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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all. Just struck a model goldmine. Was given the Lady J nightmare edition box, the M1E pale rider, and Miss Terious. All for free. It's a good day to be me! So with that in mind, I have a fuckton of Death Marshalls. I want to convert Miss Terious into a passable model to use as The Jury. Unsure of how to go about that though. The Jury doesn't carry any weapons, and has a distinct Top Hat as opposed to Miss Terious cowboy style hat. Looking for inspiration and ideas!
  2. So I opened a new box of Sanctioned Spellcasters and Noticed something rather odd. The Tree of the Models has the words: "Treouna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee" Written on it. As far as I recall, Trees always had the models name on it. Searching I haven't found any info on this save for one website. https://www.quora.com/What-does-Treguna-Mekoides-Trecorum-Satis-Dee-from-Bedknobs-and-Broomsticks-mean It seems to mean " Wood Metal Earth Water Fire". Whats the deal with this? I know these models use: "Elemental Bolt" and "Elemental Burst" But it seems odd to purposefully switch the words. Elemental Bolt Triggers: Flare - Fire Earthbound - Earth Tidal Blast - Water Burst Damage - ??? Metal ??? Elemental Burst Triggers: Life Leech - ??? "No! Give Me Another Cha-" - ??? Anyway, What do you guys think? Is this something new Wyrd is doing? Is it a puzzle? Am I missing something and being silly?
  3. So I am brand new to Malifaux but not modeling and table top gaming (Warmachine, Guild Ball, etc.) I picked up Von Schill box as my first crew and all the remaining Freikorps models. Steam Trunk has 33 parts and a real pesky model to build - especially the tank treads. I have searched on YouTube for a how to do video with no luck. Does anyone have a good link for me to watch or recommendations? Thanks.
  4. Your one stop shop for Guild Pathfinder tactica and utilization strategies.
  5. As I am sure we all know, Malifaux has a ridiculously large assortment of crew options to choose from. Honestly, when I think about it sometimes I say to myself "what else could they possibly add to this game without it being simply more of the same" in terms of new models. As such, I kind of decided to propose a community brainstorming exercise in order to showcase what some of the (more vocal) members of the online community desire. This could just be purely stylistic (I want an arcanist master that isn't boring to look at ) or a "general idea" or set of characteristics that define a character that currently is not represented in Malifaux. What this thread IS NOT: This is not a "create your own master/henchman/enforcer/etc." thread. Things like SS cost, triggers or TN are game mechanics that will be designed and fine tuned then redesigned then playtested and beta tested, etc. far into the distant future. Also, complete characters is not required. Even just a "something like that would be kind of cool" idea or two in point form would be perfect. Ideally, someone else would be inspired and add on to the idea, or perhaps make it better! What the thread IS: This thread should be an easy to read and user friendly reservoir of creativity. Hopefully we can get a consensus on and showcase what is either missing from Malifaux or just more of what we want to see! You should be able to just skim through the ideas easily and pick out what you like. The Goal: If Justin Gibbs visits this thread and says to himself just once "hey, that's a cool idea" I consider that a win. Who knows maybe one day something you propose might actually make it into the game and you can say "that's what I was thinking!" (even if your idea didn't impact the decision at all, you won't know that and you will still feel good about yourself ). I'll go first for an example! ----- - My favorite card ever printed in MtG is the badass as hell Siege-gang Commander! To this day I've never lost a game if I can get him on the table. A model (henchman? probably gremlin though that might be typecasting?) that comes into play with 2 peons that he can suicide for guaranteed damage or AP with a bonus in activation advantage would be sweeeeeet. - Many people have heard about the "Asylum crew" that will be part of the upcoming starter set - how about some crazy berserker patients to go along with the orderlies? Make them tormented for good measure - A control type 2for1 peon model that latches onto an enemy and parasitically drains AP (to make them slow) for its own use (to make it fast - utilizing AP for aura buff/debuff triggers/activations on Tactical Actions). Condition removal detaches the parasite but it can reattach. Kill it with fire! Perhaps a behemoth Siege-gang patient who rips the heads off his buddies and throws them at the enemy? Like a Badass Mutant Psycho wih 2 Midget Psycho buddies + a Malifaux twist! Food for thought. Begin!
  6. I painted the Enslaved Nephilim last Saturday. I used 2 different washes for this model. I used GW/Citadel Blue wash on the Nephilim skin and I'm happy how the blue brought out the details of the muscles and skin. For the hair, metals and the lower body, I used GW/Citadel Agrax Earthshade. I'm happy on how this totem came out. What do you think? Comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed.
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