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Found 1 result

  1. I already informed my normal Malifaux players about this event last week, but I forgot to post it here. Sorry about that. It is largely a wrap up event for our Shifting Loyalties campaign so I doubt anyone outside the campaign will be interested in it, but nevertheless, my apologies for the late posting. Welcome to Malifaux Wrap-Up Event: Fool’s Soulstones! Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Saturday April 1st Starts at 6:00pm goes to Close (though we will likely be done by 10pm) Registration Show up at the store Saturday ready to play before 6pm or contact Dan Lesko on the Wyrd Forum or via PM ResserProfessor or Twitter @ResserProfessor for more information. No Entry Fee: Free to Play! Every player will need a 20 Soul Stone Henchman lead crew with 4-5 models in it and an Enforcer model with a single upgrade card (plus any Campaign upgrades from our campaign at Otherside Games) that can legally be attached to it. Finally a single 50 Soul Stone Master lead crew. For each of these crews, the campaign upgrades may also be used, but in each instance, you must then also equip any injuries that have been sustained during the campaign for the whole crew. Construction Material will be converted into bonus VP at the start of the tournament in the following way: every 10 CM will be worth 1 VP, rounding up (in extreme fashion). If you have 1 CM that will round to 1 VP. If you have 11 CM, that’s worth 2, and so on. The goal of this is to make sure your CM is worth something for the match besides the bonuses from the campaign itself. Players who played well and often gain a small bonus but do not auto win by any means. Schedule/Event/Tourney Structure Please note this is NOT a competitive event, but rather a fun one, so I hesitate to call it a “tournament.” Consider it more of an event with a fun mechanic tied into the gift exchange at the end. At approximately 6pm Round 1 will begin. Round 1: Enforcer Pit Fight! -NO Summoning! -Each player brings a SINGLE Enforcer model with ONE upgrade that could be attached to that Enforcer model (hence Arcanist models can only have Arcanist upgrades, and you cannot attach Leader only upgrades or any shenanigans like that). The Enforcer can also have any and all Campaign upgrades that were earned during our Campaigned equipped, but must also then attach any Injuries taken as well. Deployment: RANDOM! First every player will flip to see who deploys first: highest card goes first, then second highest, and so on. Re-flip ties. To deploy at the start of the game you must setup within 8” of any table edge but not within 8” of an enemy model. Once everyone is deployed, start turn ONE! Turns: Played until ONE Enforcer remains! Each turn, players draw a hand of 3 cards instead of the normal 6. Then flip for initiative. The Winner goes first, then play proceeds clockwise from there. If a model is killed, that player is done with the Enforcer Pit Fight and should prepare for Round 2! A Note on Buried Models: If your model should become buried, instead count the model as being killed (unless if the model has a way to unbury, at which point you must attempt to unbury at the next available moment. If not unburied by the end of the game, that model is counted as killed and considered killed at the time that he/she was originally buried). Scoring! Sweet Murder (Killing/Sacrificing an Enemy Model): 3 VP First Blood (inflicting the First Wound of damage on a model): 1 VP -NOTE: First Blood can be gotten multiple times on the same model if the model healed and you hit it again. Also, First Blood can stack with Killing the model, so if you charge a full health Enforcer and manage to kill it, that’s 4 VP!!! Kiss of Death (your own model dies or is sacrificed): - 3VP NOTE: it is possible to have a negative score. WINNING the Enforcer Brawl: The Last Enforcer standing wins the Pit Fight! Keep track of when your model is killed as the order will determine pairings for Round 2! Please report all VP scores to Dan. Round 2: Henchman Hardcore 20 Soulstone Crews which must be led by a Henchman -Absolutely NO Summoning allowed! -Crews must contain exactly 4 models (including Henchman) -Henchman is of course free (though you must pay for upgrades cards as normal) -The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. -Strategy is Turf War (from Rulebook!). -The ONLY Scheme is Assassinate (from Rulebook!). After game, report VP score to Dan. With any luck, at approximately 9 p.m. Round 3 (the final round) will begin. Round 3: The Event A strange and sinister energy surges through Malifaux, electrifying the air, not to mention your Crews! 50 Soulstone crews, led by a Master Every player gains their Avatar upgrade for their Master for this game and must choose how to Manifest the Avatar as well before the game begins. Strategy: Collect the Bounty Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Undercover Entourage, Last Stand, Frame for Murder, and Dig their Graves Report VP scores to Dan. May the best Avatar win! Malifaux Demos –April 2017 Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Saturdays 1pm to Close No previous experience, game knowledge, or materials necessary. Everything can be provided. Just show up and have some fun. I am at Otherside Games every Saturday from 1 to Close, and I always have my Malifaux crews and am ready to give a demo of this fun and exciting skirmish game. I am also often up at Otherside Games Thursday nights from 6p.m. until Close if that night works best for you. Hit me up on the forum ResserProfessor or on Twitter @ResserProfessor or just show up ready and look for ask for Dan.
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