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Found 3 results

  1. Dear dead Diary, Day #1: Today I've bought my first Malifaux core box. Someone else was a bit quicker and snatched the cheaper M2E Seamus box, so a different master it shall be for now. All the good advice in my forum threads won't be for nought though, they just will come handy later. I've settled for von Schtook instead, looks like a good start for newbies. To me it's at least funny to play a crew lead by a professor and his undead staff/students. That's like my everyday life. Also bought a box of Necropunks. Someone should advice Wyrd on German language though. Or declare the Prof. a Brit. Day #2-3: I've assembled all models and created their bases. Switched to "normal" lipped bases, I like Wyrd's lower ones, but just in case I'm going to used sculpted bases one day, I don't want them to look differently. But for now I create the basing myself. Don't want to overload their bases, as fancy as this can look, for gaming miniatures I think it's important to focus on the models themselves. Step 1: cast stony sheets with rough surface out of dental plaster (forgot to add glue, guess I'll have to live with the material being a bit brittle) Step 2: graveyard decoration always works for undead, so I sculpt a few small gravestone out of milliput Step 3: decide to glue single prepared pavement stones, works well but will switch to sculpting the pavement directly on the base in the future again Step 4: add sand and pin models to the base WIP PICTURES: Step 5, filling the few gaps the models have, is still pending. But my friend, future opponent and also a beginner, still has to fully assembled his crew. So no need to rush. The painting scheme is already planned, as I like to use gaming models to train myself in new or rarely used techniques, I'll combine underpainting and sketch style for my Ressers crew. Main colours will be cold tones from blue to green. In miniature painting you can't avoid to also use warm tones if you want realistic colour choices and e.g. brown you can rarely avoid. Instead I'll desaturate those to lessen their optical impact. As I plan to use strong shadows, the blending to the zenithal highlights will be a challenge though, especially on such slim models. Sidenote for you, Diary, I could have written in multiple different books, but collecting painting, battle reports and general rumblings in one place is much easier to handle. I think you're the best place for that. See you soon sweet dead Diary.
  2. Made some progress on a couple of models as I watched Toni take on Levi the other night.
  3. Hello, greetings! You made it through the title! Long time lurker, first time topic starter. I've been thinking about this painting blog since Youko was revealed in the M3e beta. I've got a few project blogs scattered around the internet from when I was heavily in to [REDACTED], but even though I'm a long time Malifaux fanatic and complete convert this is my first cohesive painting blog for Wyrd stuff. This will be pretty comprehensive and be the base from which I keep track of the project on Instagram and Facebook, and will probably be interrupted at random by other painting stuff. Enjoy! A LITTLE ABOUT ME Started playing and painting [REDACTED] in 1993. I have won a few painting prizes. Began Malifaux in 1.5 with Raspy, played through 2e. Crews built: Rasputina Lynch Viks Brewmaster Kirai That list USED to be less of a hot mess, but they took my Brewy away from TT Unbuilt stuff: Well, see for yourself: Seems fine. I can quit whenever I want.
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