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Found 6 results

  1. Hola a todos, he comenzado la campaña de Obsidian Gate por Vassal, pero tengo la intención de trasladarla a roll20 y seguir adelante. Como hemos apenas comenzado, debido a que hacía falta explicar un poco las reglas y éramos todos novatos, hay oportunidad de unirse. Habría disponible en principio 2 plazas, aunque es posible que se amplíe a 4 dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los primeros jugadores. Si alguno estaría interesado en unirse a la campaña, lo hablamos por aquí. El horario de las partidas es los viernes de 22:00 hora peninsular española. Saludos, Raúl
  2. I contacted Wyrd regarding this but is yet to receive a response, so was hoping the forums can give me an answer. Jaakuna Ubume was listed under the June releases, but I have been unable to find any online stores that have her in stock, she is still listed as a pre-order on miniaturemarket, and she isn't available at all on the Wyrd store. When will we be able to purchase her ?
  3. I absolutely flippin love Through the Breach. It's by far the best RP book and setting I've read and have become obsessed with since Dream Pod 9's Tribe 8. However, since I work out in the middle of nowhere Texas and live on site with no one around but my one coworker, I heavily rely on the internet for communication and playing games. I've used Roll20.net in the past and love it but, I feel like it's shines brightest when at least playing with voice chat. Their system would work great with TTB considering the advancements they've made with their card deck system so, if anyone is looking to play online, definitely take a look there! However, I'm more-so looking for a way to play via a forum or through email, considering I'm on a limited data connection (5gb of 4g a month can go quick!) and I'm having a hard time imagining how that'd work considering the card flipping mechanics. There are sites out there with built in die rollers but, I haven't seen anything for a card deck before... Does anyone have an idea how this might work? Wyrd, you guys are incredibly supportive of the community, maybe someone could program a sub-page with a built in fate and a few twist decks? Maybe someone could modify the Malifaux Vassal Module allowing for say, 8 players, each with their own deck (to create their twist decks from), and maybe built in character sheets!
  4. Hey everyone, Running another online painting contest. More information can be found at the link below. It is open world wide & there is no entry fee. http://www.reddit.com/r/Malifaux/comments/239psi/spring_painting_contest/
  5. I've been playing around on Vassal for the last few weeks and have found that, despite the ability to flag on the server that you're looking for a game, it's not always easy to find someone to play. Similarly, you know you're going to want to play a game later but haven't pre-arranged one. To this end I thought it might be good to start a thread where people could put up that they're after a game and the time that they're looking to play, maybe the size of game and any specifics for that game. e.g. 'Thursday evening from 8pm GMT, 25ss, Any core encounter' or 'Sunday afternoon 1-4, GMT-8, 35ss, League game' note. as the forum clock is standardised to EST putting your timezone should lessen confusion from 'this evening' or 'Saturday morning' posts. LupusFerreus' thread with Skype details, Vassal handles and a handy timezone map can be found here and makes playing games online easier in my experience. Hopefully this will mean we can all get more games in and should help with the upcoming Vassal league organised by Tharen, signup for which can be found here ---------- Post added at 07:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:19 AM ---------- So to kick things off. I'm after a game later today. Tuesday evening from 7pm GMT, 35ss
  6. Hey all I am running a Malifaux Painting competition on Dakka to try and raise a little more interest in the hobby on the site and see some pretty epic models. I have some guest judges who have offered to help do the final judging so anybody is welcome to participate in the competition! The Link to the rules and board is right here - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/455806.page Thanks Again and happy painting Cutthroatcure
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