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Found 11 results

  1. Miss Step. "Sexy murder cyborg" to her friends.
  2. From the album: Nikodemus r3 ELIM

    Competition entry on the left. Sacrificial test mini on the right. Plan is to do her in purple metallic. Chaos warrior on the right suffered as a test dummy while primer is curing on Miss Step. I don't own any purple metallic so there's a lot of exciting mixing and testing various recipes to get this to a half decent finish. Another goal, besides non-standard coloured metallic, is giving her a pale skin. I've only done it once or twice in the past so plenty of "aha!" moments to be had with that as well I'm sure. Nice change from last round's all organic Silurid entry.
  3. So what are Miss Models. Throughout any given year there are several Alts and special edition, (usually story encounter) models made available at random. However, every year at Gen-Con Wyrd Miniatures releases a LE, (limited edition) model under their two categories titled "Miss" and "Nightmare. This thread is just looking at the 'Miss' models. The Miss model has usually been a female-version sculpt of a character that has already been released, but not exclusively. Everything on the character card is identical, (Characteristics & Talents: stats, Abilities, Actions) to the original version except for the name and artwork and a very unique banner of script on the front of the card that reads, "This model counts as "*" in every way...EVERY way" Some models are Alt sculpts of the model, (two versions of Teddy) but most are Alt models and completely new miniatures In the past these LE models are obtained with an order of $100 during Gen-Con either at the convention or for a limited time online purchase via their website store over the same period. So here is a list of all the Miss Models as well as a couple gender-swap models that are not an official Miss model but are similar. miss pack - 2010 - Metal - Resurrectionist - Alt Nurse *Randomly added to crew boxes for distribution, not a purchase award miss demeanor - 2011 - Metal - Outcast - Alt Convict Gunslinger miss terious - 2012 - Plastic - Guild - Alt Death Marshal *The "EVERY WAY" script is on the back of this character card miss step - 2013 - Plastic - Arcanist - Alt Howard Langston miss ery - 2014 - Plastic - Neverborn - Alt Teddy miss Anne thrope - 2015 - Plastic - Guild/Ten Thunders - Alt Wastrel miss fire - 2016 - Plastic - Arcanist - Alt Willie Interesting to note is that there have been: 2-Archanist 2-Guild 1-Resurrectionist 1-Outcast 1-Neverborn 1-Ten Thunders 0-Gremlins Other models that have been Alt versions of already-released models, but not officially 'Miss' (Gen-Con LE's) have been: The Gremlinette - Metal - Gremlin - Alt Hog Whisperer Santana Ortega - Plastic - Guild - Alt Santiago Ortega Dr Dufresne - Plastic - Resurrectionist - Alt McMourning Johana - Plastic - Outcast - Johan For additional reading there are several threads covering the Miss, Nightmare, and Alt models. Here are some links courtesy of Adran: In addition Wyrd Miniatures also releases a 'Nightmare Edition' models, (or even crewbox in 2015) which are also Alt versions of already-released models; but that's a different thread. I will include the Dark Carnival for fun. The entire Dark Carnival crew box: - 2015 - Plastic - Arcanist - Smoke and Mirrors (Colette crewbox) Mr. Cooper Flying Monkey Thin Lizzy Mercury Baritone Lola Mannequin flying monkey puppeting mannequin, (titled "Coryphee) *Not included in the Dark Carnival crew box On a side note I would love to hear thoughts on possible 'Miss' titles; even paired to a model and faction.
  4. Hey there. I have an unopened miss step and was looking to trade her for a new crew for my Resser playing girlfriend Molly. What I'd really like to be able to surprise her with: Molly (1st ed metal) & an unboxed University of Transmortis box set. Though I'd also be open to trade for: The Latigo Posse No Shelter Here
  5. Like the title says, I have Wyrd's 2013 Gencon Exclusive miniature as a reward for orders over $100, and I would like Privateer Press' Gencon Exclusive Steelsoul Keg Protector, for Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss. [Have] Miss Step [Want] Steelsoul Keg Protector As an aside, I don't play Warmachine or Hordes yet, although the new Convergence of Cyriss faction has piqued my curiosity. What drew me in initially was that Ramos' Electrical Creation is no longer Unique / Rare 1, and the Servitors (Accretion, Attunement & Reflex) would make great proxies for them. Thank you in advance, --Johnny
  6. I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but I missed Gencon last year and therefore missed out on Miss Terious. I have tried to pick her up online several times, but just can't seem to land a winning bid. So, if there is anyone out there looking for a miss step, would you be willing to trade for a miss tedious? PM me on the forums and maybe we can make this happen? thanks in advance!
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