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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've been facing my brother's Dreamer alot lately, and ofcourse he's been using the Stitched's Creeping Fog. Now the question I want to ask is: How does it work? At first it was assumed that it acts as a "terrain piece" with the AOE of a 4" aura around the Stitched. But then I started to read the rules of Obscuring and Aura, and I don't think that is the case. An Aura affects all models (friend or foe) within the "area of effect", and those models are affected by the effects of the ability; In this case "HT5 Obscuring". Obscuring gives Soft Cover and that you can only see 3" in, out or through, or above if you are higher. The ability also points out that the Stitched also is affected by the Aura. Nowhere can I see that it acts like for example Lillith's Illusionary Forest. Instead it just makes all the models in the 4" aura act as Ht5 and gives them Soft Cover (from being obscured). Please, can you show me where/why it acts like a "piece of obscuring terrain". Thanks in advance, Best Regards AngelSanguine
  2. Still new to Malifaux. Loving the game and the rulebook reads so well. The one area I seem to have questions about is the Line of Sight rules on good old page 15. I feel like I understand them, but questions keep coming up. So, here we go. 1. Under determining LoS (second bullet point) it states that the target must be within 1 inch of intervening terrain to claim cover. So I take this to mean that: 2 Targets are 6 inches apart. There is a Ht 1 fence with the blocking trait directly between them, 3 inches away from both. Neither model can draw a line to the other that does not cross the wall. So if one fires at the other the LoS is Obstructed, but the target does not receive cover. Is that correct? 2. Under the Blocking trait (third bullet point) it states if a model is within 1" of the intervening terrain it cancels the target's cover. This makes sense if both models are within 1 inch of the fence mentioned above. They are shooting over the fence at each other and the fence is basically out of their sight. OK, that's fine. But what if there is a Ht 1 hill that is 6 inches long. The model is at one end of the hill and the target is over 6 inches away at the other end. Both are 1 inch from the hills base. Does the target really lose cover at that distance just because the shooting model is 1 inch from the base? I think that's all for now.
  3. Hi there! I was wondering how to treat obscuring terrain/effect at exactly 3". The rules manual states that if the line to a target needs to cross more than 3" of obscuring the target is out of LoS, if its less than 3" the target is in LoS. What about 3" exactly? This comes upp if Rasputina casts "White Out", she then has exactly 3" of obscuring effect around her, can she see out?(consequently letting others see her) This may just be a translation issue, but I doubt it since the phrase "up to and including" exists.
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