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Found 1 result

  1. A Hooray to GG2016 When: This tournament will be a single day event at The Magic Vault in Alderley, Sunday 22nd of January 2017 held between 11am and 6pm. Where: 9 South Pine Road, Alderley 4051. Ph (07)3356 8433 Entry: You may book your place with the TO (Jayson Gregory) via Email (Jayson_jag@hotmail.com), the Wyrd forums (JayseN), facebook or in person. Price is $15 per person, which can be paid on the day if required. Visit the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/371748403178633/ to secure a place . You will need: -A copy of the second edition rules and any applicable errata documents or cards specific to your crew. -A suitable set of Counters/Markers/Tokens -Tape measure. - Fate Deck (please do not use regular decks of cards as these can be confusing for new players). *Proxies may be used for unreleased models, or if you can prove that you made them prior to their actual release (and they look cool). Format: The day will consist of 3 x 50ss games of 120 minutes each. Players are required to provide a single 50ss list for the day’s events. This does not have to be submitted ahead of time, but a copy must be brought along with you and presented at the start of the day. Last turn will be called when 10 minutes remain in the round, and last activation will be called right as the timer reaches zero. Each table will be pre-set up for play, players are encouraged to converse about specifics before each game on the nature of the terrain that occupies their assigned board. The TO will be available for disputes, which as with any tournament the TO’s word/ruling is final. In the event of an odd number of players I will vs the person with the bye. They will be playing for vp and differential, but should I win then the game results will be their VP total and myself coming 1 less (so you still get the win, just not a high differential). Scoring will be from the Gaining Grounds 2016 document, so TP/Differential/VP. The schemes and strategies will be those found in Gaining Grounds 2016 as the new document is likely to be released too close to the event date for everyone to get accustomed. The new errata though will be in effect as the list has already been released (information at the end of this document). Schedule: 11.00am: Registration 11.30am-1.30pm: Game 1 Guard The Stash, Flank Deployment Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Leave Your Mark, A Quick Murder, Mark For Death 1.40pm-3.40pm: Game 2 Turf War, Corner Deployment Convict Labor, Show of Force, Take Prisoner, Set Up, Catch And Release 3.50pm-5.50pm: Game 3 Reckoning, Standard Deployment Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Neutralise the Leader, Inspection, Exhaust Their Forces 5.50pm: Certificates awarded and raffle stash drawn Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive official Wyrd placement certificates. Everyone entering will also receive a raffle ticket to be able to each choose a prize from the “raffle stash”. The stash includes: *1 x Large Mystery Box *2 x Small Mystery Boxes *1 x Special Edition Lucius Card (unfortunately this is the pre-errata version, but still pretty) *8 x $15 Store Credit vouchers Plus Additional Store credit vouchers -equal to the remaining players No matter where you come you’ll receive your entry back as store credit, with the top 16 players receiving a $1 Wyrd Guilder too (one of you will receive a $3 guilder instead)
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