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Found 3 results

  1. So the wording on ever changing form isn't as clear as it seems. It is worded: "A single model may only be targeted by "ever changing form" once per turn. Because of this extra word it becomes unclear and I can see a RAW vs RAI argument. A) Because it specifies that a single model it means that whatever model you target with ever changing form is the only model that can be targeted by ever changing for until the end of the turn. B ) A model may be targeted by "ever changing form" once per turn. We know that "once per turn" is a subordinating clause (thank you highschool English) so we can put it at the front of the sentence as well. "Once per turn, a single model may only be targeted by "ever changing form". This makes it seem more like case A if you really want to play a RAW lawyer. Single specifies a model for some reason. Without the word Single this would be much clearer. Maybe it's just late and i've read the sentence too many times and i'm being stupid but.... I know that is is going to be semantics but as it currently stands can someone please explain why it is A or B without any grey area thanks to English grammar?
  2. Hello all, I am reading Master Queeg's tactical action , "Welcome to Hell, and I am your Devil" or (WTH) Until the end of term, friendly models within 6 may take (1) Interact Actuons as a (0) instead. This action may only be taken once per Turn. Reads straightforward except for the last sentence, seems unnecessary. If the aura last "until and of tern" why would you need to cast it again? I could understand if instead of an aura it was a condition that was given to all models within 6", something to the effect of: Until the end of term, friendly models within 6" gain the condition, "Hellbent" and may take (1) Interact Actuons as a (0) instead. This action may only be taken once per Turn. Then I would understand limiting this action to once per turn. But because it's an aura that lasts until end of turn then as long as a friendly model starts or walks within 6" they may take a (1) Interact Action as a (0). Correct me if I'm wrong here but it also does not limit this to just one friendly model. Due to the wording, "models", "actuons" plural. Is there something I am missing? I might be overlooking something that requires this to keep horably broken mechanics valences or I might be interpreting the WTH action incorrectly. Would love your thoughts. cheers
  3. When an action or trigger specifies once per turn, and does not specify a model, can it only be performed once per turn with your whole crew, even if another model uses it? The specific situation was the Malifaux Child using Just Like You! to copy Kaeris' Flaming Halo attack. Flaming Halo has the following trigger: My opponent wondered if declaring this trigger with the Malifaux Child's action meant Kaeris would not be able to declare the same trigger later in the turn. On other models which have similar once per turn restrictions, it is usually phrased as "This model may only declare X once per turn. In the case when models in opposing crews have the same ability, does one crew using it mean it cannot be declared by the opposing crew? For example, Seamus' .50 Flintlock has the same "once per turn" restriction, so strictly the in a mirror matchup the first Seamus to shoot his pistol would expend the action for the round, denying the other from using it.
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