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Found 7 results

  1. So what are Miss Models. Throughout any given year there are several Alts and special edition, (usually story encounter) models made available at random. However, every year at Gen-Con Wyrd Miniatures releases a LE, (limited edition) model under their two categories titled "Miss" and "Nightmare. This thread is just looking at the 'Miss' models. The Miss model has usually been a female-version sculpt of a character that has already been released, but not exclusively. Everything on the character card is identical, (Characteristics & Talents: stats, Abilities, Actions) to the original version except for the name and artwork and a very unique banner of script on the front of the card that reads, "This model counts as "*" in every way...EVERY way" Some models are Alt sculpts of the model, (two versions of Teddy) but most are Alt models and completely new miniatures In the past these LE models are obtained with an order of $100 during Gen-Con either at the convention or for a limited time online purchase via their website store over the same period. So here is a list of all the Miss Models as well as a couple gender-swap models that are not an official Miss model but are similar. miss pack - 2010 - Metal - Resurrectionist - Alt Nurse *Randomly added to crew boxes for distribution, not a purchase award miss demeanor - 2011 - Metal - Outcast - Alt Convict Gunslinger miss terious - 2012 - Plastic - Guild - Alt Death Marshal *The "EVERY WAY" script is on the back of this character card miss step - 2013 - Plastic - Arcanist - Alt Howard Langston miss ery - 2014 - Plastic - Neverborn - Alt Teddy miss Anne thrope - 2015 - Plastic - Guild/Ten Thunders - Alt Wastrel miss fire - 2016 - Plastic - Arcanist - Alt Willie Interesting to note is that there have been: 2-Archanist 2-Guild 1-Resurrectionist 1-Outcast 1-Neverborn 1-Ten Thunders 0-Gremlins Other models that have been Alt versions of already-released models, but not officially 'Miss' (Gen-Con LE's) have been: The Gremlinette - Metal - Gremlin - Alt Hog Whisperer Santana Ortega - Plastic - Guild - Alt Santiago Ortega Dr Dufresne - Plastic - Resurrectionist - Alt McMourning Johana - Plastic - Outcast - Johan For additional reading there are several threads covering the Miss, Nightmare, and Alt models. Here are some links courtesy of Adran: In addition Wyrd Miniatures also releases a 'Nightmare Edition' models, (or even crewbox in 2015) which are also Alt versions of already-released models; but that's a different thread. I will include the Dark Carnival for fun. The entire Dark Carnival crew box: - 2015 - Plastic - Arcanist - Smoke and Mirrors (Colette crewbox) Mr. Cooper Flying Monkey Thin Lizzy Mercury Baritone Lola Mannequin flying monkey puppeting mannequin, (titled "Coryphee) *Not included in the Dark Carnival crew box On a side note I would love to hear thoughts on possible 'Miss' titles; even paired to a model and faction.
  2. Idle curiosity regarding the next alt model with the Miss designation. Which model do you think it will be? What name do you think she'll have? I'm in favor of Miss Informed, possibly as an Arcanist, maybe as an alt Librarian. Miss Chevious Miss Take Miss Isle Miss Ion Miss Trial, female Lawyer Miss Fortune On that note (thanks to the musical stylings of Voltaire), I'd also be in favor of new Sir models. Male variants of typically female characters. Examples: Sir Prize Sir Pent [I think there has been a similar thread in the past.]
  3. I'm looking for a Miss Pack for my GF, if anyone has one that they want to sell. I'm also willing to trade, I've collected quite a few crews, models and one shot items... to much to list here. If you have a Miss Pack, message me with an offer of what you are looking for.
  4. I hope I don't break any rules. But I am curious how much a Miss Pack cost to buy if I want to get a hold of one?
  5. Paypal please! Leave offers here or PM me. Just pulled her out of my Perdita box this week so she's brand new. Thank you!
  6. Here's some pics of my McMourning stuff, really can't wait for rogue necromancy to come out as a model, also a guild autopsy just cause. And before you ask, I pulled my Miss Pack IN my McMourning boxset by sheer luck. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=Ressurectionists.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=CanineCorpses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=McMourningandNurses.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=Sebastian.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=MissPackandConstruct.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Animal_Delos/Malifaux/?action=view&current=ZombieChihuahua.jpg Again comments and such welcome. And yes I realize unlike my freikorps these aren't all based. Also none of my mercenaries from my Viktoria set are based yet either but I'll upload those in a dif thread.
  7. So I finally painted my Miss Pack and can't get a good picture to save my life. Suggestions?
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