more about her in a seperate post. May I ask why 4ss minions just feel bad? And why would I ever want to hire it for 4ss when I’m hesitant to summoning it for 1ss and a card? Also, why is Karina never allowed to be “good”? She’s a 5ss totem which best ability is requires her to keep up with a master who is apparently more of a scheme runner (luckily this edition is just death ball galore) and her second best ability is insignificant… with her best action probably being assist at this point… All in all her crew is very lackluster, it has its moments, but even broken clocks are right twice a day and it’s kind of hard to motivate myself to play more of her. An apt comparison would be if (M2e Tara) or M3e Parker is speed or any other kind of drug, Tara right now is a slow monday without coffee when you’re hungover. Tara players thoughts on Colette I don’t like how so much of the crews power is tied to two models: Colette and the Duet. The duet creates a sort of boring thing where if you have a counter (which in outcast right now is Mad Dog every day of the week) you play goose chase and if you don’t have a counter, it will just do whatever the fuck it wants. (I knew both my opponents schemes by the beginning of turn 2 and there’s in general very little point in trying to fake out schemes). I don’t think you can buff the performer crew without tuning down their already powerful models. Colette was about as fun to face as I imagined. The best counterplay to her is still just ignoring her, which isn’t very fun for either side, and then I’m supposedly playing the crew that counters her. Cassandra died without accomplishing much, mainly because my opponent usually overextends with their models without proper support. Carlos was an annoyance, but not really doing anything and I think most of it stems from him being a dual crew model. @valkirsWrath the Colette players thoughts: I should not have over extend so hard and respected Mad Dog Bracket. Should’ve been more careful with my resources. Think more seriously about my crew selection. I should’ve used Cassandra's defensive ability turn two instead of walking with nimble, so she would've survived maybe survived. False Reality was a beast, moving the Talos right to where I wanted him for detonate charges. Too bad he had a message to deliver. Colette is still very defensive, and very strong. The Mad Dog has a mean shotgun, note to self, never split the duet in range. Double note to self, his range seems bullshit. Will never let him that close to my duet again. Carlos was a distraction carnifex. He did nothing but let my enemy score for vendetta and look mean. Compared to Colette, Tara doesn’t really feel master tier I still have a lot to learn with Malifaux, this was my first beta game and I still have to shake my “Kill kill kill” reflexes from 40k and AoS. Fun game though, I’m looking forward to the tournament next sunday.
  2. "Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena que tu cuerpo es pa` dale alegria y cosa buena..." That song put many people around the world to dance, back in the happy 90s! so they were good times to remember! This is my entry to Iron Painter 2016, Arcanist Performer; Macarena in Pink Cheers to all from Venezuela, where the macarena dancer was from! :D
  3. Hey guys, so i just got the Collette crew and I've been reading over the cards and reading pullmyfinger.com and I came across this line reading about the performers Sirens call..."there's the subtle difference between the push vs take a walk action"...when comparing it to lure. So i grabbed my Performer card and checked it says "push target it's wk towards the performer" mean while belles say "move its walk" so what I'm checking is a Belle has better range and a stupid high cast but the target has to take a walk action and in turn is slowed or stopped depending on the terrain but a performer as a smaller range a lower cast but gets to push models though passable and difficult terrain right? thanks for any help in advance
  4. Charnel

    Performer - Front

    When I ordered my Black Friday models, I actually decided to paint the Performer last of all the models in that shipment. Then I heard about Frozen Moment, and decided that I'd try and paint her like Elsa from Frozen. May not be 100% convincing as her, but hey, I think she looks good. And FYI, the model was sculpted with her eyes closed.
  5. Kalkris

    Thin Lizzy

    From the album: Dark Carnival - Kalkris

    Thin Lizzy (Performer)

    © Wyrd Miniatures

  6. Kalkris


    From the album: Dark Carnival - Kalkris

    Mercury (Performer)

    © Wyrd Miniatures

  7. From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    her dress looked leafy to me, so I decided she would make a good Poison Ivy.
  8. Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and I wanted to display my minis and hopefully get some tips and tricks. I'm working on my Colette crew and definitely appreciate any feedback or comments! These girls are on magnets (which is why the little circle she's standing on sticks out a bit) so I can move them from the smaller bases to the larger one. This is the first miniature I've ever been able to finish and seal, and it's the first base I've ever made (greenstuffing planks is madness). The pictures bring out little things I'm noticing that bug me now, but at arms distance really couldn't see while painting. As the title suggests I'm going a Moulin Rouge theme, so painting Colette will be the largest project since blacks/whites are hardest for me at this point. I hope you enjoy! Update 6/29: Coryphee Number 2! The two pictured together: Performer and Mannequin! (More pictures starting page 3)
  9. Here they are, in all their glory: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/03/girls-and-their-dolls.html They've been a labor of love, and have helped me practice some techniques I haven't used in a dog's age. All paints are Vallejo, with Citadel washes used sparingly. The stars of the Show are next, but in the meantime comments and critique is appreciated!
  10. Hello again! Rather than clutter up the board with a series of new threads, I've decided to compile all my posts from now on in this one. This is Suzanne, a Performer in Collette's troupe of illusionists: You can see more pics and some painting notes here, as well as follow my progress as I finish these beautiful little sculptures. http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/deadwood-dedications.html
  11. Encouraged by everyone's kind words, I've gone ahead and done a second Showgirl ahead of schedule. Here she is: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/02/meet-trixie.html I'm not really satisfied with her dress, but other parts of her fell nicely into place, and anyway sometimes you just gotta move on
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