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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody, I am a long time lurker, first time poster in these forums. Although I discovered Malifaux already some years ago - and have been thrilled by the fantastic miniatures as well as the unique fluff/background ever since - my gaming experience is very limited, in particular since third edition has been released. Now, since I finally could convince my wife to give Malifaux a try, I thought to introduce her to the game with the help of "Tricksy McGee's Malifaux Mayhem" which I have found here at a different subforum some time ago. My wife chose the Mah Tucket Crew box as her starting point and I would like to ask the experienced players for a balanced opposing crew. Since I got a little nuts about the beautiful miniatures produced by Wyrd, I have quite a large number of crew boxes to choose from: Nellie Cochrane Sonnia Criid Pandora Lucas McCabe Mei Feng Catelin Abernathy (aka Hamelin) the Viktorias Tara The idea is to use just the miniatures from Mah Tucket's crew box and one of the above crew boxes - no additional miniatures, no matter how reasonable - in a step-by-step way, starting with the identical minions first, then adding the henchman and finally playing with the complete crew box. What do the Gremlin experts think? Which of the above crews is a balanced choice against Mah Tucket - preferably giving a slight advantage to the Gremlin crew 😉? (I am almost sure not to take Pandora's crew because of the Incorporeal ability of the Sorrows which makes the Pit traps markers of the Bushwhackers quite useless…) Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom with a clueless!
  2. Hi all So I've been pondering picking up some bayou in the new year to give me a change from ressers and arcanists. However only played vs bayou a couple of times so don't really know what's good and what not (beyond first mate) I'm interested in orphelia, mah, zip and ulix. Brewmaster semi interests me but looking at his crew not sure what they are good for. Zoridia isn't gremlin so she doesn't count. Not sure on if I like sommer or not and wong I've got o interest in So bayou players, teach me your ways
  3. So I've been looking at the site and watching battle report and decided to start play (Duh) From what they had at my local store I pick out the fallowing two starters: Mah Tucket and Brewmaster I think I get the basic of the game but I would like some insight on the fallowing; Which master do you suggest I focus on first? Brewmaster seem more need for his crew, but Mah Tucket Seem easier. Are any models or sets could help make my crew mesh better? (for my next purchase) I was think a big to draw the eye and soak-up hits. Any ideas for a starting list? (other than just use one of the starter sets) And lastly are the any threats or model types I should keep an eye out for? Feel free to add any other suggestion or tips you think can be helpful. Good gaming
  4. Hi wyrdos. I would like play my Mah Tucket crew again. I've played with Mah 2 or 3 games, during these games I attached her (know the terrain, out of blood and dirty cheater). However, I think that during my games, out of blood was a very expensive resources upgrade (you need use an 8 of rams or tomes and a soulstone to obtain the trigger). I learnt during those games that Mah can kill beaters but she usually suffered against them. She is better with repositioning movements, buffing and killing scheme runner and not heavy beater models. I feel that with the same cost of the upgrade and the soulstone for the trigger I can include a bayou gremlin, who can gives me one more activation and I can fail a melé atack with him to obtain positive flips with Frankie, Burt, Rooster, Mah, ... What do you think? Thanks
  5. So I am fairly new to painting miniatures, and most of my current ones are some level of experiment. I'm not sure if this is the right forum or if there is another one better for painting advice, but figured I'd try here first. That being said, I wanted to ask for some thoughts on shading and highlighting to get some good depth on some of the really numerous, small, shallow wrinkles in the cloth pants of some of the models. Specifically in this case I'm talking about Bayou Bushwacker #3, from the Mah Tucket box set. If you know the figure, or at least can see the photos I attached... Those pants are very, very small and the wrinkles in the cloth are numerous and very shallow. I've had a difficult time trying to shade and highlight them, and I'm not super happy with the results. For the base color I went with Vallejo Model color Orange Red. I like bright things, and this was a bit of an experiment with this color. I shaded with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. In retrospect, that may have been a mistake... it is pretty dark on that bright orange.. but the other issue is that those creases and wrinkles are so small that even the shade has trouble staying in place, and it ends up spreading and doing more tinting across the area rather than shading in the crevices. My first highlight color was to bring the ridges back to the base Orange Red, and that was accomplished but... it just doesn't look right with such splotchy dark areas. I probably need to re-basecoat and redo everything, but with how small these creases are I don't have too many more mistakes before I start losing detail... So considering that I'm a newbie, anyone have any ideas or advice on how I could have done these pants better? Anybody done these types of numerous, small creases before and know a good trick for it? I'm all ears. Or, eyes technically I guess... anyways thanks!
  6. WEEKLY UPDATES I'll try to make weekly Video updates as I finish each gremlin. Aiming to complete a Crew Member every 7 days. So once I have fully converted/based/undercoated each of my crew...Well then the fun Begins ill start painting them up so Stay tuned! Please feel Free to leave feedback, constructive criticism's or just Likes! all help me stay motivated to make and share more video's with you guy's m girls! Also I'm looking to find some decent video editing software to use on my youtube channel and future video's id love to make them look more professional in the future! Help or advice is always appreciated! Once on youtube make sure to set videos to (720 HD) or you'll miss most on the detail!
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