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Found 5 results

  1. This was the most requested game for a Let's Play (after Infinity) from all the games I already produce content for. The reason was pretty simple, as a dice-less War Game, Malifaux is hard to pick up from simply watching people play if you don't know the core mechanics. So enter a Let's Play! in 2 parts. Chris from Lords of War Games and I play through the 5 Encounters from the Malifaux 2nd Edition starter set, telling the story of Dr. Grimwell's Asylum, Angel Eyes daring breakout of the prisoners there and the motives that drive it all. Each mission layers in another level of the rules, so learn as you go!
  2. Sign up starts today for the Malifaux slow grow league that starts on Monday the 27th in Logan, UT at Toad and Tricycle Games. Entry is $10 with all entry fees going to prize support. Weekly "I'm the Master" for each week's top player will be awarded. The final Tuesday of the league we will have our painting contest judging, with each participant voting on best single miniature and best crew of 35+ soulstones. Toad and Tricycle is located in Logan, Utah at 77 North Main Street. They can be reached at 435-213-3473. I can be reached via PM or email me at tuttleboy (@) gmail.com
  3. In the previous edition, Totems were clearly defined as magical extensions of the Master's desires, ambitions or even soul. They were not real people, but a kind of magical creation that was tied to the Master, and that the Masters creating these totems had something to do with the awakening of the Tyrants (Zorida and Leveticus have a conversation in Twisting Fates about how his refusal to tie himself to a totem was the reason he was in a unique position to prevent some kind of catastrophe). I have been reading the model blurbs in the Malifaux 2E book and was surprised to see that many of the totems appear to be merely Ht 1 people who work in an official capacity for their factions? The Governor's Proxy for example is not described as the homoculous that it was in the previous rulebook, but as a short functionary who is friends with the Governor General (seriously?). Or how Lady Justice's Scales of Justice are no longer an extension of the lady's desire to bring balance to the world around her, but is a man serving a life's sentence in the Guild whom she drags out when she has to hear a case out instead of just passing judgement. Or that the Student of Conflict is basically an orphan who follows the Viktorias around. So totems seemed to have been fundamentally redefined in this new edition, but what are they supposed to be, why can a master only have one if they are no longer extensions of their magical ability, and what is their storyline significance now?
  4. So my Gencon order came in the other day, and upon finding the old video camera I was inspired me to do a video about the new Malifaux 2E Rulebook. This is the first video I've made in years, and the first I've ever put up on youtube, so let me know what you think. (The acoustics where I normally do my hobbying was pretty bad, so I moved to a different area of the house, hence the table cloth.)
  5. Hey everyone, It has been a while since I have had a chance to get some gaming/demos in! I am really excited about 2nd Edition Malifaux and my puppets have been aching to get out of the toy chest, so I wanted to set up a demo/gaming time at FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA. 7/24/13 5p.m. - 7p.m. 9850 Nesbit Ferry Rd #21, Alpharetta, GA 30022 ​(770) 993-6955 Bring your stuff or use some of mine!
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