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Found 3 results

  1. Gallowwalkers It's full blown spaghetti western style and moderately entertaining. Has a nice undead storyline, Wesley "Always bet on black" Snipes, a saloon dancing girl, and seems to be very much in the flavor of Malifaux (less any soulstone references.) Been painting my new Ramos crew while it plays in the background. What other movies make you guys and gals think of Malifaux? Maybe The Warrior's Way? Any others? Moderators: If this fits somewhere else, please feel free to move it, move it.
  2. I was talking with the manager at my LFGS and we got to thinking. What if there was a book that took all the stories and fluff from the all of the previous Malifaux books and put them together in one book. It would be a useful resource to hand out to perspective players to get them interested in the game. For example, my girlfriend is interested in the world of Malifaux and wants to get a better grasp for who all these characters are and how they interact in this world, but she has zero interest in flipping through these five different books and their crunch. So yeah, what do you guys think? Cool collectable that you would read, or lame idea?
  3. “Malifaux is a scary place, even to the best of us. There’s a lot of things that like to eat you, a lot of people who want what you have, and death comes in every color of the rainbow (which is thirty-seven here. I’ve counted.) It’s not easy being green.” Doctor Thomas “The Bad Doctor” Paine Gremlins never frown. More accurately they have two expressions, maddened glee and boredom. Both are equally dangerous. However Doctor Thomas Paine was the exception to this rule. He frowned for most of his waking hours, and when he was asleep he grimaced like someone in great discomfort. Paine was born with a trait unheard of in Gremlins, something which he dubbed Common Sense. It was this odd and frightening ability he was currently employing with his long time friend, Jones. “I’m telling you Jones, now isn’t the time to do anything serious. The Guild and the Union are having a cold war right now, but pretty soon it’ll turn hot. When it does, we can strike without fear of serious repercussions.” Jones, known to most of Malifaux as “Somer Teeth”, started at Paine for several minutes silently chewing on a long swamp reed. Jones was intelligent for a Gremlin, but sometimes the Doctor spoke in words he couldn’t understand or pronounce. “Co’ War?” He said the phrase with uncertainty. Paine thought for a moment, translating the concept into terms his friend could understand. “They fight like sissies. Shoot at each others backs. Call names. But when one goes to far…Boom.” He ended his statement with a hand gesture mimicking an explosion. Jones understood immediately, and nodded. He spat the reed, chewed to a green paste, into a nearby bucket and stood up. “Show ya somethin’. C’mon.” He walked out of the crude hut and gestured for Paine to follow him, which he did. Outside of Jones’ hut, the Gremlin base was a maze of crude architecture and uneven fences. Paine himself engineered the most elaborate of them, a tall metal fence electrified by means of a crude soulstone generator. It kept some of the largest hogs from rampaging around the camp…as long as they were fed regularly. They stopped in front of the largest building, the Doctor’s own hospital/workshop. And Jones turned to his friend and advisor. “Present. For when Co’ War gets hot. ” Saying this, Jones heaved open the heavy double doors of the building. Inside, separated into three piles on the open floor of the workshop were the remains of three peacekeepers. The Doctor’s frown quickly turned into a deep smile, and he slapped Jones heartily on the back. “We’re gonna have some fun with these babies.” He said, grabbing the nearest wrench. ----- I noticed a shocking deficiency of stories about Gremlins, so I wrote one about a Gremlin who has more brains than normal. I hope this is as much fun to read as it was to write, and I apologize that it's a little rough, I have a tendency to not post things if I don't do it quick. As the title implies, I'm planning to write at least one more of these. It's just too good an idea to let go to waste.
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