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Found 1 result

  1. With each passing Wave, our faction is blessed with more lovable flesh bags, devious necromancers and ghastly spirits, threatening to leave models and upgrades from Wave 1 in the dust. I'd like to focus on Mortimer for a moment; from what I gather on facebook, forums and first hand accounts, our original grave digging henchman already sees very little play outside of some niche builds. Once every self respecting Resser player has their Wave 5 Asura, Kentauroi et al filth, converted or otherwise, I suspect that Morty will be completely obsolete. We simply have more efficient options for all the things he's trying to do. In terms of corpse generation, Asura Roten offers Mindless Zombies instead of just corpses, does this more efficiently since she doesn't spend 2AP or use up 3 wounds apiece and an expensive upgrade to make them, and can loan out either a fairly good damaging attack or a very debilitating debuff attack to nearby Undead, including to her aforementioned Mindless Zombies. For scheme manipulation, scoring or denial, Phillip and the Nanny's (1) access to Chatty and (0) access to removing scheme markers (and turning them into corpse markers, no less) arguably stronger than his innate Chatty, and has Transparency-esque access to dropping Scheme Markers on successful attacks. Would you believe that they're also both cheaper than Mortimer? His only unique attribute comes from Fresh Meat. If he's just there to cast Fresh Meat, couldn't he sacrifice his pointless Ml7, some of his wounds or stats, and be a few soulstones cheaper? What would you change on his card or upgrade options to make him appealing again, if ever he was appealing?
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