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Found 124 results

  1. Kai, I as your rival, challenge you to a 1 vs 1 painting challenge. Starting with Total Testosterone, I will be painting along with our dedicated Wyrdos participating in each painting competition this year. I ask you to meet my challenge and join me in this endeavor; the champion will get bragging rights and the Wyrd Office Championship Belt. Each competition/round will have a winner, picked by community vote right here on the forums! So @Kai, are you brave enough to face me, primer and paintbrush in hand? Make sure you participate yourself! Link
  2. PaintingContests


  3. Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
  4. LadyLorien

    The Dreamer’s Playroom

    Here’s the second crew I completed, and the one that made me fall in love with Malifaux in the first place. Though if I’m honest it’s not my favourite crew to play, it’ll always have a special place in my heart as they’re just so dang cool. That or The Dreamer has some sort of hold over me... I took the idea that he’s some sort of corporeal being as the inspiration, and instead of painting him in Caucasian flesh tones opted for more of a blue-grey colour scheme, using the other creatures to bring vibrant colour back to the crew.
  5. Hello Southern California Malifaux players and hobbyist. I am happy to announce that this upcoming April SoCal will be hosting a painter's league for all those hobbyist out there. What is a painters achievement league you might ask? It is a league designed for those who are into the hobby and want to participate in an achievement system that rewards playing with new and painted models. How the League works: Starting in April you can post photos of Wyrd models or terrain in any state up to 'primed' once approved by a participating Henchman you can then work on that piece to your hearts content. After you feel satisfied with that piece take a photo of you playing a game with the model, (that's kind of the point of it all) and post it to social media and let your Henchman know. The hench will then record your work. To sign up please register at this link: Event Registration On May 1st, when the League concludes your games will be totaled and you will be able to redeem a prize based on the level of participation. (All completed pieces are subject to henchman approval and are not entitled to approval if the Henchman deems the piece abusive to the spirit of the league) Check out the prizes below: Rembrandt Play 5 games with 5 models painted during this league = a set of any Wyrd, Secret Weapon, Micro Arts, Reaper bases under $12.00 Picasso Play 5 games with 10 models painted for a friend during this league= a non crew pox model box of Wyrd miniatures. Michelangelo Play a game(s) with every model in a crew box that you painted during this league = select a Wyrd ALT model (pending availability) Picasso Play with 25 models that you have painted during this league = a crew-box from Wyrd (pending availability) Bob Ross Play on a terrain set that you painted during this league = Alt Lazarus
  6. Hey everyone! I really struggle getting my models painted (I'm more of a gamer than a painter) but I've recently gotten into my painting in a big way, and wanted to share some tips on breaking painter's block with the world. This little vlog is the result, hope you enjoy!
  7. Paul7926

    Painting plan, where to start

    Hi everyone. This is a weird question (pun intended) but hey it's a slow day at work and 'faux players and forum members have been very helpful to this noob in the past so I figure why not. I've stumbled into Ten Thunders after an impulse Tanuki purchase (they are so cool and I got the extra one in the box as well) and picking up a collection from a friend who gave me a price I could not refuse. So I've got a few models, no idea what they do and I'm actually not going to play them immediately as I'm learning the game with Outcasts at the moment. So why the post? Well I'm going to do my best to give these awesome models a decent paint job. There is no pressure to get them on the table so I can take my time and hopefully do them justice. What I need from you devoted TT players is an idea of what to paint. What, out of my collection, goes with what and where should I start putting a 50ss crew together? Now I know that a fixed crew is not how 'faux is played but the idea is to get a base crew done first then add to that once I start playing it and figure out what everything does. The only rules, should you accept this strange challenge, is that it must only be models I have already and it must include the absolutely fabulous Shadow Emissary which is first on the painting list no matter what. What you come up with doesn't have to be tournament killer list just something that fits together on the table. So if you're bored, if you have the inclination and fancy helping me out then build me a list for 50ss. My collection Asami Tanaka Amanjaku Ohaguro Bettari 3 Yokai Shenlong Sensei Yu 2 Peasants 3 Monks of High River The Brewmaster Apprentice Wesley Fingers 3 Moon Shinobi 3 Monks of Low River 2 Katanaka Snipers Izamu, the Armor 4 Tanuki Shadow Emissary Thanks
  8. APPROVED BY PRO-PAINTER. Need a review or 10 ? http://www.redgrassgames.com/reviews.html KICKSTARTER LINK : https://goo.gl/4jcbXr Hi everyone, You buy the best brushes, the best paints and the best miniatures, but when it comes to the palette itself, you have to use kitchen parchment paper or wax paper on a plate. That's why we decided to create the world most advanced wet palette with the first ever reusable membrane and air tight box: It will never dry! At the heart of the Everlasting Wet Palette: The Ultimate membrane with world best moisture control system. Hours of wet painting with optimal moisterization for acrylic paint. Fully reusable with hundreds of painting sessions possible Highly stable on the sponge: does not curl, it’s like glued to it Be the first to know when it launches on Kickstarter in Spring 2017 www.redgrassgames.com or on our https://www.facebook.com/redgrassgames/ Introducing WAVY : The first add-on for the Everlasting Wet palette We are still working hard on our Everlasting Wet Palette. In the meanwhile,here is our first add-on (available during the kickstarter campaign) WAVY Key features : - 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint. - Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY to your Everlasting wet palette - Each "waves" can be used as a brush holder - Lefty and righty friendly Remember to subscribe to our awesome newsletter : http://www.redgrassgames.com/ *Dark Demon miniature Courtesy of Monolith & Stephane Nguyen
  9. Dheekon666

    Painting Gremlins... ;-)

    Got my Gremlins now. I have Wongs Crew, Zipps Crew, McTavish and Burt. I've assembled and undercoated Wong and his Crew and found my paints are mostly knackered, some can be saved though. My question is... Which paints are the best value, good to paint with and give good results. I always used GW paints before but they're not as good value as they used to be and all the colours have changed in the years since I painted before... lol
  10. Extra Life 24 Hours of Gaming Charity Event at Dragon's Lair Houston When: 10am Saturday, December 2nd through 10am Sunday, December 3rd Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Dragon's Lair Website Dragon's Lair Houston is hosting a charity event with Extra Life for Texas Children's Hospital to help the families of sick kids. As part of this event, there will be a handful of Malifaux events including: Malifaux Demos: 10a- 4p If you've never tried out Malifaux before, now is the perfect chance to learn! Come out to try out this great game! Enforcer Brawl Tournament: 4p - 6p Never played Malifaux before? That's ok! In this crazy, quick to play format you control a single model in a everyone for themselves brawl to see who is the champion! Bring your own models, or if you don't have any, anything you need can be provided for you! $5 entry fee goes to the Charity drive and the overall winner will receive a special edition crew! (other prizes will be determined based on number of entrants) Hobby and Painting Demos and Personal Instruction: all day as time permits Whether you are new to miniatures games or and old hand looking to learn some new tricks, come on by to learn something new! Doug, the local henchman, will have his hobby and painting gear with him to help teach you to level up your hobby game! (please provide your own miniatures and paints) Donations accepted to help out with Charity drive! Malifaux Open Play: 6p – 10a Come get a game of Malifaux in!
  11. Guest


  12. At the largest hobby convention in Russia we announce two big painting contests. First one is the Mint Dragon (https://www.facebook.com/mintdragonpainting/), and the second, which is more important for Wyrd fans is La Bande En Parade La Bande en Parade (Crew on Parade) Wyrd painting contest will be held on September 2nd and 3rd 2017 at the “Shtuka” convention at the Central House of Artists in Moscow city center. Wyrd painting contest will be a part of the “Mint Dragon”, the largest painting contest in Russia. The Contest consists of three categories. Each participant may subscribe only one work per each category. All the models must be manufactured by Wyrd Miniatures. All the conversions should consist by ⅔ of original Wyrd model. The participants are divided into two tiers during the registration process. These two tiers are Painters and Gamers. Each participant indicates which tier he would like to go to. Professional painters, members of painting studios and all those who took prize places at the miniatures contests or at the online contests by Wyrd — must sign up to the Painters tier. Categories: 1. Crew on Parade The Crew should be hired according the M2E Rules Manual. Crew size should be from 35 up to 50 Soulstones. Crew must have a Master (Wrath counts as a Master as well). The crew must have a shared base. 2. Enforcer Brawl In this category you can sign up any Enforcer model that eligible for Enforcer Brawl format. 3. Henchman Hardcore In this category you may sign up a Crew hired according the Henchman Hardcore tournament rules. Crew must consist of a leader (Henchman) and another three miniatures, no more no less. The cost of these three miniatures must not be more than 20 Soulstones. All the miniatures must fit Malifaux rules in terms of the appearance and base size, this will be controlled by Judges. Crews from the 1st and 3rd category must be represented on a common base. It can be a simple wooden base or a fully adorned diorama, but in the latter case please remember that the Judges will look mostly at the miniatures. Prize places: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category of each tier. Best of faction (one prize per faction) Best of Parade
  13. Hi All, I'll be posting WIP and finished crews revolving the Ten Thunders faction, and hopefully get some helpful tips and tricks from the more experienced painters out there. As an introductory, and something that will be the main focus for a week or two, I'll be posting my progress for Lucas McCabe's crew, the Relic Hunters. Just primed the whole crew white, and started on the flesh base for them. Almost done Dismounted McCabe, and its mostly just the basing for him. I'm liking painting Heroic scale, much less constrained by the tiny details of 25mils. (EDIT: Didn't even noticed he had a blotch on his chin. Fixed it!)
  14. Doublc

    Doublc's Art Box

    This is my very first forum thread on any game I have ever played, so we'll Malifaux has sparked some new in me. So this is where I'll post my painted models and other Malifaux related art.
  15. I will keep updating this thread with my work as it gets done. Here are some finished models to get things started. You can also see updates on my Malifaux painting blog: http://gray2color.blogspot.com/ The good Dr. Grimwell Mr. Mercury (Performer) The damaged but deadly Phiona Gage! The Latigo Crew Box The Sonnia Criid crew box Stay tuned for updates!
  16. So I haven't painted in so long that I feel like I've forgotten how to....I know there are plenty of tutorials on techniques out there, but I was wondering - any step-by-step tutorials or blogs on painting Malifaux minis out there? I know there are heaps on some of the bigger/older systems, but any on Malifaux? Just to get a real idea on how a look was achieved. Unfortunately I have Vallejo Game Colour - the colours are a bit too garish for my liking for malifaux. I think all the best work tends to be muted colours, but I'm not buying a stack of new paints for that, so I'll need to search through the painting forum for pics of minis I like with garish colours
  17. SteampunkCake

    SteampunkCake's mixing bowl

    Hey, thought I'd post some pictures of stuff I've been working on and also can serve as my commission portfolio. So to start things off, I painted up the new death marshals today for my tara crew, they're a mid range paint job with 3-4 highlights on each model. I'm tempted to try and do some source lighting on them, but not sure how to go about doing it. I don't have access to an airbrush and i'm not a fan of the watering down method. not sure about drybrushing it on, although i find that tends to be the best result for a smooth transition of light. Let me know what you guys think and I'll upload some more things when they're done. SK
  18. BrotherItchy

    An odd question.....

    I know very little about the game of Malifaux itself, having never played it. The aesthetic of the game is absolutely amazing though. I'm very much a novice hobbyist/painter but I think I'd like to try my hand at some Malifaux models. Which 4-5 models could be considered "easier" in terms of building and painting and so could be good for a beginner hobbyist. Faction isn't so much a concern yet. Thank you in advance for any input.
  19. case.card

    Dark Debts Project Thread

    Hi all! My wife and I are just getting back into Malifaux after a long hiatus. After diving through our collection we discovered quite a few of the new plastic kits we never really got around to doing anything with. In particular, one set had a certain brilliance that called to me from it's foam tray... Dark Debts! After a glut of terrain bashing, it's time to finally get Mr Lynch ready to rock! I've always been a bit nutty about painting for skirmish games- especially Malifaux! In particular, I feel like it's so important to really make the rich background of the characters shine through! Dark Debts is a fantastic opportunity to get back into the swing of storytelling with models. Mr Lynch and crew have a dark (heh) background that really gets told through each piece. I started with basing the models, and after a *lot* of reading felt pretty comfortable with the story of Lynch and the Hungering Darkness. Below you'll find pics of the crew standing proud on their new bases. I'm hoping to have everything painted up over the next couple weeks, and I'll drop in new photos as we go along. *****As a note, the ideas aren't entirely original! Google Image Search was incredibly helpful in providing inspiration. Something I've always loved about the miniatures community over "fine art" is everyone's willingness to share and teach!
  20. Hi Folks, Am fairly new to Malifaux and am loving the models. I want to have a crew that looks half decent when I play (I am not the most gifted painter...) as I have a habit of buying stuff faster then I paint it. I have got on fine with the clothing layers but was wondering if anybody has any tips for painting swords? I use citadel paints thanks in advance
  21. victoriangirl

    HighRez Painting

    About two month ago was my last note about lowrez painting, and now I have some more better photos of my Malifaux miniatures. I'm not painting as fast as I'm translating for Russian MalifauxWiki. however I have some new in this gallery - footed McCabe, Master Queeg, Malifaux Child. Also I was taking part in coloring competition of Taelor. and made my first digital art with graphic tablet.
  22. maddan12

    Painting dayglow models

    Hello everyone, I've recently acquired a dayglow Kirai set, I'm just wondering if anyone else has painted up some day glow minis? I'm thinking on inking a fair few of them, specifically the spirits. and then part painting the "human" models like Kirai and Lost lover. but leaving parts unpainted and just inked. So a few specific questions; 1) Do you have to undercoat the day glows before painting. 2) if you do have to undercoat I'm assuming either liquid mask or hand undercoating. 3) any pictures of what anyones done?
  23. Hello! During the Scale Model Challenge (http://www.scalemodelchallenge.com , October 1 and 2) I will give demo's on the second day. Feel free to stop by to have a chat, play a game or just to take a look. I will be there the whole day (10.00 - 16.00). Besides demo's the event features some great painters so there is lot's to do and look at. Make sure you don't miss it! Location: NH Eindhoven Conference Centre `Koningshof` Locht 117 5504 RM Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) The Netherlands Entrence fee to the event: €7,- I hope to see you there!