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Found 2 results

  1. I'm reading through the system in preparation for a game and there is one thing I cant figure out. How do you actually go about killing someone? Aside from specific triggers which instantly kill, the only way I have found is to coup de grace, build up 10 bleeding out, or amputate their body or head. Given that most strong enemies are immune to unconsciousness and constructs are immune to bleeding out, is the only way to kill a strong construct to stack wounds on it until you get an amputate on the body or head? I feel like I have missed something key to the system, as this seems to make most enemies ludicrously bulky compared to fated characters
  2. Hi all! I've just started getting into this system and I am incredibly excited to try it out, as it appears to be unique and engaging! However, there is one small question that bothered me a little bit : how do you associate suits to skills? In other words, is there a way for example for a Fated to get an enchanting skill of 2? I ask because on page 286 of the core rulebook it appears as though this is hinted at under the declaring triggers section, but I am unable to find a reference to how a Fated might go about getting a suit attached to a skill. Thanks in advance!
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