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Found 2 results

  1. Here was my main entry for the Gencon MHE competition this year. Every year, I spend a lot of time painting a few minis, then enter any gaming miniatures I have that fit the categories. He got a gold award from the main competition, received a judge's choice award, and took home the 4th place Dark Sword trophy. I really love this mini- the biggest trouble I had painting him up was that Jim (owner of Darksword) owns a fantastic version of him painted by Zach Lanier. A lot of the decisions that I made on him kept this sort of meta-thinking in mind (ie, when Jim and Jess were judging the contest, I didn't want them to be comparing him to Zach's mini too much). I think I came out with an interpretation of this mini that is all my own. I've also posted him to Coolmini, for anyone who cares to vote.
  2. 2008 Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hobby Events (MHE) They play games at Gen Con Indy?! How the heck would I know, I'm busy at the MHE area! We have so much going on and we're excited to see many of you year after year joining us at our events and having a great time, as well as the many manufacturers that support us consistently. The MHE Crew does this for you! Please find us in the second floor Serpentine Lobby this year! See you very soon! We're open to any and all manufacturers of miniatures hobby products to join us and contribute to these events. They cannot happen without you, and it gives attendees the chance to see what you really have to offer in a hands-on and promote-the-hobby venue! We welcome new manufacturers, new instructors who want to try giving classes, anyone who wants to demo their skills and products, or would like to volunteer their time to help make our events run smoothly! Paint & Take, prize support, volunteer support, speed paint, classes, demos and more! Find out what you can do for MHE and what MHE can do for you! Please remember that many events and classes will accept walk-ins with the cost equivalent in Generic Tickets to fill empty seats. For questions, please contact Sue Wachowski, the Volunteer MHE Coordinator, at paintminion@yahoo.com . For current updates and information, to ask questions, make comments or suggestions, check the MHE Section of the Gen Con forums ( http://community.gencon.com/forums/167/ShowForum.aspx ), or look in the Event Listings for more information on event times and place. Here's a quick overview of what's happening this year: Free Paint & Take Hours: Thu. - Sat. 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday 10 am – 4 pm Last call for seating is 30 minutes prior to close. Try your hand at painting miniatures! We have everything you need, including basic instruction, to help you release your inner artist. We make it easy! Maybe you've always wanted to try a certain color, or manufacturer's paint line? Sign up for a seat! The hardest part is choosing your miniature from the dozens of manufacturers who contribute to this popular annual event! Use your masterpiece in your next RPG or show it off to your friends and tell them – I did it at the Paint & Take! 2008 Gen Con Indy Miniatures Painting Competition http://www.gencon.com/2008/indy/events/MHE/Competition.aspx Entry Deadline: Fri 9 pm Entry Pick Up: 5 pm – 7 pm Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm Sunday Gen Con is giving away over $1000 in cash, trophies and prizes! Even if you don't enter, be sure to catch all the entries in our display cases—nothing beats seeing these masterpieces in person! Manufacturer Awards – Awards given by a specific manufacturer for entries from their product lines. Check here for current listings of Awards! (http://community.gencon.com/forums/t/16355.aspx ) Speed Paint Arena Speed Paint Arena, various times. Reaper, Dark Sword, Privateer Press, Crocodile Games and Wyrd Miniatures will be hosting Speed Painting rounds all week long, and some of them will have Championships on Sunday! Check event listings or onsite for times and info. You'll have 45 minutes to paint, and you keep your miniature! Compete for fun and prizes! Seats for Generic Tickets are available each round. Aces VII: Charity Speed Paint & Auction: Kraken Editions! Speed Paint Arena, Friday 6:30 pm, Charity Auction Saturday about 7 pm. The pressure is on as top mini painters compete to be the "Ace of Aces" by painting a miniature in one hour. All proceeds from the auction go to the Gen Con Charity. Come cheer, or jeer, your favorite mini painters! Then bid at the Gen Con Auction for this one of a kind item. Minis will be auctioned as one lot with display base and certificate! This year we're sponsored by MHE Guest of Honor Jérémie Bonamant's company, Kraken Editions! AND he'll be painting, too! MHE Hobby Classes Want tips from the experts? We have over 100 Miniatures Hobby Classes with instructors from around the world. Topics include terrain, beginner and advanced painting techniques, sculpting, conversions, army painting, basing and much much more! Classes for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. Read the Class Descriptions for information on whether it is a Hands-on class or a Demo/Q&A class. Many have handouts, minis provided, and products to take with you! Event catalogs – ( http://community.gencon.com/files/24/default.aspx ) MHE Seminars Thursday night, 7 and 9pm Free Pro-Sculptor and Pro-Painter Seminars with panels of experts to answer your questions. How do they do a certain technique? How do you get work in the industry? How did they learn and grow as artists? What's their strategy for competitions? Find out this and more at the annual MHE Seminars! Demonstration Tables Check the Demo Table for times and artist. Watch as industry and hobby experts and pros create magic right in front of you! Here's where you can chat, ask questions, and learn a few tips by watching as they work on current projects. Terrain, sculpting, painting—something for everyone! MHE Guest of Honor – Jérémie Bonamant Teboul Jérémie is a master globetrotting painter from France, known worldwide for his beautiful use of color, ambiance and technique. His articles and tutorials have been widely published in modeling and miniatures magazines around the world and on his website at []www.jeremiebt.com]. Most recently he's become one of the creators of a new miniatures company called Kraken Editions. Jérémie was young when he fell into the bottomless cauldron of obsessive and maniacal miniature painting. Hyperactive and persevering, Jérémie just can't help his painting frenzy. While already busy with sports and social activities, Jérémie managed to transform his passion into a full time job. He is unavoidable on many French mailing lists dedicated to the painting hobby. He has an innate talent for putting together a vast network of other passionate painters around the world. He describes himself as a "couldn't give a damn, clumsy and not so creative guy," and often says he uses many hints and tips discovered by others. Always willing to chat, speak, babble, natter and share his passion, Jérémie ceaselessly wanders around the world to meet people as crazy as him. He'll be giving classes, demos, and participating in various MHE events, as well as exhibiting some of his finished work in the MHE display cases. * * * * * * * 16 days and counting!
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