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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I first picked up some Malifaux minis a long while ago and then never got much of a chance to see the guys I was planning to play with, and they've been sitting on a shelf since. I recently decided to get them painted up and actually get ready to play (and couldn't resist picking up some new ones), but the problem is, some of the minis I have are the old 1st edition ones. I've got hold of the updated card packs, but it's left me in a bit of a quandary over how I'd get hold of certain models. I have the old metal Somer boxed set, and the old plastic Wong single. That means that I have the masters, but not their henchmen/enforcers or totems. Is there any way of getting hold of the models I want without having to buy doubles of the models I already have? Failing that, does anyone have suggestions for proxies? Thanks for any help you guys can give.
  2. Hi all! Just after a 1-word Critique from whoever's happy to leave me their opinions! This is my first time venturing into writing, let alone fan fiction. I'm participating in a little Shifting Loyalties campaign with a good little group of guys here in New Zealand, and a couple of us are doing some fluff background for our crews. I'm running Mancha Roja to start, with a view to building up to Wong, so I'm putting Wong on the trail toward his loyal Henchman. I'd really appreciate any critique that anyone has to offer, and thanks for reading! (apologies if I inadvertently contradict canon here - I don't know enough about the Malifaux universe yet to reliably avoid those kinds of mistakes) The Wong Stuff, Part 1: Last Train to Spotsdale (Stop). Little Lucy hated living in Spotsdale Stop. All the townspeople looked wrong to her somehow - just shuffling around with no energy, their eyes locked on their feet. They made her sad. Made her feel heavy. That's why she would usually spend as much time as she could in the swamp out back of town, catching baby skeeters and lizards, and listening to the noises of the frogs (they were singing to her!). AuntyMummy had stopped her going out there now. She'd come home a couple of weeks ago with her best Sunday dress full of mud and slime and stench, and that'd been the last straw. So now, the best fun to be had was to just sit at the town's eponymous railway station and hope that someone interesting might arrive on the 11:55 daily from Malifaux. That hadn't happened though, on any of the seven previous days that Little Lucy had spent sitting on the edge of the platform. She just whiled away the day there, sometimes running up and down till she was spent, then collapsing on the solitary bench that faced out to the swamp, flushing her with bitter anguish because AuntyMummy had forbidden her to go out there again, on pain of losing her prized possession - her magic set. Lucy used to pack up her "Wong's Patented, Prodigious, Phantasmagorical & Probable, Efficiency Enhancing Ectoplasmic Enchantment Kit! (now, in "Super-Sterile"!!)", and toddle off to the bayou to put on a practice show for her amphibious friends (she still thought of them as friends, even though many of them had met instantaneously sticking ends, becoming plastered in the process against various trees, vines, stumps and genuinely shocked alligators-in-hiding). Lucy was still working on retaining the physical presence of her audience, before putting on a show for the townsfolk in Spotsdale Stop, but how was she meant to get better now, when she had nowhere to practice? Today, on Lucy's eighth day of her railway vigil, she'd decided to bring her magic set with her. Yesterday, on the way hone, she'd gone a different way (around the back of Virgil Awlins' hardware store, instead of down the main street in front of it), and had suddenly seen Mr Awlins' nice big stockyard with new eyes... Of course! Here was somewhere that she could practice her magic! Behind, between and around the corner of so many piles of metal, lumber, timber, slumbers and hammers, no-one would could see what she was up to - not even from the station next door! She happily went straight there with a packed lunch of peanut butter bread and a gallon of milk, her "Wong's 3P By 4E Kit", and a box full of frogs that she'd captured and brought home the last time - the last time - she was allowed in the swamp. The morning hours flew by in a flash (and a few "WHOMPF!!'s", "POOF!!'s" and "'ribbet'-BLAM!!-SQUELCH!!!'s". So engrossed in her labours was Lucy that she did not notice at all the high-pitched toots of the arriving train. It - quite literally - ground to a halt on the warped and rusted tracks that the Spotsdale Stop Town Council maintained they had no money to, well, maintain - and disgorged it's usual cargo of letters, parcels and essential goods, along with a rarity - one fully fees-paying passenger. A short man, he nevertheless stood very straight and gave the impression of being quite formidable ordinary in stature (or would have, had any of the depressed townsfolk been fussed to look up and notice him). He wore a dusty black tuxedo, slightly worn at the elbows, and he wore a very tall top hat, bedecked with fine golden symbols around the band. He carried with him a leather kit-bag of deep maroon, and with a pattern that at first suggested that it was made from the hide of an enormous snake, the scales individually being half the size of the man's hand. The clasp on the kit-bag was apparently gold, and was polished to the highest sheen, reflecting the noonday sun as the stranger made his way off the platform, toward the station entrance. Lucy was down to her last frog before she realised all that she had been doing wrong, was wanting to magically make them jump too high, and the poor fellows never had any wings! She wanted them to jump all the way up into the sky, so that they could fly home and be with their friends again (with her help!), but she hadn't given them any wings with which to do it! Full to the brim with excitement over her momentous discovery, Lucy aimed her wand at froggy final, and closed her eyes and concentrated on visualising him instantly sprouting huge, black feathery wings, just like the ones she'd seen on the vultures and buzzards out in the desert whenever she rode the train to Malifaux town. Lucy took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and willed the spell to power... When Lucy woke up, she found herself lying next to a pile of timber some 10 feet away from where she'd cast the spell. Some funny-looking man was lying a few feet away from her, starting to pick himself up off the ground and gather his wits. She looked to where the frog had been, but couldn't see him there anymore. He seemed to have been replaced by an oozing red ball of feathers and fluids that pulsated slightly every few seconds, but then shortly stopped moving altogether. The man by now had recovered himself, and Lucy could see him in profile as he reached for his hat. She realised that he wasn't really a man after all - he had green skin, and long, wispy hairs on his top lip, and his ears were huge and pointy. He was just turning to face her when Lucy realised what his silly-looking peaked hat meant. He was a wizard! The man fixed her with a frighteningly fang-tastic smile, but one which Lucy felt was supposed to put her at ease, and made his way beside her. He stretched out one hand full of claw-filled fingers to help her up, and said in a high-pitched and rapid speech, heavily accented from somewhere exotic, "Well, little lady. I think I may have just the adventure for a girl of your talents. Come, Lucy", (she started at the stranger knowing her name), "We have an awful lot to accomplish together"...
  3. Hey guys, newbie on the forums here trying to figure out some stuff for everyone's favorite Bayou Luchador. I really want to like this guy, his model, his style, his fluff, all amazing. But everytime I find myself fielding him, he just doesn't live up to my hype. So what does everyone think about him, and any advice on how to make him the best he can be? I've tried him with Wong, Zoraida, and The Brewmaster (because challenge with brewie seemed neat) but just haven't given him a good run yet. Thanks in advance and happy gaming to y'all.
  4. Hey all, I just played my first game with the Dreamer in M2E since beta ended, my first story encounter, my first game against Wong, and my first Turn 1 scoop-by-NPE. So, the story is this: My buddy and I were facing off with Fight Night as the scenario. He chose Gremlins as his 50ss faction while I chose Neverborn. He picked Wong, and I picked the Dreamer (summon style, but that's irrelevant here for reasons understood soon). His wrestler was Mancha Roja (keeping true to the likes of fluff) while my own was Teddy (also hoping to stay true to fluff while making sure I could possibly be bulky and win). Mancha Roja was also the target of Wong's "Glowy," which made him Magical (as irrelevant as Dreams of Pain, mentioned above, for the same reasons). Schemes were also entirely a non-issue. Standard Deployment, and he deployed first, both with Mancha Roja and his team. I deployed Teddy a bit closer to my deployment but still in base contact with the luchador. The Dreamer and co. were deployed and the game began. I won initiative. All chaos broke loose from there. I activated first with the Dreamer, who was roughly vertically alligned with Teddy. I walked up, and walked a little more (a misplay, I noted after the game ended, as I was then within 6" of Teddy) and used Empty Night. Flipped a mask, which meant nothing due to a built-in mask, but a value that I required. No need to cheat from there. Teddy swung at Mancha Roja and dealt him a (negatively-twisted) moderate of 4, which was not given any stone-based prevention (that was one of his misplays, as he soon realized). Because of a double walk and Empty Night (as well as no need for a (0) action), I ended with Dreamer. However, the relevant upgrade which the Dreamer had (as opposed to Dreams of Pain) was Otherworldly. This allowed Teddy to Accomplice the Dreamer directly after. Teddy used Gobble You Up, which worked. Smell Fear went off. This missed. I discarded a measly 5T for Flurry. The first attack worked, dealing 6 damage from a Red-Joker-formed straight flip into a cheated severe (my foe burned a soulstone, finally realizing Roja's Henchman characteristic, and prevented 1 of the 6). Roja was down to a single wound. I attacked again. Not wishing to lose Rojaor the wrestling match, he cheated high enough for me to whiffe attack 2. Attack 3 dealt Weak of 3, and my foe prevented 2 of it, which meant that Roja was downed. My bet and his bet were both revealed. I put all of my eggs in this basket (despite my first ever use of Teddy) and bet 4VP. My foe bet 3. This was the first thing done in this game. My foe called it there. He hadn't gone with a single model, or did anything but defend in vain. There is something wrong here. The first issue we could find was that Tactical Actions can still target the wrestlers, both friendly and enemy. Empty Night is a Tactical Action and did wonders for Teddy. There's more to it, too, though. No models may target wrestler models with Attack Actions, nor can the wreslters attack non-wrestlers. There is a) nothing to be said about the duration that this applies (thus an indestructible Teddy except by way of Tactical Actions, Abilities, Pulses, Auras, Blasts, and Conditions - some of which were prevalent in my foe's crew but not nearly enough to keep my foe from being heavily discouraged, especially because I wasn't going to summon with my master, and I would keep close to Teddy with him, effectively giving Teddy Regeneration +5) and there is nothing that says the wrestlers cannot take Interacts or other Tactical Actions, with Interacts being the key here. I assume that the game intends for a prolonged duration of engagement, but I had ALitS revealed and because Teddy was roughly on the center line I knew that if I killed Mancha Roja I could get a few markers down for it. This plus nigh-indestructibility is obviously a problem. Now, another friend who bore full witness to this claims that this one game could be a complete outlier to the main gist of the Fight Night games that are happening right now. I politely disagree. I think that if I can make an opponent (a seasoned player, both of this edition, of the last edition, and of Gremlins in general) scoop T1 before he has done anything but flip initiative and watch me get 4VP in 2 simple activations, there is a huge problem. My question is simple: is there any way that this scenario can recieve the following erratas (one I can word, the other I cannot): 1) remove "Attack Action" from the clause where models can't target the Wrestlers, and replace it with "Actions". This prohibits most (but sadly not all) suppot shenanigans from nearby models. I think that is fair. 2) Once the players' bets are revealed, thus ending the "wrestling match," have the Wrestlers be able to be targetted as normal and be able to attack as normal, as now they are part of the bigger skirmish. This prevents the "indestructible Teddy" scenario which has happened, and will most likely happen again, from happening anymore. I mean really, who wants an unkillable Teddy mucking about, even if it can't attack? Are these even possible to retroactively implement? I have no idea. If not, I will simply institute them as house rules for my LGS, and my home. But I strongly suggest that this scenario be re-examined because NPEs are horrible, even when you are winning. ~Lil Kalki
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