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Found 12 results

  1. hello. I just posted (in a wrong forum) that my masters of the path (yan Lo) was missing his card about his paths but I want to make sure that I'm not missing anything else. This is what I got. 1 sheet of miniature parts 6 Character Sheets (Not including the path card or any other card) and 6 bases as shown in this pic (sorry is photobucket since it is too large): http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y481/bliciant/IMG_0776_zps1faebb74.jpg and I was thinking about the bases don't the minis come with a bar that is inserted in that hole in the middle of the bases? and Lastly why chiaki, the niece want to make undead models human?
  2. Main selling point - Steampunk Spiders! I need pointers to get started with a reasonable chance of success. First purchase: I've bought the Ramos Box set, an extra blister of arachnids, a Gunsmith and an electrical creation. I took the Gunsmith to add some much needed range to the list but otherwise have no idea what I'm doing yet. Questions: What should I be getting in addition to the above? A totem? Should I swap the Steamborg for a Large Steampunk Arachnid or two? Should I bring in more M&SU folks? Opinions and reasoning behind the opinion is much appreciated. -Dave
  3. Hi, I've been looking at getting into Malifaux for a while now, but just never got round to it for one reason or another (money/life getting in the way etc). But now I have backed the Evil Baby Orphanage KickStarter and have a the bonus minis from that on the way - so now I have no excuse not to give it a go! Does anybody have any advice about the different ways that these models could be used in the same crew, and which way might be best for someone new to the game? Also what else would I need to buy to allow me to get started? Thanks very much in advance for any help!
  4. The Action allows 1 friendly Belle within 6" of Seamus to activate after this models activation ends. My question is can I use this 'Action' to activate a model that's already been activated previously? I'm presuming not...but I've been wrong before, lol.
  5. I tend to play table-top games with a competitive mindset but my Malifaux choices have been based more around models that I like. I would therefore like to keep my Seamus crew in keeping with the 'Harem of Dead whores' theme that his background seems to indicate. Can I keep to this theme and still have a competitive army or will I be forced to compromise in order to have any success? I currently have the following models, Seamus the Mad Hatter, Madam Sybelle, 3x Rotten Belles, The Copycat Killer (Totem). I have also ordered the following items from my local Hobby store that should be arriving Tuesday... Molly Squidpidgge, 2x Dead Doxies, and 1 Performer and Mannequin that I'll be turning the Performer half of into a 4th Rotten Belle. ...all of which fit the theme nicely (imo). I'm learning the game via a campaign organised by a few players at my local store starting next week and would like a fighting chance or at the very least not to be brutally kerb stomped into submission in 5 minutes, lol. The starting games have a 25 soulstones limit so I need to fit into that scale. I can probably get the order changed to include Molly's starter set rather than just the individual model if that will help. I eagerly await your sage advice ;-)
  6. My friend and I finally got our first match in, with another first timer referencing the manual in a frenzy for basic game rules. Before going onto the match, a question came up during the match that we wanted to resolve. My Guardian was basically stuck in between two enemy models. It was in the 2-inch melee range of a flesh construct (base-to-base contact). The other enemy model, Sebastian, was 2 inches away. Flesh construct has a melee range of 2" but Sebastian only 1". If I physically move 1 inch to melee Sebastian BUT STILL STAY WITHIN the flesh construct's 2-inch melee range, do I trigger a disengaging strike from the flesh construct, despite the fact that I am just moving WITHIN his 2-inch melee range (even if it is away from him)? (Note: once I moved away from him, I could no longer melee Flesh Construct because my Guardian only has a melee range of 1".) Technically speaking, I don't believe it does. However, my friends believe that in the spirit of the action, it should allow for a strike. Match summary: I played box set Hoffman vs box set McMourning We flipped badlands with forest terrain. My strategy was reconnoiter, and his was assassinate. We decided to hold on schemes as it was a bit too much for our first game. It was a very long match with several redone activations to make up for our mistakes. Needless to say, with the scenario and match-up, it was going to be a difficult match. I learned the utility of the watcher fairly quickly, and guardian seems like a must have for all my matches with Hoffman. However, I also learned the devastation of McMournings surgical precision against my armor. Being unable to utilize my ranged attacks, mitigate damage, and separate due to Hoffman's dependency on his constructs, I was quickly destroyed in melee. I still have faith in Hoffman, and know when I have a few more models, I will be more of a force in melee. Thanks for giving it a read. Any and all advice/rulings/comments are appreciated.
  7. Hi all, A colleague and I came across this game by chance, and thought it was pretty interesting. We'll we don't know of any groups that currently play in our area (silicon valley), so we're jumping straight in. He is going Neverborn (The Dreamer and Pandora box sets), and myself with the Guild. I decided to Sonnia's and Hoffman's starter sets. I don't know if this was an unwise choice to begin with, but it's too late to turn back now. I wanted to ask the community a couple of questions: 1. Is there a group anywhere close to silicon valley/SF bay area that is currently running? 2. Any basic starter advice, especially referencing the masters chosen? Or material/resources to reference? We're playing it by ear right now. 3. This is my first miniatures game. I have no idea how to paint these guys. Any resources I can look to with for that as well? At that point I might as well throw them in a can of paint with the skill I have for that. 4. Where can I find more of the fluff for the story-line? I would really like to read more about the setting and characters beyond what I see on the website. Please forgive my noobishness, and thank you all in advance for having me in this twisted community.
  8. So my friend and I want to start a group of Malifaux players in our town. I want to start with the Red Chapel Gang box set, maybe add the Undertakers set as well. Then of course get Bete Noir. However neither of us know how to play and therefor I'm not to sure on how to design my crew. I haven't bought anything yet so please feel free to tell me what sounds absurd. The Undertakers box set I'm not too sure on (Is it wise to get 2 box sets or just go with one and add some characters from another?) I am pretty dead set on the Red Chapel gang. Pointers? Thanks P.s. She wants to start with M&SU assets box set, we also have one guy interested in The Mercenaries box set, and a few other people just interested in the game (so we should have at least one crew from each faction)
  9. I want to run a Witch Hunters crew, and have picked up the Witch Hunters Starter box, and a separate blister of Witchling Stalkers, since Sonnia can run around making more. What else should I invest in? (For reference I own the Justice box, the Hoffman box, Lucius, Ryle, a Guild Guard Capitan, two Guild Guard, and three Ronin.)
  10. Hi folks, I've decided to jump full tilt into Malifaux and try and get myself in shape to take part in a local tournament in just over a month. If I start slow, I'll end up having an unpainted box set for the next year so I prefer getting in at the deep end! Based on looks, I've narrowed it down to The Viktorias, Seamus or Colette but I could use a bit of help picking one. I'd probably prefer to play aggressively. The tournament will be 35 SS so I came up with some starter lists for each from reading these forums and some battle reports. I'd really appreciate some thoughts on which will be best to learn in a short space of time. Also any advice on good additions/variations to these lists to make them more flexible without me having to paint too many more models would be awesome! We can change our crew game to game, just not the Master/Henchman. Viktoria -- 6 Cache Von Schill Convict Gunslinger Freikorps Librarian Taelor Colette Du Bois -- 8 Cache 1 Mechanical Dove Cassandra, Magician's Apprentice Coryphee Performer & Mannequin Performer & Mannequin Seamus, The Mad-Hatter -- 6 Cache Bete Noire Jack Daw Rotten Belles Rotten Belles Rotten Belles My background is Warhammer Fantasy, a bit of Warmahordes, and lots of strategy board games in case anyone likes to know that sort of thing. Thanks!
  11. Hello folks, I have moved to the black hole of gaming (Durango, CO) and I want to pick a game I will really enjoy painting and I can take to a con or 2 or to the nearest City to play... So I have decided that Malifaux is my game. I have a few questions: 1. Does everything work together from a faction (I know that some will work better than others but in general)? 2. Do I need both books or can I just get the newer 1? 3. How many models does the Battlefoam bag hold? 4. Can I cross faction with any models? 5. How expensive is it to play an average game? 6. How big is the average game? 7. How hard is it to learn the rules? I have played other games before, dice based. I want to order something this week so I can paint and not be bored stiff over the next week. Any info would be great. Thanks and will see you around on these forums! RTGamer
  12. Hi all, I've just discovered the Malifaux system, and it seems nice. Was looking for a small model-count skirmish system with lots of character, and Malifaux seems to be exactly that, with the Wyrd minis I've liked for a while. I have a question though, and please be overly critical rather than optimistic here, how is the balance in the game. As in, how many models are subpar in most situations, and are there any casters that are just plain better. From what I've read it doesn't seem too bad, but I haven't see any threads addressing it directly. FYI, the other game I play is Warmachine/Hordes, which had great balance for a while, then recently not so much, and now with Mk.II we'll see...
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