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Found 2 results

  1. I live just outside Champaign/Urbana and I'm looking for some more people to play against. I'm not opposed to driving out to Peoria or Bloomington for a game.
  2. This month's tourney is our first in-town event to feature a cross-store crowd. We graciously invite players from Peoria/Phoenix/etc. to join us yet again to have an awesome time and play a great game! Painting/basing is not required, but we'll be doing a painted crew/model contest for everyone if we have enough people! 35 SS Scrap Tournament 12 PM - 7 PM 4 Rounds (80 min ea. -- 10 min breaks, 30 min lunch) Format: Gaining Ground - Expanded Shared Strategies (restricted), Limited Faction Pool (55 SS Henchman/Minion list), unique schemes (restricted) REQUIRED MATERIALS: $5 gets you in the door. Bring at least enough Minions and one Master/Henchman to play at our 35 SS game size. Bring enough Minion support or Master/Henchman variety for your faction to deal with a few different possible scenarios if possible. Tape measure, printouts/stat cards/books with most recent or V2/V3 cards (I AM LOOKING AT YOU, Leveticus) - especially for book 1 folks, markers that can clearly indicate wounds, something to clearly represent your Soulstone count to the opposition, and appropriate Tokens/bases to represent corpses/scraps/flame walls/etc. Special considerations: 1) Calling time allows for the active player to finish an activation, and for each player to activate ONE further model (subsequent use of Companion or simultaneous activation not allowed beyond the first additional activation) - then, resolve any Start and End Closing Phase triggered abilities before determining the winner. 2) Forfeit in-game and between rounds will be viewed with extreme scrutiny, as will end-game results that seem "fixed." I deal with 160 kids on a regular basis who love to cheat and lie their way through life. If you're going to play Malifaux, do it right, and cheat with your Control cards. Wyrd says I can DQ you otherwise. And if you're frustrated that you're losing, do it the right way and play all the rounds through... you'll be a better player some day, you just haven't lost enough yet! Just ask Garrett or Paul... (please excuse the previous Tucson in-joke) Many other things can get you DQ'd, from being a jerkbag, delaying the progress of the game, etc, so just don't be THAT GUY. 3) There will be no Special Features on the tables. Height of all terrain will cap at 4 (ceilings are Ht 5 in-doors) , and you must agree with your opponent on the qualities of all terrain BEFORE TURN ONE, or call me over to make a judgement during the game if you can't agree when it's too late. PRIZE SUPPORT: Depending on attendance, we will offer up a variety of prize support options, all of which will be fulfilled by way of product off the wall supplied directly by our host, Hat! These may range from basing kits / hats & guns, to blisters, all the way up to small boxes or starters. Play hard and win big!... and carpool so you can win bigger! Arizona Malifaux FB group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/147723621944623/ Our event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/368664493177477/368664499844143/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity Hat's Games: http://hatsgames.com/ ~J~
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