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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, greetings! You made it through the title! Long time lurker, first time topic starter. I've been thinking about this painting blog since Youko was revealed in the M3e beta. I've got a few project blogs scattered around the internet from when I was heavily in to [REDACTED], but even though I'm a long time Malifaux fanatic and complete convert this is my first cohesive painting blog for Wyrd stuff. This will be pretty comprehensive and be the base from which I keep track of the project on Instagram and Facebook, and will probably be interrupted at random by other painting stuff. Enjoy! A LITTLE ABOUT ME Started playing and painting [REDACTED] in 1993. I have won a few painting prizes. Began Malifaux in 1.5 with Raspy, played through 2e. Crews built: Rasputina Lynch Viks Brewmaster Kirai That list USED to be less of a hot mess, but they took my Brewy away from TT Unbuilt stuff: Well, see for yourself: Seems fine. I can quit whenever I want.
  2. I know very little about the game of Malifaux itself, having never played it. The aesthetic of the game is absolutely amazing though. I'm very much a novice hobbyist/painter but I think I'd like to try my hand at some Malifaux models. Which 4-5 models could be considered "easier" in terms of building and painting and so could be good for a beginner hobbyist. Faction isn't so much a concern yet. Thank you in advance for any input.
  3. Hello my friends. I'm very new to this and still assembling my Som'er Starter box along with a Burt Jebsen - just followed advices from people all over the place and I'm starting to understand the game despite not having done a single match! Hopefully when I finish assembling, I get to try this game out, seems awesome. Regarding the bases, if I did something out of wood but with the exact same size (or VERY close), would that be tournament accepted? I wanted something that looked more unique and add a little weight to the unit itself. Thank you
  4. So I cobbled together a Captain proxy. I used the decapitated head from the young nephilim kit, but it is larger than most other models, so I used the extra set of legs from the strong arm and the extra left arm of Mr. Graves. I took the hammer from the metal Johan kit and the remainder from a competitors bits and green stuff. Oh, and the Captain's mustache is a rail worker's ponytail. You can see my pics in my gallery. Would you be okay with it on the table? What other Captain proxies have you seen? http://wyrd-games.net/community/uploads/gallery/album_49/gallery_25035_49_203370.jpg
  5. Ok guys new to Malifaux and I love the rules and the fluff. I bought the new Victorias box set and they are NICE! Small very small....I tried some Testors Model cement for plastics....NIOT WORKING! Almost ruined my first model with excess glue? Is there a better product out their for small detail work? Brush on or something??? I live in a small town in SW La. so any links would be cool? Thanks....I am looking to play my first game as soon as I get these guys done... Thanks in advance for all the help. Giddoen
  6. I enjoy helping others learn new tricks when painting, and love learning new tricks from others. Often, on a forum, you'll see fantastic painting blogs, where the artists will happily answer questions about their work, or threads where people ask how to do certain things; how do I make a balanced model, how do I paint/highlight green... how do I scratch-build an entire character! I figured it could be helpful to have a single thread meant as an ask/advise thread. Feel free to ask questions of veteran painters here, and hopefully enough veteran painters will peek in every now and again that we can help others either ourselves, or direct others to various tutorials we've found helpful in the past. And of course, no condescension: Any question, no matter how straightforward it may seem, is worth the asking!
  7. Hey guys, for those of you that haven't seen the art work for both Ironsides and her buddy the Captain, go look it up, theres a thread floating around called Ironsides artwork. First of all I just want to say, they aren't bad looking, it's just not my style. So lets start with the easier one. The Captain. Now how many of you imagined the Captain to be an awesome pirate lady with a relic hammer? Well I did at least, and it makes a little more sense for her to be a pirate rather than a stuffy old bloke with a tank of something strapped to his back. Most of her abilities are based around storms and things (baring vapor trail which is a plane thing =/ ). Next is Ironsides, and she just completely misses the mark for me. She's meant to be the bruiser of the M&SU except she looks a little too slight for my liking, also not a fan of the clothes or her face. the only thing I can say that I like is her brass knuckles which are suitably brutal. So what my plan is, is to convert or find suitable alternate models for these two ladies, so starting with the capt'n then. This is more what I had in mind when I imagine the captain: http://s.cghub.com/files/Image/215001-216000/215418/036_max.jpg http://crabshackgallery.com/images/PirateStanding.jpg So I've dug around a bit and I've had a think, I think she'd be the easiest to convert out of say... the Viktoria's crew. I could either use Gun Vik's body and legs as the base and nab Taelor's hammer, give her a hat and change out the head. Or I could go for the full conversion and sculpt a jacket, corset, hat, gloves, trousers and boots onto one of the ronin (of which would probably end up horribly) and Ironsides. Honestly I have no ideas for her... Other than taking Mei Feng, reposing her, adding a jacket to cover up her armored gloves, bending the fingers into fists, change of head and adding some brass knuckles. Let me know what you guy's think, or if you have any suggestions, cause honestly, I need them
  8. A few quick tricks to make things better! I will add more over time. 1. Tired of slotted bases? Super glue some electrical tape over the slot them spread a layer of glue over it. Fills the gap and makes basing cleaner! 2. Use small rocks from a driveway or something to give your rocky land bases better texture. Also mix a thicker grit sand with a thinner grit sand to get a better texture as well. 3. Scuff up the top of the base before you glue with some low grit sandpaper. Makes your bases hold up better over time when using white glue. Doesn't really matter if you base with superglue though. 4. Prime a model black, then either do another coat of primer in white from a 45 degree angle down or airbrush white down to make natural highlighting easier. Like pictured below. 5. Use elmers glue and super glue to create stringy gross looking nonsense for monsters and other similar models like pictured below.
  9. New to the game and want to learn to play? Have a crew that you've worked hard to collect and never got to play? Want your crew to stand out at the next big event? Then join us at games and stuff for our next Malifaux demo and hobby day. We will be running introductory games for all who are interested. Plus we will be available to give you advice on your crew to find that missing link to accomplish your schemes. Or come and hobby with us where I will be available to offer painting tips and techniques, or model advice to make your models stand apart. 1/12/13 from 12p to 6pm Feel free to comment on this thread, inbox me, or contact the store for more details. Games and Stuff 7476 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410.863.7418 INFO@GAMESANDSTUFFONLINE.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GAMESANDSTUFF WWW.TWITTER.COM/GLENBURNIEGAMES
  10. Love the models and finding the game very enjoyable as well. It seems to really be catching on where I game (Borderlands in Greenville, SC). One potential problem I see however. The minis seem to be designed to be competition models or display pieces, not to withstand the rigors of tabletop gaming or even transport to and from. For example, did anyone else have trouble assembling Viktoria? I saw no way to have her Katanas sticking out at right angles as shown in the picture, there was not enough lead to pin to (at least with my modeling skills). Rather than have the swords continually break off, I crossed them in front of her (so they supported each other) and brought the arms in closer to the body so I could glue up against her legs as well. I know I obscured some detail but didn't see any other way to make it a gaming figure. Any comments from the Wyrd community on this?
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