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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! So it has been pretty lots of time since gg18 was released and we get lots of nerfs of last eratas and get no love instead. So i think we need to be a little more vocal to be heard and discus our worst models and get some attention to them. Let me start: - dead Lenny. General governor in a book 5 he became the worst our "high-cost model" and just a useless 9 soulstones that cant offet anything for his price. - Pigapult. with gg18 and stuffed piglets cuddle (it was funny to play it in gg17, not to competetive but fun) it become nearly useless in gg18 and have near 0 uses (yeah, it can be taken for ours, but is it worth it). - lovely assistant. near the worst totem in our faction. look how good are old cranky or student of conflict and look at her. you cant watch at her without tears in your eyes. - McTawish. Yes, it costs 12 for other factions, but realy 11 stones for him in gremlins? i think its very NOT cool. - roosters. so just a dead pieces on a shelf. after a killing model with cuddles may be it need some love? i dont think that its fair that one day your nice model can become complete junk. - bushwhakers. yes, they become cheaper but i dont think their main problem was cost. selfhurting trigger and poor damage track cant be removed just making model cost less. - glutonny. #1 useles model. i can unedrstand if he can cost 4-5ss and be played at scheme-heavy pools, but 8ss for...nothing? - overall squishiness of most of our 7ss+ models. GG18 bring to all factions more firepower and killing stuff and on this killing-oriented year its very uncomfortable to die of random attack actions that hit your model with min 6. - brewmaster. i dont realy belive that new 3 models will change the current state. can you name some masters that are feeling worse nowdays? - ITS ONLY MY IMO: in gg 18 we are loosing the world firepower race. yeah, mah and ophelia got 3 nice upgrades but i have feeling that we got no love nowdays and moving to road of the fun and uncompetetive faction. im looking on amazing models and upgrades that other fractions get and on flying piglets or Sommer upgrades, back to the brilliant models and then on brewmaster. and it becomes sad for me. So im calling you not for a revolt but for a discussion and being more vocal - lets discuss our bad, unplayable, cuddled, overcosted models and masters and lend our ideas. If not us - who will talk about this?
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