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Found 3 results

  1. I have this medical condition, that makes me fall in love with different model every week. Marionettes, Widow Weaver, Hooded Rider... This week - Mysterious Effigy. I was trying to find some insight into aforementioned Effigy and I found next to nothing. Those threads and articles that I have found were usually Collodi-related and they went something like this: "Effigies are great. All of them. Brutal, Lucky, Arcane... You name it." "How about Mysterious?" "Who?" Which is understandable, because Mysterious Effigy has following Tactical Action: (0) Rapid Acceleration: Target friendly Leader within 8" gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Rapid Acceleration: After resolving an enemy Attack which targeted this model, this model may end this Condition to push up to 3" in any direction." And Collodi has following Ability: Df ( Built-in) Run Away Home: After resolving, push this model up to 3" in any direction. The model looks... just astonishing. Opportunity to cheat fate with the card face down sounds fun, but what is the model's purpose? Should you keep it close to your master and then later wander off to do some scheme running? What is your experience with Mysterious Effigy? And if someone who played it with Zoraida would share their opinion, that would be just splendid. Or maybe do some theorycrafting. Any discussion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. How terrible is this? Should I drop a summoner? Coppelius needs to gather resources to summon, Myst Emissary needs scheme markers, Wid Weaver and Collodi need the dolls to die for scrap. What are the best things to keep/add for a fun non-master-summoning engine? 4ss cache - Collodi (Breathe Life) Primordial Magic Wid Weaver (Handbag) 3x Wicked Dolls Coppelius Myst Emissary Performer
  3. Greetings wyrdlings! Soooooo... Doppleganger stands next to a Mysterious effigy and cheats fate on iniative flip, is the cheated card face down, or up? Quick study of the rules would say that the card is face up, because Doppleganger is not the model cheating the iniative, she (it?) just enables the crew who owns the model to cheat fate on iniative flips! -Juha-