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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there folks, I’m located in Sheffield (UK) and returning to look into Malifaux after several years away (I haven’t played since about 2016)! I’m looking forward to seeing how amazing the game is (to be fair, it was always amazing!) with all the extra stuff like a new faction, new masters and Malifaux Burns. Exciting, if a little daunting Catch you all on the other side of the Breach!
  2. Heigh ho, Old player returning after years away. I called up the web store and found out that the Faction Packs won't be reprinted and are out of of stock. Does anyone have any solutions for cards? I have well over 100 models without stat cards and no really affordable way to replace or find new ones. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm checking out my local game stores and hunting for some necessary cards on Wargame Vault and other secondhand places, but I was hoping people had some better suggestions/solutions. Does anyone have any faction packs or ways to find them? Appreciate any help.
  3. Hi. I just picked up the Core Rulebook and a few others, and had some questions. If these have been answered already, apologies. 1) Suit types in Fate Deck. Aside from Undead having to select Crows as their Defining Suit, is there anything else that checks for this, or are the names just there to avoid confusion? 2) The core book goes from tools right into weapons. Do weapons give you a [+] when using them, or that is that just for the toolkits? 3) All the toolkits say Skill 4 in the table. Does that add to/replace your skill, or is that a requirement?
  4. Hi. This might be a strange thing to ask in this forum - because I generally assume if you're on these forums you really like the game - but I'm hoping to find issues with the system so I can look out for them later when teaching friends or running an adventure. This isn't a "this system sucks, who's with me?" thread, but a lot of you here have have way more experience with the system than I do, so you've probably seen things that aren't apparent when you first read the rules. To give a few examples from other games I've ran: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder: Once you start getting past 8th level or so, the number system begins to fall apart. You see this in Natural Armor; a lot of monsters start to have huge amounts of Natural armor to counteract the -AC for size and to account for the players' high Base Attack Bonus. Something like this is even exposed in 4th edition D&D, when the TNs for skill checks raise based on your level for no other reason than to maintain a certain percentage chance of success. Savage Worlds: the SW system isn't really built to have the party fight one BBEG. A party of four or five will always beat a party of one, unless you somehow invent a way for that one person to have more attack than normally allowed for one character. That doesn't mean you can't have a dramatic, final fight against there villain of the story; your crime boss/dragon just needs to have enough minions there to back him/her up. Conan, Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (Modiphius): At a certain point (Conan doesn't have levels, so it's a little hard to say exactly when), the players make short order of their opponents in battle. The Momentum (a resource) the players can generate is faster than the Doom (a recourse) the GM can in the same amount of time (Doom is player dependent). Depending on your game, this may or may not be a bad thing. I've thrown Dynasty Warrior levels of minions at the players. The players feel like epic heroes (which is good), but it feels weird as a GM when you're wondering if your group of fourteen minions is going to be enough to wound a party of four... and then do that four more times ("Didn't you say this castle was deserted? We just killed like 70 people.")
  5. Hello all😁! I am a returning Rezzer player and I need a pick me up. i started playing Rezzers in 1st edition and have been playing them primarily since with a fair smattering of breaks here and there. I fell off right around book 4. I did pick up most of the models however. Book 5 on the other hand has (although owned) remained mostly unopened. Upon recently getting stuck in again (played 2 games yesterday) i am realizing that I can’t seem to recall much of the synergies of the faction. i played against guild who threw fees out left and right. And then a neverborn list completely themed around collodi’s synergy’s. so I guess really... TLDR: what cool gimmicks do rezzers have these days outside of poison? What cool combos do we have? Not looking for “gotcha” moments on my opponents. I just want to know what to throw on the table outside of book 1 staples. sorry for the long winded post I just want to love my dead again before I Think about starting another hobby project. Thanks and Happy Haunting!
  6. Barroom blitz 1! What: Enforcer brawl mini event Who: you? Where: Sentry Box Calgary Alberta When: January 9th 530pm arrival, 6pm start Why: Fun? Prize Raffle? Stuff? How: Some excellent people.
  7. TLDR: What: Through The Breach: A Night in Rottenburg Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA When: Thursday , June 15th @ 5pm - 9pm Fee: $5, however you get a $5 Gift card for the store immediately for use on anything at the store. Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going. Space is Limited Howdy ho, Malifolks! I'm here to formally invite you all to a Through The Breach Adventure at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Penny Dreadful Through the Breach event at our store starting at 5 pm on June 15! New Players are welcome and encouraged. Come and play the amazing RPG in a nice store located conveniently near Telegraph and tons of food. For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; Twice a month Through The Breach! Event Details Penny Dreadful: A Night in Rottenburg Limited Spots(We've 1 Fate Master and Five Player Cap) Characters: Option A: We will have a few Character to choose from. If you would rather not make a character, or if you are new to the system. Option B: Custom character 3 steps in a Normal Pursuit 1 Step in an Advanced(or 4 in normal) 15 additional Scrip Bring your ideas but make the character here. ATTN: Potential Fate Masters. If you are interested in Running a Penny Dreadful at a store, feel free to contact me. We are currently using one Fate Master but if there is enough Interest of you already have a person or two and you want to fish for more, we are open to having another table playing a different Penny Dreadful.
  8. I will be starting an easy paced beginner casual 4 week league to help teach the basics of malifaux. This is open for every one to join. These games will be made up of 40 ss with unlimited timing as we help new comers understand and learn the rules and play of Malifaux. League starts on June 4th at 1 pm and will go until the 26th of June. This league will be held at paddies game shoppe 706 w. st germain st. St. Cloud mn. We will be handing out rules, and specifics on the 4th with practice plays.
  9. So this is my first real foray into painting, and I'm painting Hannah. I'm painfully, incredibly, stupidly slow - so I'm trying to keep my workload at a minimum. I'm happy with 'tabletop standard' - I'm not going to be trying to win points at any tournament painting competition The power armour suit is dark purple - so far I've done a base coat with Vallejo Heavy Violet, using Chainmail (citadel metallics - the old name, their lighter coloured one) on the silver parts, and so far using Heavy Red to base coat a couple of the pieces behind her as an accent. Intending on keeping the armour a fairly deep purple, with the red accents going to a more vibrant red. So, I figure washing with Badab Black will help with the shadows - I figure Black will give a cleaner look than Devlin Mud (or 'Miracle in a pot') this time. I figure I'd wash the entire thing - some people promote using the same colour as the paint (eg paint over the purple with purple wash), but I'm concernd this may not give enough depth in the recesses. However, given that the wash invariably leaves some black on the raised areas where I don't want it, I was considering doing a thin purple wash over the black. Not sure if that will do anything. I've watered down the black somewhere between 50-50 or 70-30 (wash-water). But there are plenty of areas without recesses - such as the shoulder pads. I was thinking of washing over those anyway just for consistency in appearance and texture, but there's nothing really for the wash to hold into there. The feet/lower legs have a number of lines in them, like plate joins in the armour - the wash isn't filling those as deeply as I thought it would so I was thinking of using a micron pen in those lines. So, thoughts on my plan so far? I figure the closest online that I can see in terms of tutorials on how to paint her fast is in space marine tutorials, but given all of their armour has recessed or raised edges (like the shoulder pads), there's also some big differences. So, assuming I go ahead with my plan - what next? I know I'll need to go over the armour again with some purple over where the wash left black, not sure if a drybrush or just a thin but controlled layer will be best here.Will the same purple suffice? I'm concerned about going to a lighter one in case the difference is too evident and it looks stupid. From there, will I need to do anything to shade the armour? I was thinking of edge highlighting with some warlord purple, only in some areas - but her top shoulder pads, for instance, will have nothing. So what will I need to do in order to highlight areas like this? I know layering/blending is quite time consuming so my concern is unless I'm spending a very long time on the one part, the transitions will just be too 'sudden' and look stupid, and I'm trying to reduce my time on this. Also, I chose to go for a cleaner look rather than a weathered one. I figured the metal joins, bolts and things wil just need a tiny dab of chainmail again on the highest parts. Because the metallic is so thick I probably won't worry about painting over the flatter join parts as I'd just end up pushing paint into the recessed areas - and this way it just looks well oiled anyway. tl;dr: Inexperienced painter with limited time/skills. Base coated Hannah with dark purple washing with badab black, might use micron pen too Seeking advice on whether I need to wash with purple as well And how to highlight/shade the armour without risking it looking stupid and block with severe tone transitions, and without spending way too much time. Thanks brains trust!!
  10. 7Hi guys Im recently picked up my first crew box: misaki. Also i bought ten thunder brothers and im after 2 games. What should i buy to expand my collection? Also what is the best way to play misaki? Last time my friend borrowed me oiran and izamu and i managed to score 8 points however i lost that game(it was vs tt lynch). It felt like my my models arent survivable enought, my torakage was murdered by the samurai's gatling, oiran and borther managed to complete scheme with markers niear the centreline, and misaki was in the enemy deployment zone by the end(i dont remember schem name) as well as killing wandering river monk. What should i include in my lists to increase survivalability? I thought about jorogumo, wokou raiders and ronin or two.
  11. Hey guys, after playing Neverborn with Collodi, Dreamer and Pandora for awhile I've decided to strike out into a different faction and have chosen outcasts. So far I've acquired: Hired Guns Hired Swords Salvage and Logistics Hannah Lazarus Hodgepodge Emissary I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on stuff like lists I could build, synergies, traps and what to add to my collection. Thanks
  12. I need some advice. My group loved their first one-shot, Recruitment Drive. They played as pre-made Fated and are now ready to create their own Fated and jump into a campaign. This is all great news, but I don't know where to start. I bought the Northern Aggression and Nythera books per the suggestion of someone at Gen Con, but I'm wondering if those are the best places to start. I kind of wanted to start the group off in Malifaux, maybe where they left off with Recruitment Drive (not those characters mind you). I guess what I'm asking is... does anyone have advice on where to begin? Should I go with more one-shots or jump into a book? It seems that the Northern Aggression book will take them right out of the city and they haven't even begun to explore that yet. Thanks in advance!
  13. So with the the rather odd title out of the way I'm not really sure where to start with Malifaux but before that let me introduce myself a bit. Im a second year medical school student who all but left the hobby due to money and time constraints but recently ive gotten some motivation to start up again. Prior to this I've played Warmahordes back in 2e and Infinity up until last year when I had to move away for university. Now to the matter at hand. Recently my fiance has recently been interested in trying out minature wargaming after hearing me talk about it quiet often. After some research we narrowed down to either starting up infinity or malifaux after browsing their catalogs . Now I come here hoping to learn a bit more of the following. 1)How is faction and crew balance? Are certain factions more op from others? Do lists for certain masters and factions have auto includes? Is the game similar to warmahordes back in 2e where its more about pulling off combos then actual tactics? 2) how well balanced are the boxsets? Which ones would you recommend for a person new to the hobby? We weren't really fans of the two player started because of the static poses but if it's the best option we'll consider it. 3) terrain as i understand it is fundamental to the game like it is in Infinity, but does it serve any purpose aside from blocking LoS? 4) I'm really interested in playing Luciuis but remember that someone once told me he was the worst master for a newcomer . Why is that? 5) there are no FLGS in our area so are the rules easy enough to pick up without having to be walked through it by someone? And that's about it. Apologies for the long post and thanks for taking the time to read this!
  14. TLDR: What: Through The Breach: In Defense of Innocence. Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA When: Thursday , August 25th @ 2pm - 9pm Fee: Free! Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going. Space is Limited Howdy ho Malifolks! I'm here to formally invite you all to a Through The Breach Adventure at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Penny Dreadful Through the Breach event at our store starting at 2pm on August 25! New Players are welcome and encouraged. Come and play the amazing RPG in a nice store located conveniently near a BART station and tons of food. For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; Once a month, possibly twice a month Through The Breach, Malifaux Bi-Monthly Leagues, Malifaux Tournaments! Event Details Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence Limited Spots(We've 1 Fate Master and Five Player Cap) Characters: Option A: We will have a few Character to choose from. If you would rather not make a character, or if you are new to the system. Option B: Custom character 3 steps in a Normal Pursuit 1 Step in a Advanced 15 additional Scrip 3 additional Skill Points ATTN: Potential Fate Masters. If you are interested in Running a Penny Dreadful at a store, feel free to contact me. We are currently using one Fate Master but if there is enough Interest of you already have a person or two and you want to fish for more, we are open to having another table playing a different Penny Dreadful.
  15. im new to the game iv been looking through the ranges and some, guides online and want to get in to the game, i like the ten thunders faction but i have a problem im finding it difficult to find advice on the models i have interest in i want to play ten thunders because i like samurai, but are the samurai any good and what do they work well with iv heard the brewmaster is good with them but what elce? or am i diving in to far. should i just get a crew box first and learn the game before getting fussy over what i want
  16. Hey everyone! I'm coming back from a long hiatus and would love to get the local crew going again. It's been a bit off and on through the years, fluctuating with whoever happens to be into Malifaux at the time. I know there are people around but who are you and where are you? Game Empire Pasadena has some great tables and terrain and all the amenities to play some games, so message me and let's play!
  17. Hi guys, Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but too late now. I'm just enquiring to see if anybody in the county Durham area would be up for running me through a demo of the game? Been doing a lot of research and the game and fluff seem awesome! Thanks in advance
  18. Hi all. Well I've decided I want to start playing Malifaux I like the idea of the skirmish, How do you get started, There are some lovely minatures available. But Are there any players near me In Nottingham Uk? How do you decide which armies to buy... sorry for sounding noobish but some help would be a start. Many thanks Andy
  19. Hey gang! I'm very new to the game and just recently picked up Leveticus's Salvage and Logistics box. I decided on Leveticus because of how awesome the Abominations looked and his overall necrosurgeon, alchemist, abomination vibe. I play Cryx in Warmachine and can only wish they had as much necropunk, ressurection stuff as he does. For a frame of reference, I've played one 30ss game as Gremlins with neither side using Schemes as a learner, and I'm one full turn into a slow-play 50ss game. Anyhow, I've read over the main post of the Leveticus Tactica and the 50ss crew I fielded was as follows: Leveticus :: From Ash :: To the Earth Return Rusty Alyce :: From the Aether :: Desolate Soul Ashes & Dust Lazarus :: Oath Keeper Abomination This left me with 7 soulstones to work with. I am wondering if having such expensive models (Alyce, A&D, Laz) is a good thing. They seem survivable enough, particularly Lazarus and A&D, but concentrated effort can remove them from the board without too much fuss it seems and then I'm out of anchors. Lazarus is also a point of question for me. He's expensive and, while survivable, I don't think I know how best to use him and his Assimilate ability in particular. The only constructs I have are Abominations and A&D, neither of which really have abilities it seems like he'd want to use. Are there other constructs that are more viable for this? On that note, someone mentioned the Hodgepodge Effigy and having Laz copy the Soft Cover ability. That definitely seems like a solid choice and can be directly swapped for the Abomination in the crew. Still uncertain about potentially better applications of it, though.
  20. Hello everyone I have been a long time Warhammer(40k, 30k, and Fantasy) for about 7 years now. Lately, I have been displease with gw lately(9th ed rumors, treatment of customers, prices, and lack of communication), and wish to try out malifaux. It would be great to have a game were I only need 20 models with about $100 cost instead of 100 to 200 models for about $700 plus. So after some research, I fell in love with the Resurrectionists and ten Thunders. So another player was selling an old metal Kirai crew with, one lost love, 2 extra seishin, 3 rotten belle, and 3 the drowned, so I bought it. I really can't wait to get started. So here is some noobish question: 1. Which 2E rule book is a better value? One is bare bone rules for $15, but the other is $40 with back story. 2. What to buy? I plan to get the new plastic kirai crew set, fate deck, and Izuma the armor first. Also plan to get some gaki and two shikome once they become plastic. Am I missing anything? The aim is 35 ss for a start. 3. Any other general advice?
  21. Hello, my name is Victor Briseno, and I recently opened a game shop in Roswell, NM. I am looking to start up a Malifaux community here in Roswell and am looking for anyone close by who could help in this endeavor. Doesn't seem like there are many henchmen in the area, or in the state for that matter. Please let me know if anyone can help you out.
  22. Greetings all the players! I needed to share my enthusiasm for this beautiful game so, since I am the only one in hundreds of miles to know about M2e, decided ti sign in. Hope the communnity will also help me to clear some doubt I have about rules...(ok, maybe a lot of doubts since I recieved M2e Rules just yesterday, on Sept 10) Hope I'll find out there are players in my country I don't know about of Let's keep on playng (well, let's start in my case...)!!! Giuliano
  23. Hey everyone! I have been playing Warmachine for a little over 2 years now, have a regular play night and make it out to cons and tourneys. I saw the Malifaux models, and was really attracted to the small model count, the cool models, what looks like a lot of terrain, and what looks like a pretty low cost of entry. I live around Clinton, NJ 08801... I work out in Perth Amboy, NJ. I usually go to The Only Game in Town for gaming but there really isnt a Malifaux community there. Does anyone know of any local NJ or PA groups? Are there regular tourneys or conventions? Right now I'm leaning towards the guild. I like the look of all of the models in the box set with lady justice, and like the combined arms approach. I also like the way the hired guns looks, but I don't think I want a melee force. I would also want to pick up a second starter box so other people could learn along with me. Are there any good matchups for the guild set? (leaning towards more of the horror sets... like the red chapel or no shelter here. My gf likes the horror side of things, along with female main characters). Any tips for getting started? reviews/ tip sites that I should check out?
  24. Good afternoon, Wyrdos Given that I'm finally getting around to painting some Malifaux stuff, I figured I should probably play a bit. Moved down to the Omaha area going on 6 months ago and have been doing a variety of gaming things, mostly at my place or a friend's. I know the Dragon's Lair on Blondo has Saturday Malifaux, I think, so I'll have to drop by when I get a crew painted up to start. I'm working on a Lynch crew currently, but I've also got Misaki and Tara (as well as translucent Pandora and Tara that I'll probably sell as I'm going to end up being annoyed at how the material clashes with everything else in the crews XD). I'm pretty much interested in all sorts of the factions - though I'd probably put Neverborn and Outcasts at the top of the heap. Anyway, hopefully I'll get some decent threads and posts up at some point - just wanted to say hi!
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