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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping the forums can help me break out of my aweful losing streak. I'm still pretty new to the game with about a dozen games in, and I just can't stop getting absolutely stomped. I've got a game tonight, and I'm hoping to finally give my opponent a game, as opposed to just getting beaten on while they go through the motions. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to think about crew building, especially planning to drop Schemes. My opponent will be playing Arcanists, and our pool is: Guard the Stash, Leave your Mark, Show of Force, Undercover Entourage, Hidden Trap, and Dig Their Graves. My favorite Master is Perdita, and I'm planning on playing her, though I can see where in this pool McCabe or even Lady J may be better since it's middle of the table heavy. But again, I have an unhealthy obsession with Perdita, so I'm gonna start there. So with that pool, and wanting to play Dita my first thought is to take Show of Force. I'm going to take Frank with Wade In anyway, and The Judge with, I think, Leadlined Coat since he's a decent pain to kill for a Guild model (though 11 SS is a tough pill to swallow). Then maybe Aubela with Hermanos De Armas for more pulls. Problem is thats a ton of SS leaving only 15SS to fill out the crew with. I could take an Austringer to try to Deliver Orders to drop markers for Dig Their Graves maybe, or a Watcher and try and sneak into the back field and play for Leave Your Mark. Or I could say screw it, put Plant Evidence on Frank and The Judge, take the Austringer, and hope for a good place to drop Hidden Trap at the end of the game. See this is where I just don't know, especially since its based off of a really expensive gamble for Guard the Stash and Show of Force. Maybe just toss in a Guild Pathfinder since you can pretty reliably know where to put Traps. TDLR: For the pool: Guard the Stash, Leave your Mark, Show of Force, Undercover Entourage, Hidden Trap, and Dig Their Graves. I'm thinking of taking from the pool Show of Force and Leave your Mark with this crew: Perdita -Trick Shot -Fast Draw in Malifaux -Aura Ancestral Francisco -Wade in The Judge -Lead lined Coat Abuela -Hermanos De Armas Enslaved Nephilim Guild Austringer Guild Pathfinder Any advice from more seasoned players would be great. I am willing to switch Masters, but I don't have McMourning, Lucious, or Nellie or any of the stuff from their Boxes.
  2. So I am a pretty good DM for other systems. I've played TTB a couple of times at my local store in pick up games, but I've never Fatemastered before. So naturally I got convinced to run a game at a nearby convention. Submitting events is still open, but I have no idea what Penny Dreadful to run... I've run organized play events for D&D for a few years so I think I've got the basics down as far as organizing this. Just the adventure is the hard one to pick out and allocating for the time. So far I have access to the following: Honor Among Thieves In The Gutter Legacy of Darkness Night In Rottenburg(Seems long...) Recruitment Drive Crossroad 7's box set I also know there are several inside the Wyrd Chronicles that I could possibly run. The main thing is I want something that is Fun with equal parts combat and roleplaying. What do you suggest? I am willing to buy a new Penny Dreadful if necessary.
  3. Hey! So, I'm going to be running Malifaux at the Coliseum of Comics (Fashion Square Mall location) starting in April, and I thought it'd be a good opportunity for me to see how the online community is. So far, I've found a lot of useful information. I'm still learning the game (and have yet to play yet , although I'm running through a test-game this Monday). We run a pretty decent group of about 8-12 players for Warhammer 40K, but some of them had been itching for something different and a little easier on the wallet. Although we didn't carry it at the time, I started looking into Malifaux and the backstory really intrigued me. After stocking some available crew boxes and getting some books, I explained the general concepts to some of the players and without playing or demoing a single game, I've got 4 other players who have already bought their first crew boxes and rulebooks and are raring to go. We're planning on running a few demo games for the first month before getting heavily into tournaments. It'll allow all of us to get used to the rules, suss some things out, and get our models ship shape. It was the same case for 40K about 2 years ago and that's been working out pretty well for us. If anyone out there has any tips or things to avoid based on experience, I'd be glad to hear them. I've gone through the rulebook once and have been making my way through Crossroads. I'm not overly worried about running games, but am just interested in what anyone is willing to share Thanks!
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