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Found 2 results

  1. So, with all the monks out, technically speaking, which ones do you guys like best? To recap, there is: High River: These guys bring the heat, literally. Their place in the five rivers is that of the element of fire, and their stats reflect that. Low River: You might know them as the first of the River monks to be released in M2E, they are the embodiment of water. Tar pit may be more like it, though, as these guys are difficult to destroy, can really keep you in place, and are also known as the pacifist monks. Wandering River: The temple best known as the element of wind, these monks bring some scheming to the table, as well as moving themselves and enemy models into new, ideally advantageous positions. Fermented River: The drunken masters, and the bane of all poison-dealing models. Probably the closest we'll get to 'Earth', these guys rely on gaining and using the Poison condition to weave expertly - if not drunkenly - through the field. So, With all these guys out (and the last of the models for them being released), which ones are your favorite aesthetically, and which ones are your favorite rules-wise? I realize there is also the Void, but if I understand the fluff correctly I doubt we'll be seeing any monks of that river, as Yu explains that the void is simply using every style's strengths to cover the other style's weaknesses.
  2. Monks of high river are rare 3 so I do not think Wyrd will do a separate pack of them. I want them for Mei Feng but if I am getting a master might as well find out what people think of him and monks as a whole. Monks of the fermented river look like fun as well. What do people think about the 3 river monks that have rules? How well do they work with masters other the Shenlong? How much different is Shenlong play from Mei Feng? Which style do you use with him the most? Is Sensei Yu worth taking with out Shenlong?
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