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Found 14 results

  1. Dear Malifolk, With the new version of the Malifaux, and the emphasis on a reduction in conditions, some of the tokens we’ve used have become redundant, and others have increased in popularity. I’ve noticed a few people interested in getting tokens, and the purpose of this thread is to collate the knowledge of the community about tokens, so that the new, returning or experienced player can make, print, buy or collect some tokens to make their life easier. Now, I’m far from an expert on the matter, so I’ll be populating this thread with what I think is a good baseline collection. However, I’m looking for the experts of the community to post their thoughts, corrections, and recommendations. I know there are some I have left out: Chi, Pit Trap, Riptide, Flicker, etc. I don’t know enough to make even rough suggestions. You might have noticed that I have suggested in multiples of 3; this is because many suppliers seem to sell in multiples of 3. Finally, there are many fine manufacturers out there. Etsy hosts a few (Widget Wizards is liked by many players), and there are Art of War Studios, Customeeple, Broken Egg, Monkey Sword, Module-R, and Chimeric Designs. So, folks, what are your token recommendations for the various keywords, Masters, and conditions?
  2. Last game against Ramos made me think on what are our choices against him, but even other Summoners in general. Kang can be good, as many summons are Construct or Undead, Taelor can be another choice (now with the price drop), but do we have an effective way to take care of markers (countering in this way Reva too) or multiple models like Arachnids at the same time? What's your Strategy to avoid being out-activated?
  3. If a marker has a terrain feature like impassable or blocking, is the marker considered to be terrain? Some markers are listed as being terrain, such as the Shard Markers created by the Carrion Emissary, but others such as the Stash Markers in Guard the Stash, have terrain features but aren't listed as being terrain. This is important for abilities like Seamus' Back Alley which states that he must be placed within 1" of blocking terrain. There are also several placement abilities that say that a marker or model can't be placed in or touching terrain.
  4. Here is the scenario; Rasputina creates ice walls on terrain that is uneven (say a hill). One of the markers is on the hill, the other is flat but they touch bases. \ _ Each have a height of 5 and are impassible and block LOS. A model of Ht 2 is behind the slanted marker. This model is not on the hill and is perpendicular to the table (not parallel to the slanted marker). No LOS can be drawn between the bases of the target (behind the marker) and the shooter. The top of the Ht 2 model is visible if the Ht of the slanted marker extends at the slant but not if it extends perpendicular to the table. Does the height extend perpendicular to the base or to the horizontal of the ground? Could you draw LOS to that model if it's base is behind the slanted marker and the height of the marker extends perpendicular to the base (so the height is also slanted)? If the height is perpendicular to the table it would completely hide the model. If the height is slanted (perpendicular to the marker) then the top of the Ht 2 model is "visible" because the Ht 5 marker is extending at a slant.
  5. Heyo! Long time since I wrote anything in the forum. I thought I'd share something for all my fellow Malifaux players. So say, Would you like to have some decent tokens? something like this? If you do, then you don't have to do anything but download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c3x354csgsrx25d/AADgSgoqo0n1ugoRWfarCFLda?dl=0 The file itself is an editable EPS vector file with the data needed for laser cutting your own Tokens. Cut them in wood (real wood) Veneer (Real veneer) MDF (oh well, it kinda looks like wood) or Acrylics. Show us your laser power! Find your nearest laser cutting supplier or Fablab, and bring some much needed panache to your gaming table. Anyway, I really do hope you guys like them. I'd love to see pictures of the tokens in use. Cheers!
  6. Hey Gang, Just wondering how this should be correctly played with Reva's Strength of the Fallen. It Reads: When performing an Attack, if this model is not Engaged, this model may draw LoS and measure range for Ca Attacks from Corpse Markers within 18" and LoS. This Ability is ignored when determining Engagement. So the question is, and the way I presume it is meant to be played, is you essentially play it as the corpse marker is a Ht3, 30mm Reva that is attacking, would that be correct? As a height 0 model wouldn't be able to do or see shit, would that be correct? Cheers, Nick
  7. Hello all, 1) Imagine a Fire Gamin is on top of a flat topped Ht 4 building. and drops a scheme marker so half of the markers is on the roof (Ht4) and half is hanging over the roof (Ht0). At what Ht is the marker at? I've always imagined a 30mm column of light shining down. Where it touches the terrain is where it is placed. So in this example half of the scheme marker would be at Ht4 and half would be at Ht0. I think this is right, but I'm not 100% happy with this answer. 2) Image a Fire Gamin standing in base to base with Ht5 impassable terrain and dropping a scheme marker on that terrain. The marker would be sitting on top of the terrain at Ht5 so no one would be able to be in base to base (since base to base means physically touching according to the FAQ) with that marker to remove it. Or would the Gamin not be able to place the marker since it must be placed in base to base. If the Gamin was 1/8 inch away from the terrain would a small portion of the marker be at Ht0 and the rest at Ht 5 on top of the Impassable terrain? I'm basing this all on pg 56 of the small rulebook:
  8. So I was wondering how abnormal markers are removed from game. Most unique markers have singular mechanics attached to them so when the leave something ambiguous, it leaves me with questions because there are very little rules given in the book. If if a marker doesn't say it has an interact traits then I assume it cannot be interacted with. So here's a specific excample, the Widow Weaver has her 30mm Web Markers she can spit out once per turn. They are Ht:0 and can't be targeted or interacted with so there is no way of removing them from game other than some of her tricks or the big one, she has a Center of Web ability that says when she dies the web markers go with her and are removed from the game. IMO I think the Web Markers are not OP because once you take down the Widow Weaver ALL her markers leave play. On the other hand, the Mysterious Emissary has his 50mm hazardous&severe markers that are also Ht:0 and therefore cannot be targeted. The Emissary does not have the ability that when he dies his markers go with him. The only printed rule that discribes when his markers are removed is by placing a Blast marker over his marker which would then remove the emissaries marker. It came up in a game when the emissary left play the question was do his markers come with, what does the community think?
  9. From the album: prof_bycid's materials randomizer experiment, entry #42

    Orange transparent bases from Wyrd, center cut out + orange Hallowe'en tea lights with flickering LEDs + Reaper flames with hole drilled in bottom to accept LED.
  10. A while ago I posted my scrap markers I made, now I've finally finished the corpse markers. Tell me what you think! I tried to make them a bit generic, not one faction specific and a bit creepy and disgusting.
  11. Some more basic rules questions, so I can understand how to play correctly. If a height 2” figure is standing on the ground, next to a height 3” flat walkway, that has a scheme marker on it, on the edge nearest it. What is the distance from the figure to the marker? Is it : 0” as from above they are adjacent. 1” as the Head of the figure is 1” below the side of the marker. 3” the base of the figure is 3” below the marker. Also can the figure see the marker, as the walkway is in the way? If the figure was hight 3” could it then see any marker on the walkway? Will the marker be, out of sight to all onlookers, not taller then its position, if its any distance in from the edge, since it is, in a vantage point with a zero hight? This has come up in a few games, where I have placed markers on top of a 2” flat building. I have had Ramos trying to spot markers to summon with, and in another fight Colette trying to work out, where she see can stand and still be withing 1” of the marker. Both times we have looked at the rules about 'vantage points' and have become unclear how a height zero marker works, for this. John D.
  12. Hi, a friend and I, have got some crews together, read the rules, played some games and searched the web to answer things. But I still have some rules, I am uncertain about. Can a figure target it self, as a 'friendly figure' within range? (Disappearing act, for example). Do I need Line of sight to, a target marker to use it? (Summoning needs LOS to the new figure, but how do Vantage points work with markers as they have no height.) If you can ignore LOS, and Cover, can you shoot through all terrain even blocking ones like buildings? Can a figure stop on a wall its climbing? And then continue on is next activation, or must it start from the ground each time. Sorry if I am just missing where these details are explained, but I did not want to start playing the game wrong, and so get into bad habits. John D.
  13. Heyo! Just thought I would drop this here. I wanted to show you a bunch of Malifaux Tokens I did recently in MDF. The illustrations were fun to do, and they look great in person. Me and my gaming group had always had a love for malifaux since it was the game that got us together so I just went ahead and produced them for our use. like them?
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