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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all New player interested in Malifaux, I was thinking of buying two crews and play against my bro for learning experience. I was thinking of getting Sonia Criid crew for my self but dont know what would make a good match against her. Thanks for your time Andrey
  2. Hi Malifauxians, I'm really looking forward to finally getting into this game. I think it's the art style and complimentary cross genres that really caught my attention at first, as well as being able to field smaller crews rather than having to amass a huge army that I just don't have the time to assemble and paint. The idea of a small amount of individual models playing in a skirmish environment really appeals to me. That said I have found it all a bit confusing, let me try and explain as I think it's a strange (wyrd?) time to be getting into this game. Originally I loved the idea of getting Collodi, I always liked the Puppet Master films, and his story is both harrowing and tragic - great fluff! But he was a henchman and not a master, now with a bit of further reading on him I saw he was/is becoming a master and will have a new model out in future. This made me hesitate as the game was going through changes - the last thing I wanted to do was to spend money/time on models that were going to be superseded soon, so I left it for a while and occasionally nipped back to see how things were going heading towards 2nd edition. I frequently visited Pull My Finger and these Forums to get advice on what goes with what and what works well etc, the main stumbling block was that most of the other Crews I looked at had certain models recommended that just weren't available "If you're going to play Dreamer you should really take Insidious Madness (no longer available)" or "Perdita's Crew is good to start with and its even better with Pistolero's (not available) and Abuela (not available)". I totally understand the game is going through an overhaul at the moment and all the old metals have been discontinued, but if new boxes come out I'd love to see those additional models come out with the main Crews at the same time, it just makes it a bit simpler for a new player to get their head around. There is a club not to far from where I live that plays Malifaux so I'm lucky knowing there is a community of players that already exist locally. Because of this I decided to get The Latigo Posse, Of Metal and Flesh and Executioners as I thought this would give me a good base to start with and learn the game. Mixing the Wild West and Steampunk sounds amazing and I'm already trying to figure out how I can make a gaming board with a working Train Set! So if anyone has any tips please let me know and thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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