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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, just want to share my finished models here with you. I keep adding finished models and i´m open for your thoughts, criticism etc. Greetings Sphynxy
  2. Hi all, my daughter picked up a Pandora box for me for christmas, so I managed to paint the first model. Loved it, the base it's still an idea. I quite like to leave them empty just with the glow, Creepy! I'll post the rest of the crew when done
  3. Hello to all out there. As i'm new to the wonderful world of Malifaux i'll use this post as a means of introducing myself ^^ I'm Darios over in good old Europe, more exactly Germany. I play tabletops and RPGs for the better half of my life now (as im 26 atm this means 13 years *g*) mostly GW systems (40k/WHFB/BFG/=][=) but i have also a nice collection of the old Rackham minis before they all went "seppuku". Malifaux first came to my attention via a german tabletopmagazine ("Tabletopinsider") for which i at that Time wrote a battlereport featuring my 40k Daemons. I loved the Idea of a really strange skirmisher with no dice and the minis so far were just stunning. But nevertheless focus shifted and Malifaux got somewhat pushed aside (silly me!) Some time later i stumbled again across the minis via net and this time i really intended to get seriosly into it. That was in march this Year. So what did hold me back? Well the finances for a start (having all these geek hobbys and a girlfriend is much to expensive for a poor student like me....) and the serious lack of Malifaux gamers in Germany (Jup. There is nigh on nobody around here as it seems...) was another one. but finally i managed to get a good deal of some second hand stuff namely the old core rulebook, a violet fatedeck and my first Wyrd mini... Pandora in Avatarstate. That was nearly 2 weeks ago. Now i'm sold. i devoured the Rulebook and everything available via pdf and painted Pandora anew... and i did order the small manual and 2 Crews for starters... Pandora, whose playstyle quite fascinates me and who will be my main Master for the beginning, and the Vics along with some Ronin, Taelor and a Convict Gunslinger (to have something to get others to play the game and spread the infection ^^) so now i await the delivery of these minis and hope i manage to get somee of my LGG iinto it. So much for the introductional bubbling... now the pics... C&C welcome!
  4. From the album: Pandora Crew

    Nearly finished, just Candy to do and my 50ss Padora crew is complete
  5. So, I started playing Malifaux not too long ago per the influences of another user here, thaehl. Pandora is my first master. For her crew, I've also picked up a Poltergeist. Here they are if you want to have a look. I'm thinking of making a custom Teddy for the team, too, so I'll have to put that up when I'm done. --EDIT-- August 8th- A polymer Teddy has been made, along with a 50mm base. So far, he has been sculpted, baked, and attached to his base. He shall be painted soon. For the curious few, his teeth are the ends of sewing pins baked into the clay. August 9th- So as of now, my Teddy is all done! He is all painted and ready for play. The only thing that needs to be done is for the glue on his base (my alternative to "Water Effects") to dry. Here are the pictures: Front Back Above I used more washes here per your guys' advices, and I am quite pleased with the result! Thank you all! August 10th- So Teddy is all done now, including his base. The glue finished drying around 10 o'clock last night.
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