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Found 9 results

  1. APPROVED BY PRO-PAINTER. Need a review or 10 ? http://www.redgrassgames.com/reviews.html KICKSTARTER LINK : https://goo.gl/4jcbXr Hi everyone, You buy the best brushes, the best paints and the best miniatures, but when it comes to the palette itself, you have to use kitchen parchment paper or wax paper on a plate. That's why we decided to create the world most advanced wet palette with the first ever reusable membrane and air tight box: It will never dry! At the heart of the Everlasting Wet Palette: The Ultimate membrane with world best moisture control system. Hours of wet painting with optimal moisterization for acrylic paint. Fully reusable with hundreds of painting sessions possible Highly stable on the sponge: does not curl, it’s like glued to it Be the first to know when it launches on Kickstarter in Spring 2017 www.redgrassgames.com or on our https://www.facebook.com/redgrassgames/ Introducing WAVY : The first add-on for the Everlasting Wet palette We are still working hard on our Everlasting Wet Palette. In the meanwhile,here is our first add-on (available during the kickstarter campaign) WAVY Key features : - 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint. - Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY to your Everlasting wet palette - Each "waves" can be used as a brush holder - Lefty and righty friendly Remember to subscribe to our awesome newsletter : http://www.redgrassgames.com/ *Dark Demon miniature Courtesy of Monolith & Stephane Nguyen
  2. Hassassin Yasbir it´s an assassin of elite from the Hassassin Bahrain, has several years in duty doing the alah will to the enemies of the Haqqislam and following the commands of the Wise Old Men of the Mountain... so effective infiltrating and killing enemies that there is a legend upon him to be the very same WISE OLD MEN OF THE MOUNTAIN itself. For an hassassin the vulnerabilities of the foe are gold, so healers and medics are center of many strategies since they keep alive their troops, striking there is striking at the Very Heart of the enemy. The Hassassin Creed says "One stab to the heart to destroy the body, and one stab to the neck destroying the cube.... the very soul" Cube is a kind of chip in the head used to store your info and your quantronic personality/soul for later resurrection thru Clones, Hassassin knows how to utterly destroy you.
  3. I'm interested in a lot of neverborne wave 2 models: - Widow Weaver - Insidious Madness - Lelu - Lilitu - Stitched Togheter - Iggy - Tuco - Vasilisa (alone, not with the whole Collodi crew) I have to proxy them all or someone know which is about to come? Suggestions about how to proxy them?
  4. I don't play Arcanists but I just stumbled across this miniature and thought it might be good for her Ice pillar upgrade. Resin model 40mm and approx. 50mm diameter. Used as a blocking marker for Cthulhu Wars, equally suited as an objective or effects marker in any tabletop game. http://fenrisgames.com/shop#!/~/product/category=2373865&id=36079747
  5. Heyo! Just thought I would drop this here. I wanted to show you a bunch of Malifaux Tokens I did recently in MDF. The illustrations were fun to do, and they look great in person. Me and my gaming group had always had a love for malifaux since it was the game that got us together so I just went ahead and produced them for our use. like them?
  6. I don't knowabout you guys but I LOVE the new Nico avatar. He is TOO cool to walk. The sculpt screams "I'm am BOSS, DEAL WITH IT!". I think I might even paint him and his mob as Mardi Gras goers. What do you guys think of his playability, sculpt, strengths and weakness?
  7. Hey guys I ordered two models from ebay that were labelled as Wyrd games (pre-malifaux). I purchased what I though would be the same model without stat cards however when opening them my Papa Loco seems to be a little... strange. He has no hair, no dynamite, pointed ears, no shoes and looks like he would be far more at home in a faction other than the guild. The only thing that seems the same is his stance. Just wondering if this is how the first Papa loco mini looked or if an error has been made somewhere. The other miniature is the same as the ones currently being produced so no problems there. I will try to put a picture up A.S.A.P
  8. Here they are, in all their glory: http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/03/girls-and-their-dolls.html They've been a labor of love, and have helped me practice some techniques I haven't used in a dog's age. All paints are Vallejo, with Citadel washes used sparingly. The stars of the Show are next, but in the meantime comments and critique is appreciated!
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