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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, Had a game last night with a friend. Guild vs Guild. I was running McMourning and my friend was running Nellie. The strategy was Ply For Information. Crew lists looked something like this: McMourning - Guild Coroner - Test Subjects - On The Clock Myranda - A Debt To The Guild Rogue Necro - A Debt To The Guild Dawn Serpent 2x Guild Hounds 2x Nurses Nellie - Cant remember her upgrades (but the culprit upgrade was the one that gives out fast) Phiona - Transparency McTavish 2x Reporters Monster Hunter Thalarian Queller Printing Press The problem was McTavish with fast - every turn! Pushing into scheme markers dropped by the reporters. Then 3x 14" shot Sh 6 shots with high damage - every turn. In my opinion, McTavish is broken. He does everything. Sh that ignores cover and doesn't randomize, with massive damage. A Ml attack that's only slightly less effective than his Sh. Scheme marker interaction. Henchman, so he can use stones. All for just 10 ss. Which, when compared to other models that cost 10 ss, seems a bit much. You can't deal with him as you would other models, take advantage of their weakness, because he has none. Stay in cover? Nope, ignores cover. Get into Ml? Nope, Doesn't randomize. Engage him? Probably your best bet if you survive getting to the otherside of the board, then if you do, make sure he's already activated so you can do some damage, cos if he hasn't activated, he'll kill that model in Ml. Now take all of this and combine it with fast every turn from Nellie and A Debt To The Guild for one turn of extra craziness, is too much too handle. How do you guys deal with McTavish in general? How do you guys deal with McTavish in a Nellie crew?
  2. Well the Wong and Zipp Crews have arrived along with Mctavish. Have also ordered Creative Taxidermy. Had a quick look inside the boxes and Damn, they look so delicate. Going to be so much fun assembling them... May have to figure a way to pin some of them to strengthen somewhat, especially the Lightening Bugs... Any advice welcomed...
  3. Afternoon everyone. Thought I would try my hand at putting together a crew. This is my first time actually putting together a crew all the way and posting it so any critique is appreciated and welcomed. Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap Zoraida -- 4 Pool +Crystal Ball [2] +Hexed Among You [1] +Tarot Reading [2] Bad Juju [8] +Eternal Fiend [2] Bayou Gator [5] Bayou Gator [5] Doppleganger [7] McTavish [10] +Fears Given Form [1] Silurid [7] I just figured that with Zoraida and her control she could benefit from some heavy Melee and the heavy melee would benefit from her casting actions as the crew goes about achieving their schemes. I also wanted to capitalize on Bad Juju's Eternal Friend and have everything a swampfiend, though the mental image of a Doppleganger taking a bite out of someone after Mimicing a Bayou Gator or Mctavish was funny enough to put her in. Let me know what you think. As always, The Grue
  4. Hey all, I am wondering how feasible McTavish is as a mercenary in Jack Daw's crew. I really want to try it but I want some second opinions before I begin to try it out. Here's my thoughts offhand: Dat Stench Tho: Penetrating Stench is really helpful in diverting opponents' attacks against Jack if McT is close by. Plus it keeps foes from getting too much more defensive than they already are, but that's not the primary thing I want McT for anyway. In a crew where Focus could bring down the Big Man with ease, I want Focus to not happen. Tormenting McT: Letting The Guilty or even Jack Daw make McT Tormented allows for added synergies like Writhing Torment to become a factor. Even if Jack himself has to damage McT (hopefully putting on Guillotine Injustice), the Gator Man has some healing to work with in the form of Gator Snacks and a wayward crow card. Using the likes of Twist and Turn on McT, though, might make for some fun times with Jack sicking a hypothetical Gator at opponents. The issue here though might be that McT is 11 stones in an Outcast crew, which is pretty hefty for simple durability and some more tricks. What do all of you think? (Rgarbonzo, I already have your opinion of the "new Von Schill" XD) ~Lil Kalki
  5. Ok, so I may sound like a total noob, but how do I build these merc henchmen crews? Can I use anything from these factions? How do I build a thematic team with these guys?
  6. So, think our next merc with a pet, McTavish, will get the same treatment of becoming a master that Hamelin did? Then we can have a master version of him and a separate gator.
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