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Found 7 results

  1. What do pumpkins, witches, zombies, and blood-curdling screams have in common? Well they are all things that usher in the Halloween season! As Harvest and Halloween approach that also means it is time for another Rotten Harvest Painting Competition! Round about the paint pot go. On the palette throw Royal blue and blood red. Thirty-seven Days of Dread; Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and paint pot bubble. Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from October 1st up till midnight EST (GMT -5) on November 2nd, 2015. Submissions after the cutoff date will not be accepted, no exceptions. Your entry will not be visible until voting starts. If you need to make a change upload the image again and inform Brian Gresham via PM on the Wyrd forum to remove the old file. We will take two days to sort the entries (Nov. 2-3) then open the voting polls on November 4th. The voting will remain open until midnight EST (MGT -5) on November 11th. The winner in each category will be decided by whichever entry receives the most votes. Every forum member has 1 vote per category. In the case of a tie, Wyrd will have an internal vote to decide the winner. For complete Wyrd painting competition rules, please see attached file. Overall Prizes The three prizes below are available once and will be selected from all of the contest category entries. Best in Show The best overall model in the contest: prize is $100USD gift voucher to the Wyrd online webstore on top of any other prizes or categories you may win. Best Base or Diorama The model that we feel tells the best story: prize is $50USD gift voucher to the Wyrd online webstore on top of any other prizes or categories you may win. Best of Wyrd Prize for the best Wyrd Miniatures entry (chosen by Wyrd staff): prize is a $100USD gift voucher to the Wyrd online webstore on top of any other prizes or categories you may win. Categories Each theme will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Each will be a gift voucher to the Wyrd online webstore for $75, $50, and $25 respectively (all in USD). WITCHES AND WARLOCKS Spellcasters of all sorts. If they carry a wand, cast a spell or even have a hint of mysticism to them, this is the category for them. NOT QUITE DEAD YET Stumbling around after all the major organ functions have shut down? Have a beef with the living? This category is for the Undead, or as they like to be called the 'Living Impaired'. THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT Creatures, critters, monsters and other things that have a tendency towards anti-social behavior and prowl the night looking for victims. Caution, here be Monsters! TRICK OR TREAT This is our catch-all category as there are some miniatures that are just right for the theme but just don't seem to fall into any other category. Zombie Hunters, pumpkin characters, and certainly several miniatures we never would have even contemplated. A HERO'S DEMISE (Diorama Event) Everyone loves a diorama of a hero fighting for his life! But whether a poor fighter, overwhelmingly outmatched, or just plain unlucky, these heroes didn’t make it…. RulesRottenHarvest.pdf
  2. Hey all players in the Memphis Metro Area, Mid-South Hobbies and Games is now carrying Wyrd products in their store, making them the only place to buy Wyrd in our area. To celebrate this, and get new folks into Malifaux in Memphis, we are running a Box set painting contest. Here's the particulars: 1.Pick your favorite box set and give it your best ever paint job. The shelves are now freshly stocked at your local game store: Mid-South Hobbies and Games 5130 Old Summer Rd. Memphis, Tn, 38122 and if its not in stock they can order it fast. 2. Drop your entry off at the store between Feb. 8th and Feb. 15th to be entered. 3. On Feb. 16th our judges will select the best entry to receive a $35 gift certificate to be used on anything in the store. So come on out and have some fun, while helping us to build Malifaux in Memphis!
  3. The Louisville Game Shop will be hosting a 5 week achievement league and painting competition from 1/26/2013-2/23/2013. The league is designed to be fun and challenging for players of all experience levels and will be a great way to learn the game for new players. The cost is free, but we have plenty of prize support. Models must be painted during the League in order to entered into the painting contest. I've attached the info sheet and achievements. Please PM me with any questions. Malifaux Achievement league Jan 26 thru Feb 23..doc
  4. I will be hosting a Halloween Story Encounter Tournament at the Hobby Town in Fort Collins, CO. This will be a 31 soulstone event, starting at 10:30AM. Single faction. $10 entry fee. I will also be hosting a single model painting competition alongside. Just bring any Wyrd mini that you have painted and did not enter in my last single mini event. This does not have to be a model from your chosen faction. Anything Wyrd goes.
  5. You say howdy I say Hi Zane from BTP here, also known as Escaped, LittleChicago, HoneySmacks etc. I am hosting an in-house Malifuax painting competition for some of our artists here in Spanish Fork Utah. This is my first official event as a Henchman! I will update this thread when I have a link to the vids and photos of the competition... I REALLY want to start runing more events soon. Anyone here in Utah? Are you interested in doing a Batrep or competing in a painting competition? Let me know! Thanks... Lets keep it Wyrd. -Escaped
  6. Hey all I am running a Malifaux Painting competition on Dakka to try and raise a little more interest in the hobby on the site and see some pretty epic models. I have some guest judges who have offered to help do the final judging so anybody is welcome to participate in the competition! The Link to the rules and board is right here - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/455806.page Thanks Again and happy painting Cutthroatcure
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