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Found 2 results

  1. So how does Elevation affect Engagement Range. I have listed a couple example scenarios below according to how I think the rules read but I would love reassurance in case I have misinterpreted anything. There are a few things to define first before delving into my examples. Opposed Duels LoS Terrain Height Measurement Elevation Opposed Duels: The Three Opposed Duels I'm familiar with are Melee (Ml), Shoot (Sh) and Cast (Ca). In Malifaux there isn't a distinction between Ranged attacks and Melee Attacks. Rather, all Sh, Ca and Ml Attack Actions have range association for each attack and require LoS Line of Sight: All Ml attack actions must have LoS or else they cannot legally be t Terrain traits: Most Terrain Traits only affect Sh Attack Actions. Ml Attacks while requiring LoS are not affected by fate modifying Terrain Traits like hard cover, and soft cover but still must abide by traits like blocking and dense otherwise melee would ignore things like intervening walls. Height: the Ht mechanic restricts LoS when there is an intervening Model or piece of Terrain that has the same Ht or greater than the tallest model, (either Attacking or the Target model.) This is not true when Vantage Point mechanics are in effect. Measurement: So in Malifaux there seems to be the golden rule of always measuring from the top down: In Addition, Malifaux seems to hold to the "Sticky" Rule, where if something is exactly then it is legal, takes effect, succeeds, happens, or just is. So if a model is Exactly 2" away and has a 2" melee, then it is considered engaged: (on a side note this is why I believe that a Ht:2 model cannot squeeze under a Ht:2 doorway) Elevation: So instead of strictly adhering to the Golden Rule(Top Down), measurements take the elevation difference into account. So below are my examples, please let me know if they are correct. A Ht:2 model is behind a Ht:2 fence, there is a Ht:2 enemy model on the other side of the fence. The models are 1" apart. Model-A has a 2" . The models are not engaged because neither can draw LoS due to the intervening fence. A Ht:3 model is behind a Ht:2 fence, there is a Ht:1 enemy model on the other side of the fence. The models are 1" apart. Model-A has a 2" . Models are engaged because the Ht:3 model is taller than the intervening fence A Ht:3 model is behind a Ht:2 fence, there is a Ht:1 enemy model on the other side of the fence. The models are exactly 2" apart. Model-A has a 2" . Models are engaged because model-A's engagement range is 2" and each model is exactly 2" away which is within range A Ht:2 Lilitu is in Base Contact with a Ht:4 Building. There is a Ht:1 Mechanical Dove in base contact of the ledge of the building. Models are engaged because Lilitu engagement range is 4" and each model is exactly 4" away (though measured vertically) A Ht:4 Chompy Bits is 1" away from a Ht:3 Building. There is a Ht:2 Young Nephilim, 2" from the ledge of the building. Models are engaged because Chompy Bits has a Ht Greater than the elevation difference so measuring from the top-down, models are 3" apart, which is within Chompy Bits 3" engagement range A Ht:2 Young Nephilim is 1" away from a Ht:3 Building. There is a Ht:2 Young Nephilim, 2" from the ledge of the building. Models are NOT engaged because the Young Nephilim (the lower model) may not ignore terrain differences and is effectively 5" away from the Young Nephilim on the building. the Ht:2 Young Nephilim atop the building measures from the top-down as is effectively 3" away, still outside his engagement range. A Ht:4 Chompy Bits is in Base Contact with a Ht:3 Building. There is a Ht:1 Mechanical Dove 2" away from the edge of the building. The models are NOT engaged. Chompy Bits is within his engagement Range however the mechanical dove is not within his Ht distance away from the edge and because of Vantage Point mechanics now cannot ignore the ledge and cannot draw LoS
  2. Hi, this is my contribution, after a couple hours of work (part for the graphics, mostly because it's been three years since I last used trigonometry ) Note: this thing comes out quite tricky, but it was not intended as "Let's spot some cheaty mechanics to play at the limit of the rules", rather to clarify uncertain situations that might interrupt the rhythm of the game and the fun, with doubts and disputes. If it comes to my favorite faction, glad to be helpful (talkin' to you, Lev, stop stealing Arc's Constructs! xD) Let's start Here it is, one nice Steampunk Arachnid Swarm When it Scatters, we summon three little Steampunk Arachnids into base contact before removing model from play. Some say, you manage to have at least two of them in melee with a nearby enemy I was wondering, what for the third Arachnid (the one with the area), if the Swarm was in base contact, as in the shown above situation. Well, I tried with measuring tape and almost lost an eye, the result was nothing more than the origin of possible annoying controversy. Took old math book and calculator instead 30mm enemy: Pretty easy. Perpendicular diagonals, all the measures except the needed one. I considered the triangles, calculated areas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heron's_formula), found missing diagonal => d= diagonal -r1 -r2 d= 5,4210cm - 1,5cm -1,5cm = 2,4210cm < 1inch = 2,5400cm so, the third Arachnid is in range for it's 1" melee attack, for about 1mm 40mm enemy: More complex: no more right angles involved, but two isosceles triangles. Worked with Trigonometry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometry#Law_of_cosines) to find needed angles, then found diagonal using the opposite one d= 5,9936 -2 - 1,5 = 2,4936cm < 1inch the third Arachnid is in range again, this time for half a mm 50mm enemy: The most complex, all different measures, except the isosceles triangle between the Swarm and the two Arachnids, as the previous. Applied the formulas again '''''''''''''''''''''''''''_________________________________ diagonal= \/ (4,5)^2 + (3,5)^2 - (2*4*3,5*cos109,162) = 6,5452cm d= 6,5452 - 2,5 - 1,5 = 2,5452cm > 2,5400cm In the third case, the distance is 0,052mm longer than the melee range => the Arachnid is not engaged (by it's own melee range) Well, hope this helps, and was not too much a lame Feel free to reply with considerations and/or corrections Bye!
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