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Found 10 results

  1. Can a model use a projectile attack () while it has a paralyzed enemy model is in it's melee range? More broadly, can a model be said to be engaged with a paralyzed model? I think the answers to these two questions are no and yes, respectively. This is because, although the paralyzed model is considered to have no melee range (as per the errata'd paralyze rules) the non-paralyzed model is still considered engaged with it since it is within its melee range. Do I have this right? It just seems weird to me. Though I know that if the answer to my second question were "no," it would lead to another weird situation where models couldn't score or be scored with for certain schemes and strategies if the model had no melee range, whether by being paralyzed or having no attacks (ex. hold up their forces, ply for information, take prisoner, etc.). I would just like to hear some other opinions on this since it matters for the new Seamus build that has been discussed recently.
  2. Just a quick question to make sure that I understand the way start of activation works. At the start of her action, Chiaki can transfer a condition to a friendly Ancestor in range. A model with paralyze condition doesn't generate AP. AP generation occurs after resolving Start of turn effects. It seems to me that she'd transfer it on step 1 and then generate her ap and act as normal, is that correct?
  3. Blessings of the Blood says that "Friendly models which begin their Activation within 6 of this model may discard two cards at the start of their Activation to end all Conditions on them." Does this mean a model can remove Paralyze since this Condition is normally removed at the end of the Activation?
  4. I have a doubt about a model that gets paralyzed during activation. It immediately end activation. But lose also the paralyzed condition or it will be removed at the end of the next activation? In the paralyze condition description say that is removed at the end of the activation, not in the end phase, and I don't understand exactly what it means...
  5. Hi, had an interesting game yesterday. In it we had a situation in wich we weren't sure if we handled it right. So ... A Guild Rifleman spends his first AP walking, his second shooting at Seamus. He Fails his Horrorduel, thus gets paralyzed during its activation - wich therefore imidiatly ends (not too much damage there as all his AP were spend anyways). Later in the same round Lucius takes a Walk and uses "Commanding presence" to force the same Rifleman to try shooting at Seamus again. The Rifleman passes the Horrorduel from Lucius but then fails the one from Seamus (as he didn't pass the Horrorduel from his activation we thought he doesn_t have imunity and needs to test again). Now because he lost the Horrorduel he gets paralyzed "again" but this time it's not during his activation - so he gets the condition wich stays till his next activation (in the next round). ... was that the right way to play it? Thanks in advance
  6. So I paralyzed one of my model with nurse to heal him. When it activates he is close enough to my Scion of Black Blood to use his ability, so I can end a condition on him at the beggining of the activation if I drop 2 cards. So which one will happen? 1: It can use the Scion's ability, removes the paralyzed condition, and generates AP as normal. 2: It can use the Scion's abiility, but he wont generate any AP anyway, since he started his activation with the paralyzed, and now its to late to generate AP. 3: He can't even use the abaility since he is paralyzed. 4: ???? Thanks in advance.
  7. This came up in a game today and we weren't exactly sure what happens. Chiaki The Niece gained the condition paralyzed. Paralyzed was gained before her activation started. Her card states under abilities "Innocence: When this model activates , it may move all Conditions from itself to a friendly Ancestor within 6" and LOS" Page 62 small rulebook states "Paralyzed: A model with the paralyzed condition generates no AP and can declare no actions during it's activation...." so a paralyzed model can activate. **The question is when Chiaki activates can she move paralyzed off herself onto a legal target ancestor? Small rulebook page 33 states "... the activation follows these steps in order: 1) Resolve "activation" effects 2) Generate AP 3) Take actions 4) End Activation" Is Chiaki's innocence ability an "activation" effect and therefore when she activates when paralyzed can she move paralyze from her to a legal target at step 1 of activation and then start step 2 of activation without paralyze and therefore generate AP as normal? Or not? I'm not sure. Any ideas?
  8. Hey Malifolks! A beginner's question. I have Seamus, and he has the "Terrifying" ability. I'm reading the mini-rulebook, and am still confused how this process works. Could someone clarify for me? This is how I understand it so far... "enemy models must pass a TN 12 horror duel..." - which means they use their WP stat, and then flip a card, and add the WP to the flip, and if they hit a 12 or higher, then they PASS the Terrifying and don't suffer any penalties. - If they get an 11 of less, then they become "paralyzed"? Once paralyzed, they would loose any remaining action points, and basically end their activation immediately for the rest of the turn. At the start of the NEXT turn, is paralyzed no longer on that model? Should that model and Seamus still be engaged at the start of the next turn, would the enemy model then have to take another Terrifying check for targeting Seamus with a melee attack? Part 2: Seamus' card/model triggers* "Terrifying" two different ways... 1) if the enemy model ends its walk/charge/double-walk within Seamus' melee range (1") -- this would apply then if the enemy model simply lands within his melee range, regardless if they are targeting Seamus or not right? 2) if Seamus is targeted at all. Which would mean, if an enemy model is shooting or casting a ranged attack on Seamus? *I know it's not an actual "trigger", I just wasn't sure what other word to use.
  9. So, if you want the question skip the story and go the next paragraph, otherwise read on. I was in a game last week with Nicodem Playing against McMourning. I paralyzed him. The following turn I planning to do it to him again, he was in my face and it was best option I felt. Anyway, Opponent says, I can't. You can't paralyze him because he was already paralyzed in the previous turn and since he skips his activation there's no way to get him for the next turn. I personally thought that even though one is paralized, they still have to take an activation even though they must forfit it. He says no, there is No activation so I couldn't do it. The question: when one is paralized, does he have to still take an activation and just forfit the actions or does he not.
  10. An interesting situation arose in a game the other day and I just want to confirm that I have the ruling correctly. Stitched Together activates Spider Swarm Paralyzes Stitched and kills it with the overwhelm trigger Does not die goes off leaving the Stitched in play Stitched gains reactivate as part of does not die Can the stitched be "killed" again to grant it reactivate? I ruled it as no since I remember a thread http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=21036 that stated models gain do not reactivate after the reactive. -Heretic
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